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3062924 tn?1350414109 If that was my bf I'd b going off he needs to b happy n realize he is blessed that u n him can even have kids!!!!!
Avatar f tn Have you taken any B vitamin supplements? A lack of B vitamins will leave you feeling tired, irritated, depressed and jumpy at sounds or light sensitive. It can also cause insomnia with fatigue... Maybe you need D vitamins... More calcium. A lack of these vitamins cause depression. Maybe write the baby or read it a story when you are feeling frustrated. Studies show t hey can hear sounds and do respond.
Avatar m tn Just taking a survey on those that have kept their headphones on for the duration of their detox. Just wanted to know what songs have helped the most. For me it's been Dreaming by BT. For some reason it really resonated with me this go around. Check it out on the YouTube if feel so inclined.
5623087 tn?1377889284 My babies father and I got back together after going for a long walk and talking last night...
Avatar f tn Babe im sorry u r going through r kids at heart.he shouldnt b taken money from u for his brother.if he sends him money it should come out of his this his baby if u do.
Avatar f tn M to ftm but I hav heard many ladies suggesting to have something cold and sweet and lay on ur left side far r u ?
Avatar f tn We found out last week we r expecting a baby BOY!!!
4411499 tn?1356051765 Aint u got any songs that remind u of sad things?
Avatar f tn Im 8 wks myself and hav been wondering thesame thing.. some days will b fine and then some days r horrible and i feel so depressed and unappreciated andfeel lik jus dissapearing..
4902332 tn?1360761227 So ive recently started crying over everything! Movies, Songs, Seeing family. . Everything lol. If I'm talking to my partner and he gives me good or bad news I break down into tears . I just can't control myself lol.
Avatar f tn Have u girls heard songs that you can dedicate to your baby?...I was hearing some n thought I'd share some with you girls...whenever I'm having a bad day listening to these songs help me..makes me think of my future with my son who is due march are a few ill post more as I hear them...
Avatar f tn 3 years ago my brother died at the age 18 because someone gave him drugs that he had no clue what they were he was drunk and mixing those two things together stopped his heart while he was sleeping.. I'm now 18 and pregnant, 18 weeks 2 days and I just feel so sad that my brother won't be around to meet his little niece or nephew...
Avatar n tn How can he not expect me to b disrespectful. But yes my mouth has nothing to do with seeing the arrival of his son. But men r immature.
Avatar f tn That's So Sad. Part Of The Reason I Won't Ever Use A Midwife...
Avatar f tn Dont b sad hunni.... things hapen for a reason. All this is just goin to prove how strong ov a person u are. And wen ur fiancee comes out hes gna b so proud ov u. And u will be together. Ur gna b one stronggg *** woman ! N u can do dis.
1821608 tn?1333658818 My goodness...such a sad thing to see in this ever-demising world we live in. It's sad to see men out there that are so desperate for sexual release that they force it on women who mostly can not overcome the strength put against their bodies by the degenerates they encounter. It's a disgrace to the male gender. I hope you find peace eventually. Just know that no matter're not at fault. I truly believe that.
206807 tn?1331936184 I’ve got to say I was really impressed with The Temptation’s response to Romney using “My Girl”. I’m about 97% sure he is supporting Obama. True Class Act. Twisted Sister? This guy should be excited anyone one wants to play their crappy music, even if it was Paul Ryan. Some songs just transcend divides When Ann Romney finished her speech at the Republican National Convention, production crews keyed up the The Temptations' "My Girl.
5141429 tn?1379904822 I don't know what songs he's singing but I like his songs too. This will be my first concert and I'm 19, its sad to say haha.
Avatar f tn I am having 2 yr old daughter she is very active through out the day she take her nap at day time nicely,even if she go to day care she do but at night she dont want to sleep she is having toddler bed .but she alz cry and become so hyper that she dont want to sleep and want to go outside.we both r working and has leave early b"caz of her behaviour we r not able to sleep .i am really worried abt her behaviour. kindly suggest?
518031 tn?1295575374 Glenn Miller: Moonlight Serenade Maynard Ferguson: Invitation
Avatar f tn Obviously, it is not even close to a simple situation or a simple solution. But from personal experience, if it comes down to that, what other choice r we left with? When it comes to compromise at the expenseof our sanity, we lose, the husband lloses and the family we r trying so desperately to have loses.