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Sad songs in movies

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4902332 tn?1360761227 So ive recently started crying over everything! Movies, Songs, Seeing family. . Everything lol. If I'm talking to my partner and he gives me good or bad news I break down into tears . I just can't control myself lol.
362249 tn?1441315018 s Concrete Angel every SINGLE thing about that song makes me soo sooo very sad i just hate child abuse!! What song makes you sad?
Avatar f tn and super emotional!!! Like over emotional. Songs, movies, seeing beautiful moments out in public like parents with kids, kids playing and laughing, sad stories on the news... everything is making me cry. Lol I had a moment in the car today and couldnt control my feelings when I heard that song from PINK- PERFECT .. my boyfriendwas cconfused.. Lol has anyone experienced any emotional moments like these? Just curious to hear some of your stories.
Avatar f tn LOL :) I actually laughed out loud there:) so funny I'm gonna have that song in my head all night lol. Something else that'll make yu laugh - "Spandy Andy dancing to LMFAO's Sexy and I know it on St Kilda's beach....
6808710 tn?1384993739 Hi Joy -- it's good to see you & happy New Year! :) I totally understand why [in your situation] you tried to reach out to 'old numbers'. Right now, what's important for you is to Know You Can & Want [very badly] to make it through this slight period until your first dose of Subs. You're so much stronger than you've given yourself credit for. Please, start believing it 'cause it's really True!
Avatar m tn I have trouble in memory and I can't read or concentrate on anything. I also have problem in responding while I am talking to someone, I often feel my head is like empty and I have nothing to say. I forget everything little evryday skillls how I did them before? I forget name of movies I watch but remember songs and lyrics. I am unable to track even with the help of psychologist and therapist. what to do?
Avatar n tn Have changed their rules...apparently since modern people have less morals than traditionally their allowing soft porn like scenes into pg and pg 13 movies...i don't like the idea personally i don't think i want my son seeing things like that at 13... :/ and most kids see pg 13 movies before their 13...
Avatar f tn Idk what kind of movies you're into but Les Miserables was pretty good. I don't usually like musicals, but it was good. Really sad though.
12462824 tn?1430944183 I'm pregnant and I watch scary movies and sad movies and happy movies. My baby is perfectly fine. I agree with cbreeziw, it's not like you're terrified forever or depressed. It's only in the moment and my mom loves scary movies so I'm sure she watched a ton while she was pregnant with me and I'm completely normal.
Avatar m tn Sleether songs called fake it. Try white stripes songs called icky thump. Can't wait !!
Avatar f tn my friendis 16 and she was told that she has ovarin cancer what can i do to help her through this tough situation ?
Avatar f tn Omg yes :( here in California tthere's this story on the news about a little boy who was practically starved to death (don't look for it it ends tragically) and I just can't help and cry every time the stupid mom comes on tv. :( it's the cruelest of all crimes.
4411499 tn?1356051765 Aint u got any songs that remind u of sad things?
Avatar f tn Delete his phone number, change yours, never looj him up on facebook cuz thats self torture. For me I couldnt even watch sad movies or listen to sad songs without getting depressed. So I made it a point only to listen and watch shows that was uplifting for a while. Keep yourself busy even when u dont want to. And at night when its the toughest pray and pray yourself to sleep. After a while youll find the peace you are looking for . But u have to cut all ties with him.
Avatar f tn m worried dat I might be My symptoms started with a cold nd mood swings like crazy crying to anything mostly songs nd movies If I am I'd be four weeks in this week I had sore boobs nd mild cramps but Idk I could be over Thinking but can sumon please help
Avatar n tn i know this dont have nothing to do with the site but Paul Walker has died the sexy white guy from fast and the furiuis movies my horomones out of whack i cried like i knew him but it was sad cause he has car got caught on fire so sad
Avatar f tn certainly is very sad losing anyone so young....I'm afraid I had never seen her in anything before, however.
Avatar f tn m 31 weeks and just started getting super emotional lately. Movies make me cry, commercials make me cry, I have to switch the radio station when I hear certain songs lol. My baby shower is in 2 weeks and I'm probably going to cry there too!
Avatar f tn I can't wait!! I love all the Christmas songs, movies, decorations and family time :)) who else can't wait?
15290316 tn?1447023108 Look, us addicts are excellent clock-watchers. So I spent the first parts of my 200mg/day Oxycontin cold turkey WD taking the OTC remedies and supplements while watching the clock just waiting for something to take the misery away. Sure, I had read the advice to keep busy. I tried watching TV, but I couldn't focus on anything. Late in day 2, I finally decided to take a hot bath. I had read to do it, but I thought I felt too awful. SERIOUSLY. Do it!!!! Better yet, live in that tub.
Avatar f tn I grabbed my favorite snacks, put on my favorite movies and stayed in bed. It was so hard but I made it through. I realize how precise life is!! The baby I had miscarried was suppose to be my rainbow baby. I had to give my 9 month old daughter to Jesus Christ. I felt so broke. But prayers and staying in my faith brought me through. I honestly didn't think I'd ever go on to have another!! But I'm 16 weeks. I thankful for what I've learned.
5141429 tn?1379904822 I don't know what songs he's singing but I like his songs too. This will be my first concert and I'm 19, its sad to say haha.