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617347 tn?1331293081 I'm kind of with you on this. I don't get a lot of time to go see movies. But, if I really thought that movies and the violence in them were a big part of this, I'd stop paying for movies that any of the actors in the you tube video were in. All of them, not just the violence. Comedy, drama, all of them. Give them all up and put your money where your mouth is. PETA.... now there is an organization full of hypocrites. I love those guys! And what are the other guys, vegans?
Avatar f tn Idk what kind of movies you're into but Les Miserables was pretty good. I don't usually like musicals, but it was good. Really sad though.
12462824 tn?1430944183 I'm pregnant and I watch scary movies and sad movies and happy movies. My baby is perfectly fine. I agree with cbreeziw, it's not like you're terrified forever or depressed. It's only in the moment and my mom loves scary movies so I'm sure she watched a ton while she was pregnant with me and I'm completely normal.
Avatar f tn Omg yes :( here in California tthere's this story on the news about a little boy who was practically starved to death (don't look for it it ends tragically) and I just can't help and cry every time the stupid mom comes on tv. :( it's the cruelest of all crimes.
Avatar n tn i know this dont have nothing to do with the site but Paul Walker has died the sexy white guy from fast and the furiuis movies my horomones out of whack i cried like i knew him but it was sad cause he has car got caught on fire so sad
Avatar f tn yeah they confirmed pain meds were found among cough syrup//panic.depression meds// and a few other things....that blows..i just hope they find only an untoxic amount in her body....
Avatar m tn The cigarette and alchol compaines pay the movie stare big bucks to use thier products on screen make it look ok to smoke and drink then...
432779 tn?1364494875 I am still feeding Fionn on demand and finding it very hard to schedule anything. I cant even have a meal without having to feed him at the same time.Also he doesnt take long naps during the day,although he sleeps well at night he is 15 weeks now.Is anyone else having issues like this?
Avatar f tn I grabbed my favorite snacks, put on my favorite movies and stayed in bed. It was so hard but I made it through. I realize how precise life is!! The baby I had miscarried was suppose to be my rainbow baby. I had to give my 9 month old daughter to Jesus Christ. I felt so broke. But prayers and staying in my faith brought me through. I honestly didn't think I'd ever go on to have another!! But I'm 16 weeks. I thankful for what I've learned.
199177 tn?1490498534 I don't watch too many movies, but I saw a good one recently: Cadillac Records Also liked: Beavis and Butthead Do America The Lion King Halloween (1978) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles Animal House National Lampoons Vacation
Avatar f tn t know a lot about the movie well it made me cry about 3 times it was so sad and i usually dont cry at movies til i got pregnant so just a heads up What other movies have yall watched recently that made you cry when you didn't think it would?
203342 tn?1328737207 I happened to be there. He was voted the worlds most sexy guy in 1991 I believe..sad but his movies live on to make us happy .....
Avatar f tn Try to stay strong, and know that you are a better person without those pills! Nobody wanted to get hooked, I didn't, and I go through depression, but I would rather be depressed than taking pills!!!! GOD BLESS YOU and stay strong!
501205 tn?1227345442 I saw you mentioned something the other day on another post about 'the cleaner'.I had seen the title on my on demand menu but had no idea what it was about until you mentioned it.You're right,it's excellent.I watched the ones that were on the digital cable and set a series recording on my DVR so I don't miss any of them.Thanks for the referral.Much love.............
Avatar f tn its an oldie but goodie and im sure you all have seen it but it came on yesterday and i cried my eyes out--Terms of Endearment! its sad sad sad, not really all about moms but its got a lot to do with it though. "Give my daughter the DAMN SHOT!" haha! the second part is called the evening star. i also like the movie Seventh Sign with Demi Moore, she gives her son life at the end knowing it will end her own and if you dont choke up when she does i dont know! ALSO!
Avatar f tn Demand that they tell you!! I hope everything is okay little momma.
4251679 tn?1370305531 The Back up Plan, my husband kinda bolted when we found out I am pregnant :-/
5891248 tn?1406410864 I am now sick of watching nine months, look whos talking, and Ricky(watch Ricky it will freak you out lol). I am now on a baby doc phase, I watched Ricky Lakes doc on natural birth that was really good. Just wondering what you ladies have watched as far as films or even any good reads. I have read all the baby websites on grow, I have the what to expect when your expecting book. I know this sounds sad lol, but I work from home and currently have no life lol, but baby showing.
Avatar f tn I hate watching TV in the evenings when every fast food place is advertising. KFC.. ooh I could go for that. Pizza, oh god. Subway. I must have it right now! Everything sounds so good. Hard to resist.
Avatar f tn t say that HORROR MOVIES CAUSE MISCARRIAGE. I sad better stop watchin cuz sometime what u see during the day u may dream at night and some pregnant woman during pregnancy have a lot of dreams.i dont know if u understood.?!!!
Avatar f tn Pretty little liars its a tv show on abc family I love it watch the seasons before the new season comes out :)
Avatar f tn That will be the next series I check out. (I also need all the good movies and tv shows I can get. Nothing else to do most days on the road. I read a lot, but just fly through books.