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3062924 tn?1350414109 Ur baby is a blessing remember that:) everyone will love her on r they see her if not don't let negativity around ur lil angel
Avatar m tn Just taking a survey on those that have kept their headphones on for the duration of their detox. Just wanted to know what songs have helped the most. For me it's been Dreaming by BT. For some reason it really resonated with me this go around. Check it out on the YouTube if feel so inclined.
Avatar f tn Im 8 wks myself and hav been wondering thesame thing.. some days will b fine and then some days r horrible and i feel so depressed and unappreciated andfeel lik jus dissapearing..
Avatar f tn ve been blessed wit tha perfect family it just makes me sad because i love bein a mommy my kids mean everything to me an they r honestly tha reason i am who i am and why i still breath I'm not suicidal or anything just haven't made tha best decisions n my life but my kids i feel r wht has made me my biggest accomplishment :) ne way our son will b here n August an i can't wait this pregnancy has been pretty rough almost thought we were gonna loose him i had a blood clot right next ta
5623087 tn?1377889284 My babies father and I got back together after going for a long walk and talking last night...
Avatar f tn I love the song small bump by ed shereen but it's really sad.
Avatar n tn Im so sorry for what u r going thru i cant imagine what u r feeling no mother should have to go thru that
518031 tn?1295575374 Glenn Miller: Moonlight Serenade Maynard Ferguson: Invitation
Avatar f tn Have you taken any B vitamin supplements? A lack of B vitamins will leave you feeling tired, irritated, depressed and jumpy at sounds or light sensitive. It can also cause insomnia with fatigue... Maybe you need D vitamins... More calcium. A lack of these vitamins cause depression. Maybe write the baby or read it a story when you are feeling frustrated. Studies show t hey can hear sounds and do respond.
Avatar f tn I am having 2 yr old daughter she is very active through out the day she take her nap at day time nicely,even if she go to day care she do but at night she dont want to sleep she is having toddler bed .but she alz cry and become so hyper that she dont want to sleep and want to go outside.we both r working and has leave early b"caz of her behaviour we r not able to sleep .i am really worried abt her behaviour. kindly suggest?
344397 tn?1235577228 OHHHHHH....I love you...I'm gonna go get it....Thanks so much...u r the best! figures a new yorker knew what I was talkin about...
Avatar n tn How can he not expect me to b disrespectful. But yes my mouth has nothing to do with seeing the arrival of his son. But men r immature.
3062924 tn?1350414109 So I just found out Friday that I'm having a girl. I'm happy and my mom is finally coming around to the thought of me being pregnant. Especially since its s girl. I noticed my bf hasn't been excited about the pregnancy since I found.out its a girl not a boy. I guess he had plans for the little boy not girl. Im also hesitant about telling the rest of my family because its a girl. They wanted a boy cuz there r too many girls.
Avatar f tn I love all their songs but especially love one of their latest - Make a Memory.
Avatar f tn This was my old post with the old name Cira... I have added a few new songs to my play list. I love some Gary Allan life ain't always beautiful and every storm runs out of rain.
Avatar f tn That's So Sad. Part Of The Reason I Won't Ever Use A Midwife...
1763193 tn?1488895865 I am worried abt you 4 sum1 whu is 14 years yes it normal after brk up 2 b sad bcs if u rlly luv sum1 feeling dnt js dissapear over nyt I understand bt in dis matter u r da person whu can hlp ur slf no matter hw hard ppl can try bt at the end the decision is urs so do smtng abt dis b4 it get too worse
220090 tn?1379167187 I can always remember the color codes on resistors from a naughty little jingle. Bad Boys Rape Our Young Girls But Violet Gives Willingly = B(lack)B(rown)R(ed)O(range)Y(ellow)G(reen)B(lue)V(iolet)G(ray)W(hite) = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, respectively. I guess most folks won't find that very useful. Haven't had time to listen to sisters of mercy link yet. Running around a lot experiencing the abundant culture to be found at airports, rental cars counters.