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7607165 tn?1395780125 I have a few lol the guy who was in Divergent. Friggen hot!! And Keanu Reeves. But now Keanu now. Keanu back in his Point Break days. Holy crap.
4111887 tn?1355368506 Keanu. Kyan. Oshuan.
Avatar f tn Well I'm having a baby girl and I'm keeping the letter k my oldest daughters name starts with a k and now this one but if i were having a boy I would name him Keanu I just love it it's different and cute I'm not having any more after this one but my husband seems to think otherwise but if I do end up having a son later on I will name him after my husband so that's just my thought keep searching or just wait till you give birth some ppl need to see the baby first
198419 tn?1360242356 Hi Shell It IS a nice day today.. The sky here is soo blue with big full fluffy white clouds billowing toward space.. its also very quiet and peaceful outside. I think the atmospheric pressure is giving us a little break here in FL. I glad to hear your are OK today.. don't push it though .. be good :) Sundays I usually send with my Mother. I pick her up at her AFL, get some nice take- out and take it to the gulf .. last week she got to see a dolphin ..
Avatar m tn Hello littleskittl, May I suggest making an appointment with your family doctor. I have nasal congestion sometimes. I used to use " Dristan" from time to time, but I've heard over using Dristan can cause problems too. Now, I use an over the counter product. It's a nasal spray. It has a dolphin on the box . Can't remember the name of it. I'm out of it right now, either wise I would tell you the name. I am actually going to buy some today.
Avatar f tn The general consensus is that all seafood should be thoroughly cooked and no shark, dolphin, tuna, swordfish, or anything else with mercury.
Avatar f tn Is it bad to eat canned tuna?
Avatar f tn I was always having them at first. Now not as much. One was with Keanu Reeves. Omg. That was a really nice one haha I haven't had them as much tho now that I'm in my second trimester. I've also had horrible ones where my fiancé is cheating on me or about to. There's no reason for any of my dreams. Sometimes I dream so much that when I wake up I don't even feel rested.
460185 tn?1326077772 I would love to be a dolphin, to be able to swim fast...
4111382 tn?1356207828 It would be easier to search for a name if you had what tribe so if you can find out it will narrow it down.
8793709 tn?1409594060 i(Po-e) for short, Ikaika, Kaimi(Ka-e-me), Kaipo, Kaleo, Keahi, Pono, Keone, Kimo, Jake, Keanu, Tevana, Kanoa, Kainoa, Lopaka or Paka for short, Pekelo(P-keh-lo), Ke'aka, Akoni, Kela, Kekona, Andy, Mark, Chaz, Aina(Eye-na), John, Kui(Ku-e), Kila. Most of these are Hawaiian name, I'm from O'ahu ..
Avatar f tn I haven't seen an update from her either.
Avatar f tn Avoid dolphin, tuna, shark, and swordfish and youre good.... lol. Have fun!
Avatar f tn How old are you dolphin girl?
Avatar f tn Sometimes when I sleep I stop breathing to the point were I start making a "dolphin" noise (that's what my boyfriend calls it). He says it's like I'm suffocating. My brain wakes up because I hear the noise I'm making but I can't move. I hear everything going on around me like my boyfriend telling me to breath. But I can't move. I only can "wake up" when he physically moves me. I read about sleep paralysis but they don't mention making noise.
Avatar m tn m no expert and I agree with Dolphin. But my gut feeling is that you need to find a new pysch--one that will work with you long term and get you the right meds to help you. Don't give up. I know that sounds unrealistic but it can take a long time to find the right treatment. You have to be an advocate for yourself and your right to feel relief, happiness, peace, etc.
Avatar f tn I agree with dolphin, therapy can really help improve your self-esteem. I have to admit that for my anxiety, therapy hasn't helped much at all, but it did help me put a past experience I'd had dwindling in the back of my mind for eight years to rest. Why do you feel unwanted by everyone? Have you tried talking to your family and friends about your feelings? I'm sure if we had even a five-minute conversation I could tell you reasons you have to be proud of your life.
Avatar f tn t know it was a sex toy until she saw the name on the label.
Avatar f tn am so glad all went well Dolphin...:) Did u have a transvag U/S or an external one? I have mine next week... so getting anxious..
Avatar m tn Hi Dolphin. Thanks for your comments. As you have said arrhythmia may not cause loss of sexual desire. But is it possible that abnormal cortisol which is stress hormone released from adrenal glands may cause rapid heart beats and loss of libido both? As such, I am not taking any medication for arrhythmia.
Avatar f tn When I was 4 weeks all we saw was the sac and what looked like a diamond ring or dolphin. She told me that was weird for being 4 weeks and said I might miscarry but I'm now almost 28 weeks! Don't stress over it!
Avatar f tn Mine feels very similar to when I twitch with the kicks and when he moves around it feels almost slimy like when you pet a dolphin and it moves under your hand. I'm 22 weeks.
Avatar m tn My question is if it is safe for me to go ahead with my scheduled dolphin swim. Am I putting myself at risk? Am I putting anyone else at risk? I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Thank you for your input.