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7607165 tn?1395780125 I have a few lol the guy who was in Divergent. Friggen hot!! And Keanu Reeves. But now Keanu now. Keanu back in his Point Break days. Holy crap.
4111887 tn?1355368506 Keanu. Kyan. Oshuan.
Avatar f tn Well I'm having a baby girl and I'm keeping the letter k my oldest daughters name starts with a k and now this one but if i were having a boy I would name him Keanu I just love it it's different and cute I'm not having any more after this one but my husband seems to think otherwise but if I do end up having a son later on I will name him after my husband so that's just my thought keep searching or just wait till you give birth some ppl need to see the baby first
8793709 tn?1409594060 i(Po-e) for short, Ikaika, Kaimi(Ka-e-me), Kaipo, Kaleo, Keahi, Pono, Keone, Kimo, Jake, Keanu, Tevana, Kanoa, Kainoa, Lopaka or Paka for short, Pekelo(P-keh-lo), Ke'aka, Akoni, Kela, Kekona, Andy, Mark, Chaz, Aina(Eye-na), John, Kui(Ku-e), Kila. Most of these are Hawaiian name, I'm from O'ahu ..
Avatar f tn Today is a sad day for me, I was 13 weeks along and I have had a miscarriage. It has taken me 2 years to get pregnant. I guess it's not my time yet. If you girls could keep me in your prayers that would be wonderful.
Avatar f tn ( I got a call from my nurse saying we will try another ultrasound in 3days , and if we couldn't find a heartbeat I was most likely miscarring! My last period was June 2nd they say that puts me at 6weeks , I'm clearly pregnant but I don't understand how I'm miscarring or there's no heartbeat!
Avatar f tn So i'm 17 & had an abortion at 16 (7 months ago) . I do regret it. & Today was suppose to be my due date & i'm just really sad. Not sad , but confused. I don't know to feel whether happy or sad. I talked about this with my 3 year boyfriend & he just doesn't see it as big as I see it. I understand cause he's a guy , but today was something big for me that i've been thinking about all day..
Avatar m tn im praying for u and every one of our friendson here every day . i thank u for all tour support, as far as Dustin it is just so sad cuz he was only 24 just a baby he just wasnt ready or I really think he was just ready to cuz he had o/d on pills and alcohol 2 times in the last 3 months. I guess he was just tired of dealing with his sexuality. He was such a nice kid just couldnt figure out his way in life.
Avatar f tn we was together for 2 years as well and he told me he wouldnt leave then he left me I never thought this day would come, I was / have been crying all day i thought about suicide but now im just like forget it he wont speak to me at all and it hurts my feelings I just hope my baby is okay abd isant freaking out due to me crying and depression
Avatar f tn I was always having them at first. Now not as much. One was with Keanu Reeves. Omg. That was a really nice one haha I haven't had them as much tho now that I'm in my second trimester. I've also had horrible ones where my fiancé is cheating on me or about to. There's no reason for any of my dreams. Sometimes I dream so much that when I wake up I don't even feel rested.
4111382 tn?1356207828 It would be easier to search for a name if you had what tribe so if you can find out it will narrow it down.
Avatar f tn The father of my child has two other siblings. Until now, none if them had any kids, and his mom had them all around the same time (his brother's 24, he's 23, and his sister is 20). Well not long after we got pregnant, they all drank the water so to speak. His sister got pregnant first, then his brothers girlfriend! Crazy, I know! We've all been so excited that they'll all get to grow up together and have each other.
444932 tn?1273980797 Any suggestions for how to cope with feeling incredibly sad? Feeling this way makes me want a pill soooooo bad but I know I can't do it. Is it normal to be so moody during withdrawal? I am on day 8. The physical stuff is better but my moods are just all over the place and today has been especially difficult. All I want to do is cry. No one I can talk to either. Any words of encouragement?
Avatar m tn Don't give up yet. I actually took hpt over and over the first time I tried iui. Period showed up on day 14 just as expected. Twist on this was that it wasn't my period and stopped later that day. Tested positive on day 16. Day 14 was still a neg. You really aren't out until u really get your period.
Avatar f tn I know I will be really busy as soon as my daughter gets here its just so hard to not have my boy with me all day! I just hope he does good in school I will worry about him all day!