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Avatar f tn Dont be sad hunny!! They shouldnt let u ruin ur moment!
Avatar f tn hi my names avah and im 21 and witch im dealing with is a constant feeling gut feeling in my tummy that im going to die very very soon it just dosent go awAy its so strong and feels so real and it scare me i cant even leave my house i hate my life this feeling is the worst in the world i do have anxiety and depression but this feeling isnt a normal anxiety feeling this is the first time ive had it like i go numb it just feels like death is around the corner for me i dont know what else to do i
3062924 tn?1350414109 Your boyfriend and fmaily will just have to get over it. No matter what gender your baby is the important thing is that it is healthy. I had a little boy a few years ago and no one was initally happy about my pregnancy except my boyfriend. We had quite a few problems with his family over it, but eventually people figured out there was nothing they could do. My baby was admitted to the hospital just days after we can home so be happy about your baby and hope that she is healthy.
Avatar m tn It is not important that you complete your goals by a certain time. What is important is that you learn from your failures and still have the will to try again. No one in this world will always do everything on the first try. Some may not get it on the second or the third or more. If you can learn to undertand this and accept it you will realize that life is not about the destination it is about the journey. Don't be afraid to try something for fear of failing. If you pick one goal..
Avatar f tn Relaxing is a best thing.. be active.. all is well if your baby is active.. n if u are active your baby will be active.. every pregnancy is different. Count ur baby kicks n search signs of labor on google. Learn about true labor n false labor.. contractions are the first sign.of true labor learn.about it.. its not necessary that ur water breaks. Mine water sac is raptured by my doctor jst few mins before delivery..
Avatar f tn So I, am married and I have a 6 yr old boy n am, know pregnant I am 7 weeks and my husband is leaving to work .. he is leaving Tuesday and coming back Friday .. thrn he leaves monday n come back Friday.. he says he is is lying doung this so we can have money, when this baby, comes.. but I don't want him to leave ..
Avatar m tn t know what kind of bullies they are, but they can get suspended, even expelled for certain things, especially if it is cyberbullying. It sounds harsh, but it is a wake-up call they need. Also, think for yourself. A bully is only as successful as you let them be. Don't believe a word they say. If it is serious, consider taking correspondence classes at home or transferring.
Avatar f tn well im like depressed half the time, i wake up early, im stressed out because of my dad, he is the meanest, stubborn and not understanding person EVER!!, i do ballet, modern, yoga, modern, and tribal sometimes, and my life *****. i have one friend and someone is stealing her away from me, i have insomnia, i have hug thighs and im no good at ballet, well i feel that way.
7801868 tn?1395885718 ) my boyfriend and i say that the reason this pregnancy is going so well is because hes watching over my little girl and making sure shes safe. It helps a bit but i still get upset sometimes.
2001101 tn?1331494740 I know how severe anxiety can be overwhelming, and I have a few things to offer to you. First, look into a supplement called GABA. It is an amino acid that is said to work wonderful for anxiety and stress. I have not tried it, but I have been on Zoloft for a long time. It works most of the time, but sometimes I get breakthrough anxiety and that *****! Also, I take fish oil supplements, 4 grams a day, and I have never heard of this helping with anxiety. It is however good for your health.
Avatar f tn She goes nuts when he is around. Kicks when his hand is on the belly or she heats his voice. It will be okay.
Avatar f tn t help financially until I start working again. . Someone who is able to help them is refusing even though when they needed it... the other person always helped them no matter what.
Avatar f tn t u look at adoption options as well, I know the process can be tedious but it is something. I believe having a child is not only through pregnancy but also through raising them well. All the best!
Avatar f tn 40 weeks today and my baby girl said not today ma she just disappointed me and what's worse no pain nothing no sign I am tired and truly exhausted I've tried everything but nothing as it is I'm off to bed with a sad heart wonder what is she enjoying inside there (ftm very sad)
Avatar n tn If your sad you should talk to someone who can make you happy or cheer up a little. I feel like the best medicine is when you can express yourself and say how you feel without any judgment. Being a teen itself is not easy but I'm pretty sure your baby whould not want you to feel sad.
Avatar f tn But negative for everything else...which is good so time to move on I guess!! Still sad tho...I have been sick lot lately I wonder if this has anything to do with it what are the odds of having both Orally?? Being I have no symptoms...
Avatar f tn Is it normal for relationships to go through rough patches while pregnant? My husband and I lately aren't getting along. I've been feeling like crap with headaches/migraines every day. I complain a lot about how I'm feeling. He gets mad when I do. He says don't vent to me about how you feel when i can't do anything. I don't know who to vent to when I have not a lot of friends right now.
Avatar f tn Well turns out im not and my cervix is still thick and closed. However they did say that he dropped and his head is really far down. Ugh im just really ready to meet my son. Oh and my due date is jan 13 and they scheduled my weekly appointments all the way til jan 24.
Avatar f tn so as of yesterday I ended up back in the hosp bc of pressure and some bad cramps even my back was hurting.. they said jace is now really really low so im now on pelvic rest and bed rest...
Avatar f tn The due date is an estimate. Castor oil is Not a good idea. Yes it may help bring on labor but if your body or the baby is not ready is can just make the process longer. Also it gives you diarrhea. You do not want diarrhea while paying out a baby! !!!! Baby is come when baby is ready. Don't stress and don't fight it. A nice long walk can help you relax and bring on labor.
5002615 tn?1366014009 I feel your pain, I live with my boyfriend though, but sad thing is he doesn't spend anytime with me I'm due in a little over 2 weeks & all he does is play x box and work on his four wheeler because he's getting into racing again. But he isn't working right now he's on disability until the 25th & he will be going back to work which is 2 days wrote I'm due. I deff feel like I'm not important to him.. I wish there was something I could so to help you hun.