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7607165 tn?1395780125 I have a few lol the guy who was in Divergent. Friggen hot!! And Keanu Reeves. But now Keanu now. Keanu back in his Point Break days. Holy crap.
4111887 tn?1355368506 Keanu. Kyan. Oshuan.
Avatar f tn I'm laying in bed watching TV and this overwhelming craving comes over me. I WANT A CUCMBER SANDWICH! And of course I have no cucumbers or cream cheese. I wanna cry because I'm not satisfied. Sorry, pregnancy craving rant over.
Avatar f tn Well I'm having a baby girl and I'm keeping the letter k my oldest daughters name starts with a k and now this one but if i were having a boy I would name him Keanu I just love it it's different and cute I'm not having any more after this one but my husband seems to think otherwise but if I do end up having a son later on I will name him after my husband so that's just my thought keep searching or just wait till you give birth some ppl need to see the baby first
Avatar f tn I am sooooooooooooo craving a turkey lunch meat sandwich but my friend said u should not eat lunch meat.
Avatar m tn my friend was eating sandwich then he got full so he gave it to me I ate directly after him is there ay risk If I ate after him directly and I did not remove the last part that was inside his mouth what if there are blood or saliva in the sandwich is there any risk also my friend had a lot of sexual activate without candom
Avatar f tn So I want a sandwich so bad that I'm moved to tears!!!! Lol....this is so sad...I can literally feel my mouth watering for one!! Am I the only one with such strong cravings??
Avatar f tn I was always having them at first. Now not as much. One was with Keanu Reeves. Omg. That was a really nice one haha I haven't had them as much tho now that I'm in my second trimester. I've also had horrible ones where my fiancé is cheating on me or about to. There's no reason for any of my dreams. Sometimes I dream so much that when I wake up I don't even feel rested.
4111382 tn?1356207828 It would be easier to search for a name if you had what tribe so if you can find out it will narrow it down.
8793709 tn?1409594060 i(Po-e) for short, Ikaika, Kaimi(Ka-e-me), Kaipo, Kaleo, Keahi, Pono, Keone, Kimo, Jake, Keanu, Tevana, Kanoa, Kainoa, Lopaka or Paka for short, Pekelo(P-keh-lo), Ke'aka, Akoni, Kela, Kekona, Andy, Mark, Chaz, Aina(Eye-na), John, Kui(Ku-e), Kila. Most of these are Hawaiian name, I'm from O'ahu ..
Avatar f tn / lol I find it funny how mad I got. Do yall get this way when it comes to ur food?
Avatar m tn Your son needs to step up and stick up for his son. I would be so sad to be in your position, and be so disappointed in my son for not putting his child above his own needs.
Avatar f tn Honestly I ate lunch meat all the time with my first pregnancy and my son came out just fine..I've also ate it this pregnancy I'm 34 weeks and no problems but if you're worried you can always just warm it up before putting on your sandwich..but to answer your question you could make veggie sandwiches!!
Avatar f tn I'm 32 weeks and craving a tuna Sandwich from subway. Is it safe to eat this far along?
Avatar f tn 29 weeks pregnant and fixed myself a tuna sandwich! I just couldn't help myself . I know I'm not the only one that has had a few slips. I know there are women out there that have beautiful, healthy, smart babies that ate tuna during pregnancy.. I just would like to hear stories to make myself feel better eating one.
Avatar f tn I am 20 weeks and am craving a bologna sandwich. Is it safe to have one?
7818018 tn?1406154441 I just ate a sandwich full of lunch meat ..
9663463 tn?1407525554 some say to heat it up, but I don't.. as long as it came from a clean place & it hasn't been sitting out.. I've eaten plenty of bologna, ham, and turkey slice sandwiches (the ones that come in the containers at walmart & stuff) & me and our baby boy are just fine. of course as you said, moderation is key in my opinion. mainly because of the sodium (for the bologna in my case) - but I've only heated it up if I was in the mood for it.. or fried it. (((: p.s.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me to not eat sandwich meat unless its heated. I slipped up and ate a sandwich here and there. What are the effects of it? I've herd from other woman they ate sandwhiches all the time when they were pregnant and never had a problem.
Avatar f tn Good lunch ideas are fruit salad, chicken salad, grill cheese sandwich, yogurt with nuts, leftover dinner, noodles with spinach, chicken ceasar wrap, granola and fiber protein bars etc. Combination of any of the above or whatever else you like.
10052131 tn?1408085538 Is it safe to eat packaged sandwich meat while pregnant? I'm 6 weeks almost and have heard crazy stories that you shouldn't.
5281642 tn?1366917055 What exactly means "sandwich elisa" i just call the clinic and the nurse told me that my test was SANDWICH ELISA, is my test reliable after 4,5 months. Thanx - and i promise no more questions.
Avatar m tn (The wound bled aftewards and I have no idea about the HIV status of the employee who made the sandwich.) Afterwards, that sandwich was thrown away and a new one was made for me by some other employee. However, when the other employee made the new sandwich, he used the same knife that the other employee cut herself with. Later, I brought the sandwich home and had it thrown away. However, before it was thrown away, one of my family members tried to make me eat it.