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Avatar f tn What a coincidence!
Avatar n tn mine had it as a newborn. doc will probably prescribe a nebulizer with albuterol.
3588173 tn?1357317184 Doesnt matter sweetie you need to take him in because hes only three weeks and hes a premie. Premie babies are at a higher risk of getting RSV as well.
Avatar n tn you also might want to ask your cardiologist or primary doctor about if your little one should recieve the synagis vaccine. this is to help lesson the effects of RSV (this is a viral infection) most kids can fight it off, if they are healthy to begin with. i am not sure if your little one would qualify. I wouldn't see why not. this infection from what I was toldif it affects newborns who are premmeis have a heart condition, lung issues and a low immune system.
Avatar f tn can adults get RSV and how old are u when u stop being able to get it
Avatar f tn I bathed him everyday after his cord fell off (5 days old) and he ended up being hospitalized for RSV because he caught a chest cold and it progressed. I agree with bathing them once a week in a baby tub. You could always wipe them up in between with warm wipes!!
220217 tn?1209679677 I know how hard RSV can be! I cant imagine having two babies with it!! Evan is sick again =( He just got over RSV(Bronchilitis) 4 weeks ago, and now he has his cough again. I hope it goes away soon!! Thats great about the shots!!! I wish we could have gotten them, but its definately good they give them to preemies!
Avatar f tn Wow, have you had her evaluated for RSV? CJ was very similar as a newborn, turns out when we all went to get out flu shots when he was an infant, he picked up RSV, which is essentially a persistent cold in infants and generally only causes problems with preemies or otherwise immunosuppressed infants. His simply presented as a persistent slew of cold symptoms and a chronic productive cough. Anyway, it caused me a great deal of grief, though admittedly CJ seemed less bothered by it than I was.
Avatar f tn How long are you going to wait to take your newborn out into the world?
Avatar n tn They seem to be ok, though my youngest has RSV....the heavy breathing that babies develop. Will newborn be at risk too? Thank you for your professional and unbiased help.
Avatar f tn My 11 week has rsv .. He was full term .. Has any other mother had this in a infant ..
1816154 tn?1463430018 So on the first I need to get some baby stuff for the baby. So in April I will be having the baby but we live over in eastern Washington. I know I should remember what our baby needs but I forgot. I had a November baby my son 5 years ago and 2 August girls so I really don't know what to buy for winterish/spring baby. So what type of baby stuff would I need???
224256 tn?1212257023 my baby was born in the summer, so there was no cold or flu season at the time. still, my doctor insisted no crowded places like restaurants or malls til at least 4 weeks. my girlfriend's ped said no crowded places til 8 weeks. quick trips to the grocery store are ok. since it is winter, i would personally wait a bit more. there are some awful bugs out there, many of which would land a newborn in the hospital. especially rsv and the flu.
Avatar f tn Finally a few days ago i took him in again to the ER n they found out he has a virus newborns have been getting its Called Rsv n if they would have tested it before they would have found it i was So pissed!!! So now today we got out of the childerns hospital they sent him home with oxygen but to me he still seems bad but they that he was Fine!!
346546 tn?1376252091 I ordered a newborn log book from amazon, and it got here today. It's really nice and I plan on using it the first month to keep up with the babies feeding, changing and sleep schedule. I can't wait to start using it! It's made for one baby but I'm going to use it for both, just flip the page back and forth, and since it has 90 days in it, it's perfect for both babies for 4-6 weeks.
Avatar f tn I always thought that most babies with RSV were hospitalized. Isnt there something else they could give him to improve his breathing. So confused and worried. It seems the hospital thinks this is no big deal.
Avatar f tn RSV is more prevelant those months but can happen any month and is very dangerous for a newborn. My son had it at 2 weeks and being told about intubation, medovac and permenant lung damage is not worth it.
Avatar n tn newborn babies born pinkish white colour will become white when they grow older?when will the babies get their actual colour?
Avatar n tn 10 week old - adm. with RSV..1 yr old - adm. with RSV...1 yr old - adm. with bronchitis..2 yr old - adm. with neumonia, then for colapsed lung, then for double pneumonia. Everytime it was between Nov. and Feb. Then, on Sat. Sept. 8th he developed a fever with no other symptoms. The fever lasted until Sun. evening. I started giving him albuteral and took him to the doctors on Mon.The doc said his lungs were clear and the fever gone but had ulcers in his mouth.
Avatar n tn a cold will, and if you are implying your baby is premature then you need to call his or her pediatrician as premature babies are eprone to RSV which is a very dangerous respertory illness in children yet alone a premature infant.