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Avatar f tn I agree with bathing them once a week in a baby tub. You could always wipe them up in between with warm wipes!!
Avatar n tn by the way how is the wee one doing? I copied this form a web site Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common viral disease of the lungs. It usually manifest itself as a cold in adults and older children, but can cause serious problems in infants. RSV can cause lower respitory infections, breathing problems, pneumonia or even death. According to statistics, over 125,000 infants are hospitalized annually with Respiratory Syncytial Virus, resulting in more than 500 deaths.
Avatar f tn They take RSV very seriously. My newborn niece had RSV. She had a rattly cough in her lungs and had to have breathing treatments. Remember, colds and coughs are normal for babies and young children because their immune system is building up immunities to those types of viruses and bacterias. Not every sniffle, cough, or sneeze warrants a rush to the hospital. If your DD is just coughing every now and then and has a runny nose, she probably just has the common cold.
3588173 tn?1357320784 So a few days I had posted that I had a cough and asked if I should go 3 wk old now has a cough! What do I do?!
Avatar f tn With my 3rd I didn't take her out until after her 2 month shots, because my 2nd daughter ended up hospitalized due to RSV and then a flu like virus from her babysitter having her out and around too many people and germs. I also don't allow visitors for the same length of time and reaon. With my son we didn't take him out for about 5 months other than appointments because he was 7 weeks premature and in the NICU for almost a month.
142722 tn?1281537216 He also had projectile spit up and would wake from a deep sleep screaming and making faces like he had a bad taste in his mouth. When he got RSV they did an X-Ray with Barium and saw that the reflux was not under control at all and have increased and added medication, it's helping, but I think he's still having issues and the projectile thing is still going on. As for hte sleep, mine sleeps with me too, he sleeps better that way, it's the only way we get any sleep.
Avatar f tn My choice is to wait until they are at least a month or more. With my first I took him out early and he ended up catching RSV, had alot of complications from it. I say if you are going to go out early AVOID people! lol Seriously avoid high traffic areas. All I did was go to WalMart and bam my son was very very ill shortly after.
Avatar n tn mine had it as a newborn. doc will probably prescribe a nebulizer with albuterol.
Avatar f tn Hello all! My newborn (3 weeks old) has a low grade fever- it has dropped from 99.1 to 98.8. His face appears rather blotchy, but I am assuming that it is heat rash? I have made sure not to over dress him today and I have not swaddled him in a blanket. He has been fussy, but nothing that would suggest extreme discomfort. Now I also have a head cold and am assuming that it is what he has. I am nursing exclusively so I know he will be getting my antibodies. What, if anything, more should I do?
3054705 tn?1348419079 Also I don't know what state your in but the flu is bad in my area and its a different strain this year so family or not, a newborn getting the flu could be fatal, also rsv and whooping cough are around too. Most pediatricians don't recommend getting the baby out until around 2 to 6 weeks. I am not trying to scare you but you need to be aware of risks to you and to baby.
Avatar f tn just because with my son I took him in a few times and he was seen by another Dr. (it's a big practice) they missed the RSV and I was told it was a cold. The next day I called back the nurse and they got us in ASAP since my son had problems with his lungs (had pneumonia at 3 months). They caught it and it was bad. I just feel better seeing the Dr. that is farmilliar with him. Anyway, is the gagging common with the Nutramigen?
Avatar n tn They seem to be ok, though my youngest has RSV....the heavy breathing that babies develop. Will newborn be at risk too? Thank you for your professional and unbiased help.
Avatar n tn he has had a fever on and off. A week has not gone by without developing a fever in between the range of 100-105. Many times, he has no other sympton AT ALL. Now, it has been 7 weeks with recurring HIGH ( 101-104) FEVER. Every time we take him to the doctor, they say it is justa virus and to let it pass. I cannot take this "virus thing" as the answer anymore. Is it just me? Am I crazy or is this abnormal? What does this sound like to you? I need a doctor to help him!
1123420 tn?1350564758 Gabe was in the hospital twice as a newborn...once to be check because he had long pauses in his breathing and once becuase he was running a high fever and they wanted him to have fluids. I know it's scary but atleast he's in good hands and they will do everything possible to get him better faster. If you feel the doctors aren't being up front and honest with you, then you can request they sit down and explain his test results and what their ideas are.
Avatar n tn What says that they wont have an episode on the sixth day. The RSV shots are very expensive, $1500.00 here in In. and they are given once a month. We have 2 kids in school and a 3 yo at home and my husband had just quit smoking the day Joshua was born. They figure in the relapse possibility, but to his credit he hasn't had a cig since. I had severe preeclampsia and then developed pulmonary edema. I was on a vent longer than Joshua so I didn't have to see tha on him.
Avatar n tn At this point all I want is a happy healthy child. Although, I think we're having a boy. I'll know more in a few weeks when I have my amnio. I'm one of the over 35 first time moms. ;-) I really want to support him, but at the cost of my child? (that was a rhetorical question.) ;-) THAT doesn't make sense to me.
Avatar f tn My sis had rsv as a newborn. She is now 6 years old... n oh so healthy... My warmest wishes to that family...
Avatar f tn The sad thing was I had just taken her from that hospital a week earlier so she contracted RSV there. ( you think they would be more careful in a place like that) Anyway, a few days later I took her home and just got her the shots for them the first few years and she was fine. But had I not had her checked out it could have easily killed her. And for me to happen to catch her breathing funny in the first place was nothing more then a miracle.
384896 tn?1335297931 turns out she had something called a nose drip, where she would get a thick mucous build up in the back of the throat and everytime she tried to get it to move she would gag, They told us to use a saline nose spray every night before she went to bed and then if she woke during the night to use it then change her and then feed her. They said that because everything is so small they cant move the mucous because it is so thick. Any nights i forgot to use them she would do it again.
Avatar f tn She is running a fever again, has a wet cough and a runny nose. She was just sick in the beginning of December and in the end of October bofore that. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm doing something wrong. She is not in daycare so she cannot be getting it from the other kids. She rarely comes in contact with other kids (other than her brother who also stays home full time). What the heck is going on???
Avatar f tn I have a friend doing this. She goes part time -- two days a week. She will be done in about a year and a half with taking two classes (so goes to school twice a week) and the cost is under 6,000 dollars (and again, grants often pay for this). And when she is done, she can expect to make between 40,000 to 60,000 a year (plenty to live on). That is an example but I would not skip education early on to set yourself up.
Avatar f tn What a coincidence!
Avatar n tn Here is a brief medical history on him. As newborn had TTN..6 wkold-admitted to hospital with croup...10 week old - adm. with RSV..1 yr old - adm. with RSV...1 yr old - adm. with bronchitis..2 yr old - adm. with neumonia, then for colapsed lung, then for double pneumonia. Everytime it was between Nov. and Feb. Then, on Sat. Sept. 8th he developed a fever with no other symptoms. The fever lasted until Sun. evening. I started giving him albuteral and took him to the doctors on Mon.
Avatar f tn We thought he wasnt' going to make it 2. 6 weeks severe RSV and in the hospital for a week. Now has reactive airway issues everytime he gets sick 3. colic. we're talking 8pm-2am crying and never sleeping 4. acid reflux so severe he had to go on Prevacid 5. milk protein allergy 6. double hernia and hydrocele surgery 7 more hospital stays for his lungs, lots of worry Now combine that with undiagnosed post partum anxiety/OCD and eventually after a year, depression.
Avatar f tn My 6 week old daughter was released from hospital 10 days ago after spending 6 days in there due to RSV which developed into Bronchiolitis. She stopped breathing twice in the early stages of the illness while in hospital. Her heart and breathing was monitored at the time and it was noted that it would dip down into the 80's and then come back up to 140's in a matter of seconds. It was noted that this occurred when she was in a deep sleep.
1419501 tn?1320209910 As its just a little country hospital we waited in E and A for a few hours only to be seen by a Dr who said its just a chest infection. We left with a bottle of anitbiotics and a sheet with how to keep your children warm in the cool weather... The next morning I still didnt feel right about what the DR had told us so I made an appt with our local dr , who listened to her chest and called the biggest hospital around here.
220217 tn?1209683277 i did some reading on rsv these past few months for some reason...and ds had a bit of bronchitis when he was quite newborn still...and its all related to rsv so i asked his ped when we went and he said yup thats what it was but no one usually knows what i mean..ds was put on some syrup for it and it cleared up...its so scary though-he is much better..we have the choice for a vaccine here and i dont remember what its called..
2006603 tn?1331332927 Everyone will have their own opinion on the matter. Some will say they took their newborn out at a few days old, while others will say they waited a few weeks. I had c sections with both my boys and I waited a few weeks because I could barely move. I also had my youngest son in Dec, which is the start of rsv season. I waited to take him out longer, and I didn't take him out as often for that reason!
Avatar n tn I found out at 25 weeks with my son that I was low on amniotic fluid and a restriction in the umbilical cord. I had my son a 34 weeks. They admitted me 3 days before his birth for steroid injections and they did a level 2 us and no amniotic fluid. They did and emergency c section and my son was born 2lbs 14oz and he was not gray but he had lots of that white little hair but that fell out after a week.Good luck and if she isn't sure she should get a second opinion.