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765043 tn?1234583003 My son is 2 months. He has RSV. On top of that hehas pnemonia and Broncialitis. I am concerned. He has been on life support for a week exactly today. They have him on antibiotics for infection for phnemonia. ANd they say the rsv has to run it's course. But of course he is getting treatments. Such as pounding, suctionning after his IPV treatments. He had already been in the NICU after giving birth to him for 3 1/2 weeks. He had premaure lungs. 35 weeks old at birth. Jaundice. 1 apnea spell.
Avatar f tn Because jaundice can be a result of many different causes, the best thing to do is to have the baby evaluated by a pediatrician if the jaundice is persistent. Most of the time jaundice in a newborn will clear up on its own, but there are less common causes of jaundice that are a more serious underlying problem.
Avatar n tn you also might want to ask your cardiologist or primary doctor about if your little one should recieve the synagis vaccine. this is to help lesson the effects of RSV (this is a viral infection) most kids can fight it off, if they are healthy to begin with. i am not sure if your little one would qualify. I wouldn't see why not. this infection from what I was toldif it affects newborns who are premmeis have a heart condition, lung issues and a low immune system.
Avatar f tn Other causes of high bilirubin are sepsis,spherocytosis,G6PD deficiency,Pyruvate kinase deficiency, sickle cell disease,haemolytic disease of the newborn,hypothyroidism,Gilbert’s syndrome,Cephalhaematoma,Crijler Najar syndrome etc. It is very important to differentiate physiological jaundice from pathological jaundice.
Avatar f tn I bathed him everyday after his cord fell off (5 days old) and he ended up being hospitalized for RSV because he caught a chest cold and it progressed. I agree with bathing them once a week in a baby tub. You could always wipe them up in between with warm wipes!!
Avatar f tn Wow, have you had her evaluated for RSV? CJ was very similar as a newborn, turns out when we all went to get out flu shots when he was an infant, he picked up RSV, which is essentially a persistent cold in infants and generally only causes problems with preemies or otherwise immunosuppressed infants. His simply presented as a persistent slew of cold symptoms and a chronic productive cough. Anyway, it caused me a great deal of grief, though admittedly CJ seemed less bothered by it than I was.
Avatar f tn What a coincidence!
1395422 tn?1308016251 My son also had jaundice at birth. As he was in NICU for the first 5 days of his life, they had him under a bili light. I too was breastfeeding at that point, but they did have to give him formula as well. Once he came home I was able to go exclusive breastmilk. I know you don't like the idea of formula, I didn't either, but as Annie said, the extra liquids can be very important in jaundice.
Avatar f tn m looking for other preemie moms especially those with newborn preemies right now. Raising a preemie newborn compared to a full term newborn is so different and scary sometimes. Looking for a support system thru social media no matter where you live.
Avatar f tn Do all newborn babies have a slight bit of jaundice ? I hear they do. My baby boy has a slight tent of yellow. When I left the hospital they said he did but it should go away within the next few weeks if I keep him by a window with sunlight shining on him. The thing is, I live in the south. And we haven't had much sunlight. It's been raining everyday. I was also wondering if it has to be sunlight or it just has to be day time?
193988 tn?1215023883 m not sure if you are referring to yourself or in a newborn. In the newborn often there is very little preventive measures that can be taken. The key is to recognize it so therapy can be initiated if needed. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar n tn 10 week old - adm. with RSV..1 yr old - adm. with RSV...1 yr old - adm. with bronchitis..2 yr old - adm. with neumonia, then for colapsed lung, then for double pneumonia. Everytime it was between Nov. and Feb. Then, on Sat. Sept. 8th he developed a fever with no other symptoms. The fever lasted until Sun. evening. I started giving him albuteral and took him to the doctors on Mon.The doc said his lungs were clear and the fever gone but had ulcers in his mouth.
Avatar f tn I would like to know what the complications long term are for newborn dehydration caused by the mother''s milk not coming in for 4 days after birth and no water nor formula given between then and time the milk arrived. The infant got jaundice as a result and was hospitalized. I'd like to know long term injury to the newborn brain when dehydration occurs.
Avatar f tn My son was born Thursday and has Jaundice. I took him in for his newborn check up and his bilirubin numbers have increased. I am so scared idk what to do. The doctor wants to check his numbers again and I just don't see why they won't just go ahead and treat him instead of constantly checking him. I am about to have a panic attack I am so angry and confused. Any advice or encouraging words? What can I do to help my baby?
286141 tn?1253534050 It can lead to jaundice and hemolytic disease of the newborn, or it may be entirely without any consequence at all. I found a few references regarding miscarriage and anti-c. Your best bet is to discuss this with your obstetrician, who knows your complete medical history and can discuss the implications with you.
3588173 tn?1357317184 My LO got sick at 3wks with a terrible ccough he got from my 3yr old it was the most frightening thing ever. It was the mucous type n ever time he coughed he would gag so hard n stop breathing since he was so lil his pedi ccouldn't do nothing. We had to just let it run its course. I had baby vicks n vaporizer after a week n half it passed thank god but it was terrifying.
Avatar n tn mine had it as a newborn. doc will probably prescribe a nebulizer with albuterol.
220217 tn?1209679677 i did some reading on rsv these past few months for some reason...and ds had a bit of bronchitis when he was quite newborn still...and its all related to rsv so i asked his ped when we went and he said yup thats what it was but no one usually knows what i mean..ds was put on some syrup for it and it cleared up...its so scary though-he is much better..we have the choice for a vaccine here and i dont remember what its called..