Rsv in unborn babies

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Avatar n tn Its about your baby. Not only is it in your best interest but in your baby's as well. Not only can babies have low birth weight and breathing disorders it can effect them later in life as well. talk to your dr and get help to stop now.
Avatar n tn Nicotine passes directly through the placenta (like alcohol) and causes the umbilical cord to contract so the baby doesn't get as much blood through it. Hence smaller babies are more common - I don't think it's related to reduction in appetite- although that probably doesn't help either (That was my understanding- I may be wrong). Congrats on reducing down to so few cigarettes. You are doing great. Soon you'll have quit completely.Your goal is only 3 cigarettes away! Good Luck!
1524811 tn?1333244901 I ended up taking him to York Central and the doc immediately admitted him and diagnosed him with RSV which is a dangerous respiratory infection that can be fatal in infants--yet Southlake sent him home!!!! If you run into this again email me and ill drive you to York Central myself, not kidding. I hope babes ends up being ok after all this. Im just sickened at the thought of them letting your baby suffer like that. That's unreal! Really praying your little man is ok.
334776 tn?1249972181 Apparently the receptors in your brain respond massively to the smell of smoke, so if you are trying to quit and you smell cigarette smoke you will have huge cravings!!! So you're right, if you get rid of the smell you will definitely crave less. Even though I can't imagine smoking when pregnant, I'm lucky enough not to have a full addiction (very much social or boredom smoking) So it's easy for me not to smoke, my partner doesn't smoke (unless he's really drunk!!
Avatar n tn I also had an ablation about 2 years ago. I'm also trying to get all the info on this subject as possible. I am only 29 years old and i know in my heart I can't just give up. Since having my ablation in feb 2006. i am now starting to have the feeling of pms again and starting spotting. anyone with any info please keep writing. Your comments are giving us hope.
1294995 tn?1330666336 ) Carlis ~ I agree with you about being more upset when people are having multiples. In June, 2 friends of mine had babies - 3rd for one and 5th for the other!! I was happy for them, but sad for myself. Owl ~ so sorry to hear about your hard work seemingly going to waste. I cannot even imagine how discouraging that must be. Hoping this month ends on a happy note for you . . . Trying ~ how frustrating! Hopefully you hear something tomorrow! You could keep calling back . . .