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135456 tn?1301441224 Does anyone here feel pain and swelling in their liver 1 or 2 hours after taking their ribavirin dose. Can the ribavirin inflame your liver? Also , does anyone know if the "Commitment to Care " program provides ribavirin along with the peg or just the peg alone?
Avatar n tn PTL! But do.have any of you expperience withdrawal symptoms? I am still having arthritic type pain and headaches.
Avatar f tn I finished a year-long treatment of Pagasys and Ribavirin in 06/2008. It was successful! 18 months later however, I'm feeling little change from when I was taking the drugs. I'm having problems in many areas. I have chronic fatigue, "brain fog", short-term memory loss, rare but severe memory loss (like a blackout, during which I've had conversations, driven, walked, eaten), lack of focus, difficulty with spacial issues, tremors, acute joint pain, clumsiness and more.
8683847 tn?1410760916 "Curious what the Ribavirin addresses........" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C_virus "Hepatitis C virus (HCV or sometimes HVC) is a small (55–65 nm in size), enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus ." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA "RNA viruses have genomes composed of RNA that encodes a number of proteins.
Avatar m tn 16 Ribavirin The synthetic purine nucleoside Ribavirin rapidly enters eukaryotic cells and after intracellular phosphorylation exhibits virustatic activity against a broad spectrum of DNA and RNA viruses.25 Several studies have been conducted to evaluate ribavirin monotherapy in daily doses of 600-1,200 mg in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.26-28 While all trials consistently showed a decrease in aminotransferase levels, no virologic end-of-treatment responses were observed.
Avatar f tn Anemia The primary toxicity of Ribavirin is hemolytic anemia, which was observed in approximately 13% of all Ribavirin/peginterferon alfa-2a- treated subjects in clinical trials. Anemia associated with Ribavirin occurs within 1 to 2 weeks of initiation of therapy. Because the initial drop in hemoglobin may be significant, it is advised that hemoglobin or hematocrit be obtained pretreatment and at week 2 and week 4 of therapy or more frequently if clinically indicated.
233616 tn?1312790796 been a rollercoaster ride here since mother's day! As some of you may remember when I began tx I had a rather severe reaction to the Ribavirin. By severe I mean my whole body shaking and quivering uncontrollably, waking up with my whole abdomen quivering like a bowl of jello being shaken, and not being able to sleep for time spans as long as 3 days, and once five day with no sleep. The rash, mouth sores and dry eyeballs were the minor sides as far as I was concerned.
Avatar m tn The interferon leaves the system relatively quickly after treatment, I am told, but the evil Ribavirin can take as long as 6 months to clear out. I didn't get hives post treatment myself, but it does not seem unlikely as the poisons expell (the posion being Riba). If it is the Riba, I don't think topical allergy ointments will help. Are you still drinking plenty of water? I think that will do the best job of clearing the system.
Avatar m tn I've been off the meds for five days now (took my last Pegasys shot a week ago) and I swear I am feeling a riba withdrawal. I am tired continuously, much worse than when I was on the riba. Anyone else notice this? When does it clear up? I actually got a buzz from the ribavirin the first month or so of treatment, so maybe my body just had an unusual liking for the stuff? I feel worse now than when I was taking the pills.
Avatar f tn They suggested I see a different doctor in their county so I got online and actually found a doctor that treats Suboxone withdrawal. He prescribed me Clonodine, Trazadone, and Valium. After taking these medications my symptoms dropped by about 75 percent!!!! My suicidal aviations stopped. I was able to concentrate enough to watch TV which certainly helped the time go by quicker. I was able to relax and sleep which enabled my body to heal. It also helped prevent relapse.
Avatar n tn My best present this year is knowing that I have only 2 shots left in therapy. I couldn't be happier. I am on PegIntron Alpha 2-b along with Ribavirin. I am SO looking forward to feeling normal again but I'm worried about withdrawal from the meds. What type of withdrawal symptoms can I expect? How many weeks/months until I start feeling like my old self? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Indeed, the group receiving peginterferon 270 µg/week plus ribavirin 1600 mg/day had the highest withdrawal rate, the highest rate of grade 3/4 neutropenia, and the greatest use of growth factor support compared with the other treatment groups. However, the frequency of serious adverse events was similar across all 4 groups.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced or have input on withdrawal symptons from stopping effexor cold turkey or tapering off slowly. BTW I got a call from a branch of my insurance co. back east today telling me they didn't have enough info for the approval of my next 24 weeks of tx. I told them to talk to my Doc as I thought it was all taken care of and they didn't even have the docs name right so I gave info to them. Called nurse and she said didn't know anything about it.
Avatar m tn //www.ihelpc.com/ribavirin-riba-rage-with-hepatitis-c-treatment/ Excerpt It is always easier to look back at a situation. Ribavirin Riba rage with Hepatitis C Treatment is a good example. I can sit here calmly and write about it like it was just a phase I was going through. It was SO much more. I can tell stories that would curl your frizzy-falling-out hair, but this post will mostly be about how to deal with it. What you need while going through it is some tools to help you manage your life.
Avatar f tn I was on Sofosbuvir, Interferon (Pegasus), and Ribavirin. I have genotype 1. How long were you in the first trial? And just verifying that it was with SOC and Sofosbuvir 100 mg? I was in the first trial for maybe 6 weeks. I was the first patient to go zero virus but then on the next blood draw I was back to my starting levels. This makes me odd. According to my Doctor, the reason I can't find stats on cases like mine is because there are none. So yes, SOC and Sofosbuvir, probably 100mg.
Avatar n tn I took Ambien (still do) and while it didn't give me a full nights sleep an hour after I took it I could put my head on the pillow and zonk right out (and I was on TONS of ribavirin my serum level was extremely high). I seemed like most people to wake up after about 4 hours (even on the CR Ambien time release) but I could fall back asleep again. And again. And again. So I got some sleep. It did help.
823964 tn?1238830499 He is reluctant to put me on interferon/ribavirin therapy which would last 48 weeks, because of the risk of blindness from Graves Eye Disease. Although I have been euthyroid for four years, I was treated for hyperthyroidism from 2000-2002 with atenolol, tapizole and PTU, and currently have clinical evidence of mild Graves eye disease in one eye, demonstrated by lid retraction, and slight limitation of upward and outward gaze.
Avatar m tn i am 1 wk post tx w/pegasyss, ribapak, and victrellis, had most of common side effects during tx, now feel even worse. thought it was withdrawal at 1st but it shows now signs of letting up. has anybody else had this experience? its like being nuts and sick at the same time.
808544 tn?1248690019 The new drugs don't work on 3a,so you are pretty much restricted to interferon and ribavirin at this time. It is pretty certain that while you are UND on treatment there is little or no disease progression and possibly some reversal. 72 weeks is a big undertaking,but I don't see that you have an alternative. I am not an expert on 3a which I know has a tendency for relapse.
2046312 tn?1360383200 He pretty much told me that genotype 1a is the hardest to treat but that the good thing was my numbers were so low that I have a pretty good chance of getting rid of it. He mentioned me starting inferion shots once a week plus pills I would have to take every 8 hours. I'm not exactly positive but im sure it was incivick and boceprevir. He mentioned tons of side effects.
Avatar f tn Along with Interferon you would probably be taking Ribavirin (a pill), which also causes some side effects including upset stomach, possibly a rash, and adds to the fatigue. Again, side effects vary from person to person. In my husband's case, he had some slight nausea that was easily managed with another prescription and a mild rash that was easily managed with a prescription. Interferon and Ribavirin together are the old standard of care treatment for Hep C.
Avatar f tn But it's weird, seems like this last week is hitting me the hardest, I barely want to walk around (and I did have a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago so I'm not like most of you) What I wanted to know is, how long did most of you take to withdrawal from these drugs and feel better, to much better? From the boards I'm getting anywhere from 5 days to a few months.
233616 tn?1312790796 my doc told me it wasn't my withdrawal from helper drugs...3 specialists and umpteen tests later...yes, I'm more convinced than ever...especially since 3 or the drugs I was on for over 2 years and they ALL list tremors as part of their withdrawal profile, as well as the other issues with heart, joints that I am having. ergo I'm pretty convinced this is NOT INF after effects as much as all the benzo ssri type junk that while needful during tx is nevertheless he.ll to get off of.
Avatar f tn the important thing is that you are now undetectable and the peg and ribavirin will keep you there. In general in the vast majority of patients low counts do not lead to any infections. Dont sweat the small stuff, the big stuff is that the HCV is undetecable so keep it that way! Good luck!
823964 tn?1238830499 He is reluctant to put me on interferon/ribavirin therapy which would last 48 weeks, because of the risk of blindness from Graves Eye Disease. Although I have been euthyroid for four years, I was treated for hyperthyroidism from 2000-2002 with atenolol, tapizole and PTU, and currently have clinical evidence of mild Graves eye disease in one eye, demonstrated by lid retraction, and slight limitation of upward and outward gaze.
Avatar m tn I am still undetectable 6 months after completing my treatment with Sovaldi/Simeprevir/ribavirin. It's a strange feeling knowing that I am rid of this thing after about 20 years. I would kick up my heels, but having ruptured a disc in the last few months, I cannot. But I do it in spirit! Good luck to all on treatment currently, and to those about to start Harvoni or other meds!!
140622 tn?1190102529 so bad that I had to be hospitalized. So I stopped the Interferon/Ribavirin while I am in withdrawal which should be over in about 3 more weeks, that makes a month and a half I've been off TX. Has anyone else done this? p.s. I'm 1a and I'm a relapser. I am on for 72 weeks and I was in week 8 when I had to stop.
Avatar n tn here's the stuff I couldn't find yesterday: - the Schering REBETOL <a href="http://www.spfiles.com/pirebetol.pdf">medication guide</a> and - the 2002 NIH HepC treatment <a href="http://consensus.nih.gov/cons/116/hepatitis_c_consensus.pdf">consensus conference</a> statement. so rebetol=copegus=ribavirin=1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-1,2, 4-triazole-3-carboxamide, it's exactly the same drug.
Avatar f tn As they were told, you must remember that your body is still clearing those extremely powerful meds, so you are probably going through some withdrawal. I finished my Sol/Riba 12-1 and have already experienced an episode where I felt like I did during the 5th week of treatment . Thanks to heads ups, I am trying not to stress and just wait for the test - my Dr did EOT (will get the results the 17th) and then not until EOT Wk 12. As Dee said, drink your water.
Avatar m tn Enrollment Open for Phase III Trial of Daily Consensus Interferon (Infergen) Plus Ribavirin for HCV Treatment Nonresponders</a> <a href="http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/hep_c/news/2004/091004_a.html">Hepatitis C Recurrence Is More Severe After Living Donor Compared to Cadaveric Liver Transplantation</a> <a href="http://www.hcvadvocate.org/news/newsRev/2004/HJR-1.16.html#1">Host Genes and HCV</a> <a href="http://www.hcvadvocate.