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Avatar n tn Have you finished treatment which is usually 48 weeks for genotype 1's and 24 weeks for genotype 2's and 3's? You take ribavirin daily until you finish your treatment, regardless of blood results, unless instructed otherwise by your doctor. If on the other hand, you have already finished treatment -- it was unclear from your question -- then the ribavirn can stay in your system for up to six months although it should be pretty much out in a couple of months.
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever felt better while on treatment then before treatment. I know from what I read here a crazy quesiton. But I would swear that I felt better on Saturday (finishing week 7 of tx) then I have in a long time. Now I know the amazing weather and having a chance to be out side working on my garden, very very slowly, might have had something to do with it. anyway shot 8 tonight.
Avatar f tn Hi my first time on here I am starting my peg-intron an ribavirin on saturday. When I take the 4 pills in the morning how are the sides? I am suppose to work?
188500 tn?1207368551 I guess it depends on just how much Ribavirin your daily dosage is.....Mine is 1200 mg's..I was in great shape when I started tx,But i can say this during the loading phase my irritablity level went thru the roof..A fly would fart in Africa and I'd get PO'd.....The feeling was kinda like that of a car with the enigine reved to full throttle in gear but WITH THE BRAKES ON....constant tension..And Yes it affected my sleep greatly.....
4670047 tn?1375734001 I was just wondering how long some of you took the ribavirin after your last shot. I'm going to call the Dr. On Monday and ask. But I'm just a little anxious, my last shot is Mon. night. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I just have a question I hope you could answer. I start treatment next thursday. The good ol redipen I heard so many good things about and 1200 riba a day. From what I have read it takes a while for the riba to build up in your system. Should or has anyone started their riba before the first injection day? To get the level in your system up for the first inhection. Just curious what everyone else on the same treatment has done.
Avatar f tn What they don't tell you is that while the sx of interferon tend to leave quickly...a mo or so after treatment ends, the sx of ribavirin stay with you for at least six mos., although substantially decreased, and it may cause michtochondrial changes in your blood cells.....
476246 tn?1418874514 I know I'm posting terribly much today, but my brain is hyperactive and quite clear today, so I'm trying to use it while it lasts. Dosage Ribavirin 1000mg Considering that I have read that the sx of Riba can be agitating and might make it difficult for you to sleep, would it make sense to take it. Deb_c430 mentions on another thread, if I may quote, that if she takes her riba to late it does cause more agitation and sleeplessness.
Avatar m tn That trial was up to 48 weeks of Sovaldi + ribavirin treatment. Its purpose was to learn if transplant patients could safely treat there hep C with class A cirrhosis until the day of their transplant and not have recurring hep C post transplant. 64% of the people in our trial didn't experience recurring hep C after transplant. I ended treating for all 48 weeks but was unable to get a transplant in time before the virus can back one month after being undetectable for over 47 weeks.
Avatar f tn AST 51 ALT 26 and baseline 11,349,834. Prescription has been approved and starting treatment Monday. Sovaldi/Ribavirin 12 weeks. Being 61, a woman in menopause, and having a high baseline apparently lower my success rate, from what I have been reading, yet my weight is 133 lb. at 5'9" and have lived a very healthy lifestyle since being diagnosed. Any feed back is appreciated. I have anxiously awaited this day, yet now I am really quite nervous.
Avatar m tn If I miss an Interferon and Ribavirin treatment, will it cause negative reactions or interfere with results from the treatment?
Avatar f tn org/health_pages/Hepatitis/Members-Comment-on-Side-Effects-of-the-Treatment-Drugs-During--After-Treatment-/show/530?
5431819 tn?1367943946 Just started the treatment with 1 pill of Sovaldi a day and 1200 mg of Ribavirin each day, for Gino type 3, 24 week treatment. So far no side effects, felt kind of stoned for a few hrs at first, but now (day 3) I don't feel too much different :), my advise if someone else is starting this, drink lots of water, works for me...
Avatar m tn I started my first treatment with Solvadi and Ribavirin April 2014 for 12 weeks and the virus went undetected within 4 weeks. I was elated! It was still undetectable as of August 1 (6 weeks after completing treatment). At week 24 (final blood test) it was determined I had relapsed. I was devastated by that news. Especially since Genotype 2 is supposed to be the easiest to treat....I see my hepatologist next week to discuss how to proceed.
Avatar m tn Daklinza is the first NS5A complex inhibitor approved in the European Union (EU) and will be available for use in combination with other medicinal products, providing a shorter treatment duration (12 or 24 weeks) compared to 48 weeks of treatment with interferon- and ribavirin-based regimens. Today’s approval allows for the marketing of Daklinza in all 28 Member States of the EU.
Avatar f tn They told me that I could do the Pegasys/Ribavirin and be cured by July or to wait until August for when the new treatment is approved by my health insurance and be cured by October (by the way, I have genotype 2a). Me, being the type of person whom likes to take care of things immediately decided on the older treatment. I'm currently waiting on the call so they can FedEx me the medications.
Avatar m tn For anyone 65 yrs or older who started Interon/ribaviin treatment... Did you complete the treatment? Were side effect more pronounced? Would you do it again?
10318302 tn?1409260268 Ribavirin is definitely not a walk in the park but the combo of the two (Riba & Interferon) is definitely much worse. My husband tried triple treatment with Incivik and lasted only 5 weeks on it. It almost killed him. He just completed the Sovaldi & Ribavirin treatment for 24 weeks. (He's gt 1a). He definitely had a rough time because he has hepatic encephalopathy and it was worsened with treatment BUT the important thing is he made it through treatment.
Avatar m tn Solvaldi & Ribavirin could work together. Has anyone heard anything about this ? Also you can go to Web MD & qualify for a $ 5.00 Co-pay for a six month supply. This regiment, S& R is a 12 week program ! Gilead is giving to those that can't afford $ 1000.00 a pill . 12 week treatment for solvadi alone would be Eighty four thousand dollars !
Avatar n tn I am on treatment with PEGASYS & Ribavirin. I am genotype 1b in week 32 of 48. I began treatment with a viral load of 10,100,000 and went to 784 by week 4. Undetectable at week 12. When I started treatment I weighed 165 and was put on 1,000 mg/day of Ribavirin. At week 32 I weight 140 and my hemoglobin is at 9.9. My doctor wants me to lower my Ribavirin to 800 mg/day. I am hesitant in doing this. I do not want a viral breakthrough. What are your thoughts on reducing Ribavirin?
Avatar m tn My question is that would it be OK to start the ribavirin in low doses now so my body has time to get used to the 1000mg required when I start the Peg? I have already recieved my first month of meds.Thanks.
Avatar f tn com/hepatitis-c/hepatitis-c-topics/hcv-treatment/3583-easl-ribavirin-dose-reduction-and-epo-both-work-for-managing-anemia-in-patients- Reducing the dose of ribavirin and adding erythropoietin are both good options for managing anemia in hepatitis C patients treated with boceprevir (Victrelis) triple therapy, according to study findings presented at the 47th International Liver Congress (EASL 2012) this week in Barcelona.
Avatar f tn I'm in the Telaprevir trial in week 13, so I finished the Telaprevir (or placebo) this past Wednesday. A day or two before that my scalp started itching. Yesterday it spread to the point that I had the itchies on almost half my body. Then I noticed tiny bumps where it itched worst. I took Benadryl, which didn't make it totally go away but brought it under control. It's better today but not gone. Just took another Benadryl.
Avatar f tn 3 Pharmacokinetics The terminal half-life of ribavirin following administration of a single oral dose of ribavirin is about 120 to 170 hours. The total apparent clearance following administration of a single oral dose of ribavirin is about 26 L/h. There is extensive accumulation of ribavirin after multiple dosing (twice daily) such that the Cmax at steady state was four-fold higher than that of a single dose. http://kadmon.com/files/ribasphere-tablets-pi.
Avatar f tn Now I'm 54, last physical showed higher liver functions than normal, suggested to see specialist. More tests, one biopsy later I'm on treatment. Don't have all the numbers but viral load was 23,000,000 and biopsy showed inflammation and bridging fibrosis, (stage 3?). I'm on week 7 out of first 12, pegasys/1000 ribavirin. Doc won't do comprehensive tests to see if working until week 12, then if responding will do 48 weeks.
Avatar m tn Ribavirin in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Paul Martin; Donald M. Jensen Posted: 09/04/2008; "...Results: Ribavirin may be effective in treating CHC by affecting the virus or the host; for example by inducing viral mutations, blocking cellular enzymes, or affecting the host immune response. Although the pegylated interferons are the primary drugs used to treat CHC, a combination with ribavirin is more effective than pegylated interferon alone.
Avatar f tn I am starting triple treatment soon. I treated in 2008 and I took 1000 mg ribavirin a day and 180 ug of pegasys injection once per week – I reached UND at week 16, but stopped tx because I did not want to treat for 72 wks with low odds and I decided to wait for new PI. Now my (new) doctor is going to treat me with PI and wants to only give me 800 mg of ribavirin a day (I will be taking pegasys and incivek).
Avatar m tn While I was pretty religious about eating a high-fat food with my ribavirin, I lost weight though not much while on treatment. Once again, it's using some discretion as to what type of fat you include and how much.