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2114467 tn?1358213856 Not sure, mine are the little light blue ones from Three Rivers co, but I do know that my friend had been taking a larger white capsule for months, and then, last month, they switched him to the ones, like mine. When we compared notes, with other people, a few people had had their pharmacy switch Riba brands.
Avatar f tn The Pharmacist called and said that he is 100% sure that I am OK. I will also call Three Rivers tomorrow.....Obviously, if I don't respond to tx, I will always beleive it was because of this. Life is such a journey:-) Have to beleive it will be OK.
Avatar m tn ribasphere...by Three Rivers....I know it's working cause it makes me creepy crawly with every dose!! YEs got UND, not until 6 months though.
Avatar m tn December 5, 2005 Cranberry Township, PA Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC today announced that the U.S.
1309756 tn?1273627246 We listed the toll free numbers for assistance with hepc medications but if your father was on interferon and ribavirin previously and it did not help there really isn't anything else out yet that will cure hepatitic c. Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Infergen and Ribasphere. Infergen is consensus interferon and is administered as a daily injection. The side effects can be very difficult and the rate of cure is no greater.
Avatar n tn Three Rivers/Par (Ribasphere): $9.93/capsule (AWP) This is from 2004 and I'm sure the prices have gone up but it looks like Three Rivers and Sandoz are making generic ribavirin but it's still expensive. You should be able to work. The drugs effect everyone differently. I worked throughout my 72 wk treatment. Don't know much about the copay assistance program but here is a link specifically for copay assistance. https://cprpatients.patientadvocate.org/ Sandoz: $9.93/capsule (AWP; $5.
Avatar m tn http://www.drugs.com/newdrugs/three-rivers-pharmaceuticals-announces-fda-approval-expanded-labeling-infergen-2205.
Avatar n tn I have found no difference between Copegsys and the generic Ribavirin made by Three Rivers that I am now taking. They are equally yucky and both make me anemic. So go for the cheapest. Yep - you are right - this is a pricey treatment.
Avatar n tn Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals announces FDA Approval of Ribasphere(TM) (Ribavirin capsules) 200mg for the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Hey guys, I don't know how to paste hyperlinks, but go to yahoo news and type in hepatitis c and read for yourselves. Generic riba is available tomorrow.
Avatar n tn , Dec 05, 2005 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted final approval for its Ribasphere(R) (ribavirin, USP) Tablets 600 mg, 400 mg, and 200 mg in combination with interferon alfa-2a for the treatment of Hepatitis C ("HCV"). Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals and PAR Pharmaceuticals will be shipping product immediately.
Avatar n tn As most of you have heard by now, Three Rivers (in partnership with Par Pharmaceuticals) and Sandoz (formerly Geneva; a division of Novartis) received FDA approval to market generic ribavirin this week . The two companies will share 180-day marketing exclusivity (meaning no other generic competition for six months). Teva (a large generic manufacturer based in Israel) has also filed an ANDA for generic ribavirin.
Avatar f tn Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC), in combination with ribavirin, for retreatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) viral infection. The action was based on data from the United States–based Daily-Dose Consensus Interferon and Ribavirin: Efficacy of Combined Therapy clinical trial of nonresponders to prior pegylated interferon plus ribavirin therapy who were randomly assigned to receive active treatment or placebo for up to 48 weeks.
Avatar m tn ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN TEVA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 077456 AB No RIBAVIRIN TABLET; ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN THREE RIVERS PHARMS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 077094 AB No RIBAVIRIN TABLET; ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN ZYDUS PHARMS USA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 077456 No RIBAVIRIN TABLET; ORAL 400MG
364323 tn?1221856766 Funny, I was just looking at my bottle of Ribaviran and see that it's from Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals and the name is Ribasphere rahter than Rebetol or Copegus, wonder why! It does say Ribavirin Capsules under the name and then says 200 mg. My doctor says that it's weight based. I take 3 in the am and 2 in the pm, a total of 1000 mgs a day. The amount of Pegassist I take a week is 180 mg.
179856 tn?1333550962 FDA Approves Infergen Combo Therapy for Retreating HCV Information from Industry The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved an expanded indication for interferon alfacon-1 subcutaneous injection (Infergen; Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals, LLC), in combination with ribavirin, for retreatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) viral infection.
Avatar n tn I have one unopened bottle of Three Rivers Ribasphere, Ribavirin capsules, 180 capsules, 200mg each. I have another opened bottle of Three Rivers Ribasphere, Ribavirin which is only about a quarter used. I also have two inject able Neupogens which are unopened and are in my refrigerator. Does anybody have any ideas about how to put these meds to good use? Is there a way to donate them?
92903 tn?1309908311 Three Copegus in the morn', Three, Three-Rivers at night.
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Avatar f tn It is in a class of drugs known as nucleoside inhibitors RIBASPHERE® is Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals’ brand name for ribavirin Rebetol is Merck Pharmaceuticals name for ribivirin. Copegus is Roche Pharameceuticles (Genentech) brand name for ribavirin The sun sensitivity is a side effect associated with Olysio (semeprevir) The side effects associated wirh ribivirin per the prescription insert are primarily anemia and a high risk of birth defects.
Avatar f tn Below is some information regarding the IL28B (Interleukin 28B; interferon lambda3) genetic variations found on the human interferon gene on chromosome 19. Research indicates that these variations may be a predictor regarding the effectiveness of interferon treatments for Hep C. There are 3 variations of the IL28B genotypes: CC, CT, and TT.
Avatar f tn maybe this is what your'e taking? It comes in 400 and 600mg tablets. In my case, my brand of ribavirin was called "Copegus" and manufactured by Roache. Three Rivers is a newer, generic brand I believe.
Avatar n tn This is my 3rd tx. First was regular interferon 3 x per week plus 800 mg. ribavirin. The sides were rough. Second round was Pegintron at reduced dose and 800 mg. ribavirin and the sides were quite bad, maybe worse than the regular interferon. This time it's Pegasys at 180 mcg.(full dose) and 1000 mg. ribavirin and it has been fairly easy. I do have anemia and low platelets but I think that is typical of transplant recipients.
146021 tn?1237208487 Just to comment a little more on "hope, miracles, and prayer", I believe in all three and did all three on treatment with daily prayers. The point made in the other thread did not have to do with statistics versus hope but more on what battles make sense fighting and what battles may not. In the case of certain life-threatening cancers -- and I'll just use it as an example -- there is not choice. The battle must be engaged whatever the odds.
475555 tn?1469307939 All replies will be appreciated, and the one that is most helpful wins a free trip to Buenos Aires (by kayak and Moped) and three free tango lessons from yours truly (if I'm still above-ground). Hugs.