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Avatar n tn Often the ribavirin causes nausea for the first few weeks, but then fades. Make sure you take the ribavirin on a full stomach. I also use PPI's like prilosec, H2 blockers like Zantac and reglan(metoclopramide) which is much cheaper than Zofran.You can take them all together as well. The ribavirin also alters your taste for food and nothing tastes good either sometimes confusing the issue with nausea. Good luck!
Avatar f tn RISK OF SERIOUS DISORDERS AND RIBAVIRIN ASSOCIATED EFFECTS "Significant teratogenic and embryocidal effects have been demonstrated in all animal species exposed to ribavirin. Therefore, COPEGUS is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and in the male partners of women who are pregnant.
250701 tn?1320978365 Chronic cough/Pegylated interferon/ribavirin In HCV Therapy Posted by New HCV Drugs File Under Peginterferon, side effects The Cough and HCV Therapy; Is it the interferon or the ribavirin? What is new and Conclusion: Previous studies have observed that cough occurs more commonly in patients receiving the combination of interferon and ribavirin compared to interferon alone, thus implicating ribavirin as the causal agent.
Avatar f tn I have hep c genotype2. I'm taking ribavirin and interferon. I have developed a dry hacking and sometimes wheezing cough from the bronchial area of my chest. It's mostly non productive coughing. I notice that it becomes worse on the day that I do the interferon inj. Is there any safe otc or rx medicine I could take when it becomes more than I can take? They say I'm already at stage 4 cirrhosis, but need something to tame this thing. I've tried cough syrup...
Avatar m tn I am coughing badly as a result of the ribavirin. I was advised by dr to take hard candy (Ricola, Hals, etc) They do work and stop the cough for about 10 minutes, than scough tarts again. I do not want to eat one pound of candy per day. Other cough medication does not work. Anybody has any ideas, suggestions?
Avatar n tn My husband had been off ribavirin/interferon for two weeks and after a couple days of reduced coughing he is now back to the chronic cough he had during treatment. he did 16 weeks of treatment and then had to stop due to weight loss, coughing etc. He showed no viral load at 8 weeks and 12 weeks. Has anyone else experienced prolonged coughing after being off the drugs? During treatment he coughed while up but the coughing would stop when he laid down.
Avatar m tn Hi . I looked for this article in the Scienc Express , but could no find it on the site. Can anybody tell me if its true ? Texas scientists have discovered how the hepatitis C virus can disarm the body's defenses, allowing it to become a permanent occupant inside cells.
Avatar m tn I started tx in June. I was also concerned that I would mess up once again, my repair! The Ribavirin is what makes you cough. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot you can do about it. I had my cough throughout tx for 24 weeks. I used the albuterol inhaler that helped sometimes. Try sugar free candy since candy does help. Lots and lots and lots of water too! Try holding the incision site when you have a bad coughing spell. Sorry you are experiencing the horrid cough.
Avatar f tn Try Ginger -- raw/tea/pickled/ginger cookies/gingerale, etc. Some have great success with medical marijuna. A drug, "Zofran" is used by many chemo patients for nausea. Make sure you take your ribavirin with a good-size meal that has fat in it. Drink plenty of water but not with meals. The good news is that nausea usually goes away further into treatment. More here: http://www.chemocare.com/managing/nausea_vomiting__chemotherapy.
Avatar f tn My study nurse tells me that ribavirin can cause mucus flow down the throat. I use nasonex to help, you can also try and keep a sugar free lozenger of some type in your mouth or chew gum - all of these help me. The drive is there, not always the energy.
Avatar m tn My father is 51 years old now and in August 2008 had a heart attack,the doctor advised him to use lipitor,lowplat.mepresor and loprine, his ALT and AST count in november 2008 was 30 and 22 respectively, by the use of lipitor his ALT ans AST count raised to 2246 and 1280 ... clearly above normal... doctor advised him t leave the use of lipitor. my question t you is ... by leaving lipitor will the count decrease?? or what should be done??
Avatar m tn Doc adviced to stop interferon therapy..he has given in medication mosegar syrup,polybion forte syrup,and Silliver for one week. Actually my mother has hepa c,before interferon therapy doctor has done bone marrow biopsy test. Her blood is contineously dropped to 6 hb.doc tranfuse her 3 unit of blood.After that his bllod CP was 10.
158241 tn?1237723123 (2) Untreated anemia can also lead to significant ribavirin dose reductions which otherwise could be avoided through the use of EPO. This can especially lower odds of achieving SVR if the dose reduction is substantial and/or occurs early in treatment and/or occurs prior to viral clearance and/or results in outright dose interruptions. I know you didn't ask for opinions, but I think it's safe to say statements number #1 and #2 above are factual.
Avatar n tn Ribavirin can cause this type of a cough. I've had it but I didn't take anything for it. It went away after a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn or right before what ever day(s) you are off. 8. Never consume alcohol, even cough syrup with alcohol... it is that dangerous. No , I am not an alcohol nazi, alcohol , even in small amounts can damage a liver that is being used as a virus breeding ground. 9. Doses must never be missed. 10. Take a multi-vitamin w/o iron (check with doc on the iron) I know you probably know most of this but just in case someone is reading that is unaware. anyone care to add or take away from this list?
Avatar n tn Get some cough syrup w/dextromethorphan as the only active ingredient. Robitussin has one that is strongly honeyed, sickeningly sweet, but it is a great cough suppressant, and it is w/o alcohol. Delsym is another brand; it has a 12-hour formulation, so you - and your housemates - get a good night. There may be drug-store brands; I have not found one. DM is a cough suppressant. Guafenesin is an expectorant; if you have phlegm, this ingredient loosens it and helps bring it up.
Avatar n tn You should try and take the Peg shot the day it is scheduled. Ribavirin, however has a very long half-life, so the trick really is just to get your daily dose in whenever you can. I was told by two NP's, one doctor and one riba researcher that the timing of the ribavirin didn't matter as long as you get the proper dose down the hatch every day. Personally, I take my ribavirin with my two largest meals, which some studies suggest helps with riba absorption.
Avatar n tn I got some cough syrup with codeine from my PCP and that helped stop the nagging dry cough. My hgb got down to 9.4, my wbc to 1.9 and ANC 0.6 before they put me on Procrit and Neupogen. I was extremely out of breath, dizzy, falling down and bumping into things. People react differently to low blood counts, but thats how it affected me. I was at 13 for a normal hgb, so that was a 4 point loss.
Avatar m tn Cirrhosis confirmed. Hepatic encephalopathy confirmed. Doc offered interferon, ribavirin+oral-only this January but is pessimistic because I developed retinal hemorrhaging on Infergen 7 years ago. No treatment since. Doc wants to evaluate outcomes of clinical trials on PI's only and treat me next fall.
Avatar f tn i am 23 and i was born with hepatitis (from my mother, obviously). but i went through the pegasys and ribavirin when i was 13 and it was ok. i just remember being somewhat tired, thinning of hair, weight loss but i was loosing too much weight and nothing was changing so i was taken off the medicine. im thankful to say today that in in the Incivek treatment and im excited! i really hoping for great things. im nervous as well too...
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Avatar f tn I love that they have the pro-click Pegasys now....pain and stress free shot. Not like the Procrit...ouch that medicine is thick as syrup and hurts going in! Thanks for allowing me to join up!
Avatar n tn He is post transplant with cirrhosis due to recurrent Hep C and bile duct problems. He has been on Sovaldi/Ribavirin for 8 1/2 weeks. He is now undetected for the Hep C virus and also very importantly, all his lab work shows improvement showing that his liver is healing itself. This is preventing further decompensation. So based on his experience, if you do have symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis like my husband, my advice is to see an experienced hepatologist asap. Good luck!
Avatar n tn He warned me, and I have read in many other places, that aspirin can interfere with platelet production, esp combined with interferon and ribavirin. Please make sure your platelets are good and that your Hep specialist is aware you are taking it. Tyelenol does nothing for me, so with my doc's advise I take ibuprofen, not to exceed 1200 mg in a day (I weigh 120#) Hollismom, It certainly sounds like tx threw everything it had at you in short order.
Avatar m tn //www.hivandhepatitis.com/hep_c/news/2011/0125_2010_b.
Avatar f tn Both Interferon and Ribavirin are water soluable. So yes you can drink too much water. Heres what Martin Bolton has to say about drinking Water. You will probably read elsewhere that patients on treatment should drink plenty of fluids. This is questionable advice. It is well known that treatment tends to cause dehydration, and hence requires extra fluid intake. However, excessive fluid intake will stimulate clearance of Interferon by the kidneys, and reduce its effectiveness.
Avatar m tn Hi I am starting treatment for Hep c 12 weeks with Sovaldi and Ribavirin tomorrow. Was wondering what to expect. Is there anyone who can tell me what their experienced have been?
Avatar n tn quads now, cane syrup, high fructose corn syrup, maple syrup, sucrose, give anything ending in "ose"! I had my milk shake for lunch. we will need a special post tx diet group for sure, should I start worrying or buying larger post tx clothes sizes?
250084 tn?1303311035 No, that's not what I was saying. I was saying that ribavirin doesn't severely impact the blood glucose levels that you'd get with a finger stick testing or when you get fasting glucose levels at the lab. I think finger stick testing when done with an accurate meter are sufficiently accurate and reliable. Hemolytic anemia does, however, impact HbA1c levels so those readings can be, and often are, inaccurately low.
Avatar m tn He is Genotype 3. Currently Genotype 3 is treated with Interferon and Ribavirin. There are some articles linking Hep C to Depression. Depression is more common in people with Hep C, but there could be several reasons for that. "3. Biological Result of HCV – This theory describes the potential for the Hepatitis C virus to negatively affect the central nervous system bringing about depression.