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Avatar m tn http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribavirin Pharmacokinetics Ribavirin is absorbed from the GI tract probably by nucleoside transporters. Absorption is about 45%, and this is modestly increased (to about 75%) by a fatty meal. Once in the plasma, ribavirin is transported through the cell membrane also by nucleoside transporters. Ribavirin is widely distributed in all tissues, including the CSF and brain.
Avatar f tn ok - upon reading the actual study, it seems to me that what they are saying is that when people are effected with anemia to the point that their ribavirin has to be reduced in order to complete the treatment, this is a good indication that the ribavirin is working as it is supposed to and those patients who had that level of anemia attained SVR more often DESPITE the reduction by up to 50% of the riba. http://content.nejm.
1838299 tn?1403496143 Is anyone on or finshed tx with Sovaldi + ribavirin + interferon for 12 weeks? I am curious about how many people are still treating with interferon cause i will be starting it in October. Plus, how were the side effects and did any SRV? I am tx naive. .
Avatar m tn My concern with the antacids is that they might intefere with ribavirin absorption. Very little in the literature conclusive one way or the other. Wondering if any of you also take antacids and if you take them right after meals with your riba, or if you try to time the antacids a few hours before or after the riba.
Avatar n tn How important is it to be taking a full ribavirin dosage late in treatment? I am male, 39yrs, 140lb, genotype 1a, in week 34 of peg-intron+riba treatment. I started tx with a viral load of 3,000,000IU/m. Viral load tests were undetectable at 12 and 24 weeks (yay!). However, I have not been tolerating the ribavirin very well - anemia, fatigue, the usual... My starting riba dosage was 800mg/day, but I have been at that dosage for only a total of 8 weeks (out of 34 weeks so far).
Avatar m tn Used for standard HCV combination therapy, ribavirin is known to be toxic to mitochondria. Ribavirin is a nucleoside analog drug, a class of medications particularly likely to cause mitochondrial damage." http://www.hepatitis-central.com/mt/archives/2009/01/hepatitis_c_fat.html However, that is not to dispute your observation that INF causes fatigue as well. The combined effect of both might be the reason that chronic fatigue is so common and persistent after tx.
Avatar f tn I take ribavirin twice a day. I just cannot remember if I took tonight's dose or not. Is it better to: 1. take a dose (which may mean I had a double dose), or 2. just assume I did take it (which may mean I totally miss a dose). Main anxiety is I have VERY low platelet count and am monitored weekly to ensure it doesn't drop at all (it's borderline). And I THINK that part of what the ribavirin does is to counteract the interferon's thinning of the blood. It is 10.
Avatar m tn Riba is done for now and your b/f is on INF monotherapy until ribavirin resumes. A one week dosage reduction of ribavirin at this stage is considered manageable (although reduction is different than complete stoppage). I'd want to know how soon the doctor will resume ribavirin after the transfusion. Your boyfriend's RVR is in his favour. Good luck.
8683847 tn?1410760916 "Curious what the Ribavirin addresses........" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C_virus "Hepatitis C virus (HCV or sometimes HVC) is a small (55–65 nm in size), enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus ." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA "RNA viruses have genomes composed of RNA that encodes a number of proteins.
Avatar m tn 16 Ribavirin The synthetic purine nucleoside Ribavirin rapidly enters eukaryotic cells and after intracellular phosphorylation exhibits virustatic activity against a broad spectrum of DNA and RNA viruses.25 Several studies have been conducted to evaluate ribavirin monotherapy in daily doses of 600-1,200 mg in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.26-28 While all trials consistently showed a decrease in aminotransferase levels, no virologic end-of-treatment responses were observed.
Avatar f tn therapy and my dr is putting me on Peginterferon alfa-2b/Ribavirin/Victrelis and I will start in the next 2-4 weeks. I'm scared and excited! I really wanted to ask what kind of side effects everyone(not sure how many people are on Victrelis instead of Incivek) is having so I can prepare myself. Also if there is anything anyone would reccommend I do b4, during or after treatment, I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice:) Thank you!!
Avatar f tn If ribavirin dose reductions are inadequate, discontinuation of INCIVEK should be considered. If ribavirin is permanently discontinued for the management of anemia, INCIVEK must also be permanently discontinued. Ribavirin may be restarted per the dosing modification guidelines for ribavirin. The dose of INCIVEK must not be reduced and INCIVEK must not be restarted if discontinued.
1649323 tn?1301461313 Me and my wife have now decided not to take homeo medicines(I don't know what medicine doctor was giving to us). The treatment of interferons and ribavirin are with too much side effects as well as expensive. Now i clearly do not know what to do.
Avatar m tn You started two days before your shot? I'm not sure how many people on here have just taken those two drugs who might be able to share. It actually takes a while to find the side effects of oral Ribavarin that's not the inhalation route or listings that are not lumped together with peginterferon or interferon: http://www.webmd.com/drugs/mono-2279-RIBAVIRIN+CAPSULE+-+ORAL.aspx?
1635208 tn?1300810760 6 Clinical studies have shown that when subjects with HCV genotype 1a have this polymorphism at baseline, the efficacy of simeprevir in combination with PEG and ribavirin is substantially reduced.6 Consequently, alternative therapy should be considered for such patients.6 http://education.questdiagnostics.
Avatar f tn I think that if you make it all the way through with Telaprevir/ribavirin/interferon for either 8 or 12 weeks and then ribavirin/interferon for the rest, up to the total of 24 weeks, odds of cure are probably more like 85% to 90%. BUT, if you don't tolerate the treatment well, you'll need to have a plan B. Your plan B will depend on what aspect of treatment turns out to be the problem.
1309756 tn?1273627246 We have tried the drug companys medicare and free clinics. No help from any. If anyone knows any oter route we could attempt please let me know.
2090601 tn?1334518662 I think my tx nurses were almost hoping I'd go that route; that 7977 has been incredibly successful! I would not have been concerned at all. What are the circumstances, did you not go und or are your platelets too low? Or?
87972 tn?1322664839 Bill, Be VERY careful with the riba increase -- very few doctors/patients in this country have any experience in this area. I'm one of those that has. In a nutshell. After reading about the Swedish very high ribavin study, I convinced my doc to increase my riba from 1200mg to 2000 mg/day. Within two weeks I ended up in the ER dehydrated and with anemia. Had to go off riba for a week and now I'm bsck on normal dose.
412832 tn?1219078945 2) My doctor prescribed Copegus, but the pharmacy sent generic ribavirin -- he said that was fine... Any feedback to the contrary? 3) Do you have strict ribavirin-taking schedules? I calculated that the doses should be taken 12 hours apart for maximum coverage... Sometimes it's difficult to take at these times because I just don't feel like eating (i.e. take with food...) 4) Which has more pronounced side effects, the interferon or the ribavirin?
Avatar n tn Just as you and sean recommended, I asked my doctor about that, and she simply said NO. Do not take ribavirin without the Pegasys. The ribavirin does not kill the virus, but just as you said, it merely makes it weak and susecptible to the Pegasys. She said, exctly as you and sean said, that the ribavirin causes the virus to mutate, and to take it without the Pegasys to then kill the weakened virus is dangerous ...
Avatar n tn I am a non responder to interferon/ribavirin treatment and last year my vasculitis went from an occasional issue to a chronic problem. I am now on prednisone and imuran. I have been offered a trial of Rituximab but I've read so much about the potential deadly side effects I am afraid of embarking on this route. I'd like to hear information about this from anyone able to comment. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Have you been prescribed the Sol with Riba? The usual treatment is Sovaldi with Ribavirin for 24 weeks for those of us who are Gt 3. We are, ( or were, I think! Waiting for my 24 EOT Labs, but was undetected at 12 Weeks EOT), the hardest genotype to cure, so they protocol is 24 weeks! Just do it. It goes quickly and is so worth doing. One reason is that if Gt 3s relapse, the only alternative, right now, is Sol/ Riba and Peg INF 1 shot weekly, for 12 weeks.
Avatar f tn , I have been approved for new drug by Gilead (came out after Harvoni). My doctor didn't want me to go the Harvoni route. I did ask about it. Since i am non-cirrhotic and have resistance issues, and I am a treatment failure patient.., all these things made me be a good candidate for Vosevi. NO RIBAVIRIN. and NO INTERFERON. Very glad about that. 3 drugs in one pill, once a day for 12 weeks.
Avatar f tn The standard course of therapy for genotype 2 or 3 is pegylated interferon plus ribavirin for 24 weeks, increasing to 48 weeks for hard-to-treat genotype 1. Genotypes 2 and 3 also have a response rate of 70%-80% in most studies, If you don't have advanced liver disease (you will need a biopsy to know) there should be treatment within the next year, for people that haven't treated before, the cure rate is 90% or better. This is using Gilead's Sofosbuvir plus Ribavirin.
Avatar f tn It's simply completing the last week of treatment on *full dose riba* as each week starts with an injection followed by six days of ribavirin. Tapering ribavirin would be to decrease the daily dose of ribavirin from full dose to progressively smaller increments, until eventually stopped.
Avatar m tn EASL 2013: Sofosbuvir + Interferon/Ribavirin Cures 90% of People with Hard-to-Treat HCV Genotypes Published on Friday, 03 May 2013 00:00 Written by Liz Highleyman Adding the second-generation HCV polymerase inhibitor sofosbuvir (formerly GS-7977) to pegylated interferon plus ribavirin led to a sustained response rate of 89% for treatment-naive patients with HCV genotype 1 in the NEUTRINO study, researchers reported at the EASL International Liver Congress(EASL 2013) last week in Amsterdam.
Avatar f tn First time was monotherapy with 3 shots of intervon a week as that was all there was I think about 1995 the first time I treated. Later it was interferon and ribavirin and then one more with interferon ribavirin and a trial drug all with no success. I was a total non responder my viral load never decreased at all. I was diagnosed with cirrhosis Jan 2008.
Avatar n tn I really believe that failure to reach SVR is often due to reduced doses of interferon and/or ribavirin and perhaps that decreased ribavirin is the more significant of the two because of the frequency of anemia and the inclination to reduce dose. I also believe that extended tx is critical for many type 1s. I cleared and relapsed after 48 weeks of tx though I didn't clear as early as I would have liked and was on 800 mg. ribavirin throughout. The last time I did 1000 mg.
1761834 tn?1315841426 htm After 8 weeks on EPO, patients were on average taking 940 mg/day of ribavirin vs patients not receiving EPO who were taking on average 857 mg/day of ribavirin. This data finds that patients were able to maintain ribavirin dose rather than decreasing dose due to anemia. Study investigators reported that patients taking EPO reported improved quality of life as measured by physical, mental, vitality, and mental health parameters.