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Avatar n tn Hey guys! Happy New Year! My meds are from Roche. It is a pre-filled syringe and four of them in a box. Is that the same thing as a Redipen that many of you have posted about? I just read a post about the ribavarin pills. Some big....some capsules....mine are pills pinkish/coral in color. These are ribavarin......right? It wouldn't surprise me to be dispensed something else. Just making sure.....I guess now I am getting that antsy feeling. As always thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn The way that I understand it is that I'll complete the rest of my 48 weeks through Roche on the Pegasys and Ribavirin with the Pegasys being unblinded. We have not known the dosage of Pegasys throughout the study so far, we will know now. I don't believe that Roche is done with the Study. They're just done with the drug itself. So no, we probably won't find out which arm we have been on until the study is complete and we have finished the full tx.
Avatar f tn The only thing that would have kept me out of the trial was if they played with the ribavirin. I wanted weight-based or close to it ribavirin and that would have been the area I wouldn't have compromised on. They have to find the dosage configuration with the best efficacy and I guess this is how they have to do it. You say we get all the pain, but what motivated me to go into this trial was a shot at a drug I wouldn't have access to any other way that increased my cure rate significantly.
Avatar n tn a PHASE 2 trial is getting underway that will add PEG+RIB to the mix. Has anyone been involved in the r1626 trials or know where I can get more information? Roche does not publish much information about it on their website.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of any programs that offer assistance with the coverage gap (donut hole) for people on Medicare? I have been preapproved for Pegasys and Ribavirin but my Medicare Prescription Drug Plan through United Health Care has a $4,550.00 coverage gap and then 5% of the total drug cost approx $9200.00 a year. The plan starts anew Jan 1st of each year so I’m looking at a copayment in the excess of $18,400.00.
979080 tn?1323437239 those sexy pink ones... have admit they are becoming more tempting. time for me to do shot#10 if I only could remember which leg I injected last....
194650 tn?1197865346 Some asked before if needed during the course of this study are rescue drugs available. Yes. Roche will cover any medical situations that might occur due to the sx of the study drugs including hospitalization, transfusions, and rescue drugs. My blood is monitored very carefully, weekly blood draws for first month, then twice a month for 6 weeks, and finally once a month for the duration. total 48 weeks I will keep you updated as the study progresses.
Avatar n tn If they have, they'll probably describe the packaging. If all that checks, and yours are 200 mg Ribavirin, don't worry about it. I hope it's less expensive! Rebetol capsules (SP) have been going for about $10 each, and Copegus (Hoffmann La Roche) for about $6.75; Fischer Pharmacy has been able to sell Ribavirin for around $1.25 per pill. Obviously competition is good for prices.
1205205 tn?1272398083 Hi Kat, So your niece was ticked off and chose the most expensive bottle of pills in the house to throw? Lucky it wasn't the peg! When it comes to ribavirin, my specialist pharmacist for Roche acted like anything pretty much goes, shake-it-up-wise or temperature-wise. Warning to your niece, though, he said it's super-important to not shake the interferon!
Avatar m tn Roche Driving PROGRESS in Treatment of Hepatitis C Patients with New PEGASYS(R) Trial see: http://www.genengnews.com/news/bnitem.aspx?name=14232112 "However, patients with high levels of genotype 1 virus in their blood and who also are overweight tend not to respond as well to current antiviral therapy regimens.
Avatar n tn She wrote me a my first prescription for a one month supply of Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) and another for a one month supply of Rebetol (ribavirin). This question regards the cost of these meds. Please let me know if the amounts I paid are in line with what y'all are paying. I filled the prescriptions at the pharmacy of the University Hospital here in Seattle. My experience is that they generally have the best prices on meds in the area.
Avatar m tn Having no immune system post tx must make us vulnerable to relapse. I'm on the Roche Polymerase Inhibitor Trial in Australia, which is a worldwide trial with many US based participants as well. I talk regularly to others on the trial in hepatitis social. This is a great site for support and education so stick around. Gods speed my friend. Sorry bout the rave.
135456 tn?1301441224 Have you had previous experience with 1600 mg/day of ribavirin? If not, you might start sooner and titer up more gradually to make sure that you can handle the dose. Keep in mind that it can take 1-3 weeks for a change in ribavirin dose to be reflected in your hemoglobin. Also, and again based on your previous treatment experience, consider Procrit (epo) coincidental with the riba pre-dosing for same reasons.
233616 tn?1312790796 Thirty minutes later, they were administered a single 600-mg oral dose of ribavirin (Copegus, Roche Pharmaceutical, Nutley, New Jersey) in the form of 3 film-coated tablets with 240 mL of water. No meal was allowed until 4 hours after the dosing. Based on the published elimination half-life of ribavirin following single oral dose administration of 120 to 170 hours, a 4-week washout period was inserted between the period 1 and period 2.
1547916 tn?1294284211 For a first-time treatment, you should expect 800-1000 mg of ribavirin (dose over 160 lbs/76 kg)/ day and 100 mcg of peglated interferon. The shots come in tiny needled-preloaded syringes that you can administer to yourself once/week. The average USA cost for me was about $1200/month for the meds. You may try contacting Roche as sometimes they can supply discounted or free meds, depending on your situation.
26471 tn?1211940121 There is growing evidence that ribavirin may play an important role in the early phase of treatment. This info has not yet been announced on InterMune's website, and probably won't be for a while. I'm hoping I'll also find out recruitment info early too, so I'm building a list of people who have not responded to PEG who may be interested in participating in this trial. You can get the details at: http://www.mkandrew.
1547916 tn?1294284211 here in the States, the cost for 24 weeks pegylated interferon/ribavirin, if purchased by cash out of pocket would cost (roughly) USD $14,000. (AUD $13,675). The interferon requires refrigeration; it is shipped overnight in cold-pack cooler containers.
Avatar m tn In fact, the Copeg by Roche comes in as the cheapest at $6.11 per pill -- whereas even the generics are $9.11 per pill (Rebotol is about $11 per pill). So then, why is it, since I decided to continue with the Copeg instead of the generic, I am paying $45 per month for my copay but would be paying $15 per month for my copay if I would accept the generic. Something is wrong with this picture...
Avatar n tn I know someone who participated in een drug-test for the combination of peginterferon alfa-2a en ribavirin in 2000. the test was supervised and conducted by a well-reputed clinic and sponsored by Roche Pharma. this person claims she reacted badly and has poly-neuropathy, as a direct result of these injections. does anyone of you have similar stories or facts?
173930 tn?1196341998 Prediction of sustained virological response in chronic hepatitis C patients treated with peginterferon alfa-2a (40KD) and ribavirin. Foster GR, Fried MW, Hadziyannis SJ, Messinger D, Freivogel K, Weiland O. The Royal London Hospital. London. UK. Objective. Patient- and virus-related factors influence the response of patients with chronic hepatitis C to interferon-based therapy.
Avatar n tn I am in the DR, and they give me the ribavirn free with the Pegasys (for which I pay ~$311 a week), but it is not Roche "Copegus" nor Schering "Rebetron", but called "Trivorin" by Lemery, a Pharmaceutical company out of Mexico. I suppose it's good, but I was undetectable at 10 weeks (am at 19 now). Anyone using this, or heard of it?
Avatar n tn I was wondering whether anyone had received cautions from their physician about possible carcinogeneic effects of ribavirin. The Roche/Rebetol docs do note that it is mutagenenic and "should be considered a potential carcinogen" and recent research on its effectiveness against hcv indicates that at least one of the mechanisms is via mutagenesis ("Ribavirin's antiviral mechanism of action:lethal mutagenesis?", J. Mol. Med 80:86, 2002 on pubmed).
Avatar n tn He has already been on three courses of antibiotics, which clear up the infection temporarily and then he gets another one. The new info from Roche says that airway infections are a possible side effect. He is so determined to finish this course of Tx, since it is his 2nd time on interferon. He has told the nurse that he sees each month but she appears to be unaware that this is a possible side effect. Has anyone else encountered similar prolems with coughs and infestions?
Avatar f tn Came across this article Came across this article that highlights how ribavirin is absorbed into the body - we talk about taking our riba with a high-fat meal, I was interested to note the actual findings on it and wanted to share this. This article covers other things but this was of particular note to me. http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?
Avatar n tn ■Abilify® - Otsuka America (aripiprazole) Tablets ■Ambien® - Sanofi-Synthelabo (zolpidem tartrate) ■Abilify® - Bristol-Myers Squibb (aripiprazole) Tablets ■Cogentin® Injection - Merck (Benztropine Mesylate) ■Copaxone® - Teva Neuroscience (glatiramer acetate injection) ■Copaxone® tablets - Roche Laboratories (ribavirin, USP) ■Copegus® tablets - Roche Laboratories (ribavirin, USP) ■Cozaar® tablets - Merck (losartan potassium tablets) ■Eldepryl® capsules (Somerset) (SELEGILINE HYDROCHLORIDE) ■E
Avatar f tn Product Name Hepatitis Type Parent Company Assistance Program Contact Information Infergen (interferon alfacon-1) Hepatitis C InterMune 888-696-8036 Intron A (interferon alfa-2b) Hepatitis B Hepatitis C Schering Commitment to Care 800-521-7157 Rebetron (interferon alfa-2b and ribavirin) Hepatitis C Schering Commitment to Care 800-521-7157 PEG-Intron (peginterferon alfa-2b) Hepatitis C Schering Commitment to Care 800-521-7157 PEG-Intron / Rebetol Combination (peginterferon alfa-2b + rib
Avatar f tn These meds are through Roche. Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a) and Copegus (ribavirin) which is Roche and Pegintron (peginterferon alfa-2b) and Rebetol (ribavirin) which is Schering-Plough. Both are considered the current SOC.
Avatar n tn This trial by Roche is just experimenting with dosages of Pegasys and Ribavirin so you would be getting the normal approved treatment if you went into a dr's office today. Those interested in the trial can find more information at www.roche-trials.com. "NUTLEY, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 2007 Roche today announced the start of a large, multinational trial to examine a new treatment strategy in hepatitis C patients with difficult-to-treat characteristics.