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Avatar f tn Now my (new) doctor is going to treat me with PI and wants to only give me 800 mg of ribavirin a day (I will be taking pegasys and incivek). The new doctor said I get 800 mg of riba because I weigh 115 lbs, but that was what I weighed in 2008 when I was prescribed the 1000 mg of riba per day. New doctor mentioned I will get Riba-Pack which I did not have the last time. I have some ribavirin left over….
Avatar m tn High Ribavirin? I am thinking about trying tx in a clinical trial with high riba. (about two times normal). It seems like a lot of people here who did clear with SOC had more side effects than those who did not clear. I had few side effects but also did not clear. Maybe its the riba I thought jmjm530 cleared using lots of Riba? Anyone else do this or have thoughts?
475555 tn?1469307939 Re TMC435, if you are referring to trial NCT00882908, I looked it over and was put off. There are so many arms, many without the PI (or with partial PI), that I didn't like it. Plus it's only a Phase II trial, and the results of previous trials are not in yet, I don't t think. Also, Argentina is not listed as a trial site, and I wouldn't go back to the States for this trial. But maybe you are thinking of a different trial?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if the insurance companies (my insurance is Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield) will pay for these two blood tests? Any ideas on whether PI Teleprevir or Boceprevir is more effective? Appreciate your comments and thoughts. Thanks.
7510956 tn?1411675017 A total of 179 GT1b treatment-experienced patients with no evidence of liver cirrhosis were included in the trial, of which 91 were randomised to the regimen without ribavirin for 12 weeks, and 88 were randomised to the regimen plus ribavirin for 12 weeks. In the ribavirin-free arm, 100% (n=91/91) of patients achieved SVR12, while 97% (n=85/88) achieved SVR12 in the ribavirin-containing arm.
338734 tn?1377163768 aspx) reminding physicians that neither drug can be used as a single agent but only in combination with pegylated interferon and ribavirin. Used alone, these drugs are not effective and can cause antiviral-resistant mutants that may be more difficult to treat. The AASLD also reminds physicians that the new therapies are only approved for use in patients with HCV genotype 1 and are NOT APPROVED FOR USE IN POST-TRANSPLANT PATIENTS WITH RECURRENT HCV, patients coinfected with HIV/HCV or children.
223152 tn?1346981971 Whether you agree or not with pre-dosing, the fact that the PI's work together with interferon and ribavirin is not "old school". Dosage reductions earlier than later with interferon/ribavirin in PI triple therapy result in somewhat lower SVR rates. So clearly the effectiveness of inteferon/ribavirin matters in conjunction with a PI or else it would be PI monotherapy and it's not.
Avatar m tn hi viaduk In my opinion adding a PI later in tx would make all the difference in the world.....The issue is,,, not being able to treat with them at the risk of it altering the virus and not being able to run SOC w/ a PI again...... What needs to happen in order for a relapse to occur? The virus needs to relplicate, am I right? By adding in a Protease Inhibitor regardless of when added in will ensure relplication doesn't happen, thus reducing the chance of relapse, correct?
Avatar f tn Bear in mind that it is your right to drop out of the trial at any time if you believe that your tx needs can no longer be met within the trial protocol, for instance if you should need rescue drugs or wish to increase your interferon or ribavirin dose. I'm not recommending you do this, heavens no, but it is your right.
Avatar m tn This isn't adding a drug that has never been used with the PI's before so you're not introducing a wildcard here, you're taking something that already has an established integral relationship with a PI throughout many many trials. Pre-dosing ribavirin is ribavirin mono-therapy for X number of weeks in the hope that when you take your first INF injection, the ribavirin is already at maximum synergistic capability.
1225178 tn?1318984204 HCV treatment with alpha-interferon and ribavirin is available but is often not effective. Also, liver damage progresses slowly if at all in many people with HCV. However, once the PCT is in remission it is important to assess the amount of liver damage the virus has already caused and to have follow-up visits to a doctor to monitor the liver. In some cases it may be important to treat HCV infection to try and prevent progressive liver damage.
980756 tn?1313449508 just want some opinions and would be appreciated as to should i wait for new PI or try SOC....and a big thanks to Newleaf here shes been a great support to me and really appreciate her.
Avatar m tn I am approaching treatment in this way because it may increase my odds, and I am unsure if I can wait for PI release 6/11 or later before I decompensate. The alinia recommendation is to take it with food for better absorbtion. Thank you for taking the time to reply Kittyface--Thanks for sharing your experience. What genotype were you? I think that I will start off with your approach, as it makes compliance easier and both tela and alinia benefit from food/fat for absorption.
493068 tn?1224768915 I completed the 48 weeksof Peg Interferon and Ribavirin Feb 2006 and have never been the same. I cleared the virus so far and feel very positive about this. I have never felt this sick and weak before the treatment. I have memory problems,weakness-fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, severe facial and ocular Rosacea, depression panic attacks. I was very active before treatment going to yoga and work.
233616 tn?1312790796 In comparison with corresponding plasma values of ribavirin following a high-purine meal, Cmax, AUC0-144 and AUC0-∞ of ribavirin following a low-purine meal were 136% (90% confidence internal [CI]: 120%-155%), 134% (90% CI: 118%-153%), and 139% (90% CI: 120%-159%), respectively. This study indicates that dietary purines have an effect on ribavirin absorption. Dosage regimens of ribavirin might need to be adjusted according to the purine content of the meal.
135456 tn?1301441224 Have you had previous experience with 1600 mg/day of ribavirin? If not, you might start sooner and titer up more gradually to make sure that you can handle the dose. Keep in mind that it can take 1-3 weeks for a change in ribavirin dose to be reflected in your hemoglobin. Also, and again based on your previous treatment experience, consider Procrit (epo) coincidental with the riba pre-dosing for same reasons.
Avatar f tn Still waiting for the results to Amanda's repeat 20 week VL, Prove 3, Group C, no-ribavirin...IF she has indeed experienced a breakthrough and I am able to convice them somehow to add Ribavirin at this point (triple therapy), do you think it will be too late? I know there has always been a lot of talk about Ribavirin working its best at the beginning of treatment...and that later on it is not as important...my point is, is the timing critical here?
220090 tn?1379170787 What are you talking about by saying it's "meaningless?" I think you're confusing the early phase of testing where patients only received short term PI monotherapy with no IFN or riba. In those situations the RVR is meaningless as far as the ability to attain an SVR at the conclusion of testing.
Avatar m tn i'm in a clinical trial with peg/riba and a PI (not sure if i'm getting a placebo or the real PI). i'm in my 7th week and so far i'm still doing my cardio classes 3x a week. i don't always last the whole hour but it's better than not going. i've become a little anemic for now. good luck with your tx and may your sides be minimal.
Avatar n tn Lots of discussion about resistance lately. Not sure whether the following will help or further confuse the issue, but anyway... To understand resistance mutations you have to dig out a bit of dusty high school biology. Genetic information (think blueprints) is encoded in DNA/RNA, long molecules made up of 4 types of building blocks (the bases, G,A,T,C).
Avatar m tn And while were on the subject of dumb questions is anyone else somewhere completley beyond pi##ed off because your sick or is it just the overwheleming feeling of guilt because of what you are about to your family through????I am so angry and I am not sure why or what to do with it....the one thing I do know is its not like me to be so hatefull or mean,I am the care taker I know how to support and fix everyone else...but how do I fix me...
8683847 tn?1410760916 "Curious what the Ribavirin addresses........" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepatitis_C_virus "Hepatitis C virus (HCV or sometimes HVC) is a small (55–65 nm in size), enveloped, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus ." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNA "RNA viruses have genomes composed of RNA that encodes a number of proteins.
Avatar f tn I took GS5885 for 6 months along with a Gilead experimental PI, Pegasys and Ribavirin. Can't say that GS5885 had any sides at all, though nucleotides can be dicey sometimes, e.g., Bristol Myers Squibb nuc disaster with INX-189, the drug they bought Inhibitex to get. I guess they question will be how well the Sofosbuvir/GS5885 co-formulation will work for non-responders and relapsers????
3140551 tn?1343255037 My question is whether or not he could continue to take the ribavirin, as God knows we have plenty of it in stock, while we try and figure out what is next. It was my understanding that treatment experienced patients go for the 48 weeks, so I was puzzled at the stoppage myself. We are just frantic and everything I read only addresses one missed dose. ANY, and I do mean any information would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
Avatar m tn Interferon, Interferon + Ribavirin, and Interferon+Ribavirin+Tepavier. I also have compensated cirrhosis. I've had HEPC for over 50 years. Currently I'm on week 4 of Havoni + Ribavirin (1200 mg a day + 1 Harvoni). I read that the recommended duration for we hard-to-treat previous non-responders is 24 weeks, but my clinician is insisting 12 weeks will be good enough and there is no difference in the outcomes for 12 weeks vs 24 weeks. Is this correct data?
135456 tn?1301441224 The bioavailability of ribavirin 600 mg was decreased by ... Ribavirin (Rebetol) is a synthetic nucleoside analogue which has shown in vitro ... www.emea.eu.int/humandocs/ PDFs/EPAR/Rebetol/H-246-PI-en.
1669790 tn?1333666195 The data shows that similar sustained virologic response (SVR) rates were achieved regardless of ribavirin dose reduction, including dose reduction to ≤ 600mg/day in a telaprevir-based treatment regimen for both treatment naïve and previously treated genotype-1 chronic HCV patients.[1] http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/incivo-telaprevir-svr-rates-unaffected-by-ribavirin-dose-reduction-in-treatment-naive-and-previously-treated-patients-with-genotype-1-chronic-hcv-147925655.
1765684 tn?1333822768 I'm in a phase III trial, BI 20133 (240 mg, 120 mg or placebo) and interferon/ribavirin. I was DET under 25 at week 12. At week 18 I was UND (just got that result from last week). Of course I have no idea when I became UND because the PCR was only done at weeks 12 and 18. There are three EOT times, 24 weeks, 36 weeks and 48 weeks. I won't know if I'm finishing at 36 or 48 until January 20. Darned sure I won't be finishing at 24 weeks due to my week 12 result.
Avatar m tn I am of the opinion that they will look at at the stats and realize that it would less costly to treat with a PI then then treat twice. I also believe the right doctor can often challenge the insurance company and get approval. The pharmaceutical companies will also be working hard to convince the insurance companies that this is the way to go and they obviously have a lot of money and man power to use towards that end.