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Avatar f tn It is just wrong to say that it is the IFN and not the ribavirin, that is toxic for the kidneys. What is the source for this information? From the SPC of Ribavirin: "The pharmacokinetics of ribavirin are altered in patients with renal dysfunction due to reduction of apparent clearance in these patients (see 5.2 Pharmacokinetic properties). There are insufficient data on the safety and efficacy of Copegus in such patients to support recommendations for dose adjustments.
Avatar m tn Peginterferon alfa-2a/ribavirin had lower incidences of depression and flu-like symptoms than standard interferon/ribavirin, whereas peginterferon alfa-2b/ribavirin and standard interferon/ribavirin had similar incidences of these AEs.
163305 tn?1333672171 The different MOA could be beneficial when approaching patients who failed to respond to SOC treatment. Looking at protocols used in previous early-stage clinical studies with Hep C drug candidates, we can assume that several dozens of patients will be enrolled in the upcoming trial, and results can be expected within about a year.
Avatar f tn 2012-Victrelis/Ribavirin/Pegysys 24 weeks, had to stop 48 week treatment sue to never reaching undetected. 1999- Ribavirin and Interferon 3x a week for 24 weeks. Didn't work. Comments: MD not doing next VL until 2/2015. Hoping for SVR, but will continue the fight if need be.
Avatar m tn The interim results found 52 percent of the patients who received telaprevir as well as the standard interferon/ribavirin combination had undetectable levels of the hepatitis C virus after 36 weeks, compared with 30 percent of patients treated only with the standard therapy. Boger said Vertex expects to take the final data from the trial to the FDA late this year or early next year.
135456 tn?1301441224 and as you should be along with about 15 others on this forum who have relapsed after 24, 48 and 72 weeks of pure hell only to be tripped up by simple common since “fact” that what ever goes up has got to come down. Here is a condensed recap of the thread. ***Would like to hear from some of these folks and at what point did they relapse and possible symptoms…*** for the last 6month and she tapered off the IFN slowly at the end, no abrupt stopping.
304153 tn?1194827741 4 start treatment. Interferon give you more of the stuff your body already makes to fight this disease, ribavirin itterrupts the ability to replicate/make copies. this is the only treatment now that's proven to clear 50-90% (depending on your genotype) DO NOT WAIT to do this, as there's no way of knowing how long you've had it or how much damage has been done. Much liver damage can repair, but not ALL.there is a point that reversal is no longer possible.
Avatar m tn Just think what the next ten years will bring, with combinations of SOC, and the best protease, polymerase, and helicase inhibitor drugs, along with newer and less anemia provoking forms of Ribavirin. Hopefully, for the infected group out there, we will reach a point of near 100% SVR, with shorter and shorter protocols...and maybe even less side effects! I feel very happy for the future treaters who fortunately will never know what many of us had to suffer through to get to our SVR's!
Avatar f tn One thing that might be helpful is to predose ribavirin for a few weeks prior to starting treatment. Another is to doubledose IFN for the first few weeks of treatment to help get its blood serum levels up as quickly as possible. These two strategies involve risks that may involve dose reductions later, which could hurt your chances of being successfully treated.
Avatar f tn Say you respond well to the PI, but not to the pegylated interferon and the ribavirin. You might reach UND at first and then when the PI resistant mutations develop, you might have a breakthrough, since you were a null responder to SOC. Debbie, I sure hope this is not the case with your husband. Just trying to be realistic about the possibility of breakthrough. Sending prayers your way that it all will work out.