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310500 tn?1227304634 Only one response on this..... Is this not a concern for others. I hate to see the stuff go to waste as expensive as it is. Can anyone give me an idea. I was given a place in NY, but the link does not seem to work.
Avatar f tn //www.medicinenet.com/ribavirin/article.htm GENERIC NAME: ribavirin BRAND NAME: Rebetol, Copegus DRUG CLASS AND MECHANISM: Ribavirin is an antiviral drug. It is used in combination with interferon for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Although the exact mechanism of its action is unknown, it is thought to interfere with the production and/or action of viral DNA and RNA which are critical to the survival and multiplication of the virus.
Avatar m tn Decided to start treatment next week though, bygetting interferon shot every Friday, and I am travelling this Saturday. I have only noticed that Ribavirin capsules that pharmacy gave me for 3 months have expiry of October 2014. If I start taking drugs on 15 August, it means 3 packs of Ribavirin will become expired during my treatment, as I will take them till November 15. Should I request pharmacy to change portion of packs?
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of any programs that offer assistance with the coverage gap (donut hole) for people on Medicare? I have been preapproved for Pegasys and Ribavirin but my Medicare Prescription Drug Plan through United Health Care has a $4,550.00 coverage gap and then 5% of the total drug cost approx $9200.00 a year. The plan starts anew Jan 1st of each year so I’m looking at a copayment in the excess of $18,400.00.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are faced with this circumstance and hope things work out. I don't know what the chances are for your baby to be healthy. Ribavirin carries strong warnings against becoming pregnant during treatment and for 6 months after treatment. This warning applies to the female if she is on Ribavirin and it also applies to the female if her partner is on Ribavirin.
Avatar m tn Although a standard meal did not affect ribavirin bioavailability (F1), administration of ribavirin with a high-fat meal increased bioavailability by 46% relative to the fasting state. A high-fat meal prolonged the duration of the zero-order input part of the absorption model, with D1 increasing from 0.498 h (fasting and standard meal) to 0.740 h. The type of meal also influenced the first-order input part of the absorption model (Table 1).
Avatar n tn I know someone who participated in een drug-test for the combination of peginterferon alfa-2a en ribavirin in 2000. the test was supervised and conducted by a well-reputed clinic and sponsored by Roche Pharma. this person claims she reacted badly and has poly-neuropathy, as a direct result of these injections. does anyone of you have similar stories or facts?
Avatar m tn 16 Ribavirin The synthetic purine nucleoside Ribavirin rapidly enters eukaryotic cells and after intracellular phosphorylation exhibits virustatic activity against a broad spectrum of DNA and RNA viruses.25 Several studies have been conducted to evaluate ribavirin monotherapy in daily doses of 600-1,200 mg in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C.26-28 While all trials consistently showed a decrease in aminotransferase levels, no virologic end-of-treatment responses were observed.
Avatar m tn Hi..I was not responder to Ribavirin and Interferon treatment..at this time I am taking Shoo-Saiko-To (2,5mg/3daily) and Ultra Thistle.....could this combination lead to possible side effects...???
Avatar m tn Ribavirin therapy is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and in the male partners of women who are pregnant. Female patients receiving ribavirin and the partners of male patients receiving ribavirin must avoid pregnancy, using at least two reliable forms of contraception, during treatment and for 6 months after completion of treatment.
Avatar n tn not sure about other countries but here in the USA you can apply to get the drugs free from the manufacturer of the drug, Roche (pegasys) or shering-plough (peg-intron). is he also taking ribavirin with the peg? i ask because peg by itself does not work most of the time.
Avatar n tn the Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry. Roberts SS. Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry Coordinating Center at Kendle International, Inc., Wilmington, NC, USA. ***@**** Ribavirin, used in combination with an interferon, is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Ribavirin is a Federal Drug Administration Pregnancy Category X product, indicating that its use is contraindicated in women who are pregnant.
Avatar f tn Ribavirin Pregnancy Warnings Ribavirin has been assigned to pregnancy category X by the FDA. Nearly all animal studies have revealed evidence of embryolethality and teratogenicity. There are no controlled data in human pregnancies. One published case reports the uneventful use of ribavirin at 33 weeks gestation. Ribavirin therapy is contraindicated in women who are pregnant and in the male partners of women who are pregnant.
Avatar f tn 1000 mg/day is 1000 mg/day whether it's in 5 pills/capsules or 2 pills/capsules. Ribavirin, regardless of the manufacturer, are bio-equivalently equal (that seems redundant). The real probalem is that riba is riba.
Avatar m tn last i read its being tested in Delhi India......write the manufacturer....i did but they never got back with me...
Avatar f tn Most of the concerns raised about ribavirin's teratogenicty is a result of experimental animal tests. Ribavirin has been found to be teratogenic and/or embryolethal in several species of animals: in hamsters, ribavirin was associated with defects of the limbs, eyes, and brain; in rats, defects of the brain and eyes predominated -- but these were experiments exposing bone marrow cells.
446474 tn?1446351282 However, eltrombopag should not be used to normalize platelet counts in hepatitis C patients, its manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), said Monday. It should only be used in patients with chronic hepatitis C whose condition prevents them from starting interferon therapy. Also, safety and efficacy haven't been established in combination with direct-acting antivirals.
Avatar m tn Telaprevir alone will probably cost around $25,000. Then you also need peginterferon and ribavirin - another $20,000 (if treatment is only 6 months). Then you need medication for side effects ($5000), many lab tests ($2000), and doctor exams ($1000). The entire cost for hepatitis C treatment can easily be over $50,000.
1394098 tn?1385963734 Treatment-Naïve and Prior Relapse Patients HCV-RNAa Triple Therapy INCIVEK, peginterferon alfa and ribavirin Dual Therapy peginterferon alfa and ribavirin Total Treatment Duration Undetectable at Weeks 4 and 12 First 12 weeks Additional 12 weeks 24 weeks Detectable (1000 IU/mL or less) at Weeks 4 and/or 12 First 12 weeks Additional 36 weeks 48 weeks Prior Partial and Null Responder Patients Triple Therapy INCIVEK, peginterferon alfa and ribavirin Dual Therapy peginterferon alfa and ribavirin Tot
1309756 tn?1273627246 We listed the toll free numbers for assistance with hepc medications but if your father was on interferon and ribavirin previously and it did not help there really isn't anything else out yet that will cure hepatitic c. Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer of Infergen and Ribasphere. Infergen is consensus interferon and is administered as a daily injection. The side effects can be very difficult and the rate of cure is no greater.
422881 tn?1257607179 Yes most of us take 180mcg. I don't know the answer as to why your doc gave you 150mcg. The injections, yes, go in the refrigerator and the riba room temp. My riba wasn't in with the injections in the cooler - they were separate. I don't know if that makes a difference that yours were in the cooler - doubt it, cause they wouldn't freeze in that thing, but dunno for sure. My post will bump you back up and hopefully someone that has more answers will see your post.
Avatar m tn Metavir A3/F3 means you have severe liver inflamaton and septal fibrosis or advanced liver disease stage 3 which is one stage below cirrhosis. You are from Kenya and the most common genotype is 4. Currently, they are treating that genotype with interferon and ribavirin as well as genotype 2 & 3. If you are genotype 1, the standard of care is triple therarpy using a protease inhibitor, either Victrelis or Incivek in conjunction with interferon and ribavirin.
137025 tn?1217768341 * Telaprevir is an NS3-4A protease inhibitor of HCV in late-stage clinical trials * Current study investigated safety and efficacy of telaprevir in combination with peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin compared with peginterferon alfa-2a and ribavirin alone in genotype 1 HCV patients * Intent-to-treat analysis of all subjects completing treatment *24-week posttreatment follow-up Eligibility: Inclusion criteria - * Documented HCV infection * Genotype 1 HCV * Treatment naive Exclusion cr
Avatar n tn Your treating physician will have to take into account the genotype of your virus to decide which drug combination will be most effective for you. I think almost all patients are given daily ribavirin pills in addition to the weekly subcutaneous injection of interferon, and for the more resistant genotypes they will usually add one of two different protease inhibitor drugs as well.
Avatar m tn yes I think I have ascites now, not on Rbavirin and yes taking water pills,60mg furosemide and 50mg spironolactone a day
Avatar f tn My understanding is the active ingredient of each is the same, but just a different brand name by different manufacturer. I recall some are available in different doses, so if you needed to do a dose reduction this could be an advantage.
238417 tn?1203711010 Well, my clinical drug was recalled by the manufacturer, after 22 wks of tx. This was a phase 2 study. The mfg. had just received fast track status from FDA. Oh, well, at least I will continue with Interferon/Ribavirin until the end. Hope I am still negative after my next bloodwork in two weeks. I wonder which sx will subside/go away? I know......none.
Avatar m tn If the premixed interferon has been allowed to warm to room temperature for an extended period, you should probably call the manufacturer and request a replacement. Roche Pharmaceuticals maintains a toll free hot line; give them a call and discuss your situation with them. I believe proteins in the medication can ‘denature’, possibly affecting treatment outcome.