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1113735 tn?1273178030 Hello! Can someone tell me, what are the indications for the use of Alinia? Is it connected to Geno, Liver stage, AST,ALT, and such, Thank you in advance!
Avatar m tn I began a 12 week treatment of Sovaldi /Ribavirin treatment for HCV 20 days ago. On the 17th day I developed a rash on my lower left leg. by the 18th day, my body was covered over 85% with the itchy red rash. I called the Sovaldi helpline and a nurse called me back. She said that they have not had any case reporting a rash on Sovaldi. I went to see my prescribing APRN and she saw the rash and had me stop the Ribavirin but continue Sovaldi.
Avatar m tn I also recently learned I have relapsed after completing the 12 week treatment with Solvadi and Ribavirin. I have Hep-C, genotype 2. The virus went undetectable after 4 weeks and remained that way 6 weeks after completing treatment, then showed up in a blood test done at the 12 week marker after treatment. Needless to say I was heartbroken. I was diagnosed in 1993 and have significant cirrhosis. I will keep hoping for a new drug protocol that will knock it out once and for all.
Avatar f tn If you read the Ribavirin Prescribing Information for ribavirin, right at the top of the label it says... Indications and Usage for Ribavirin 'The safety and efficacy of Ribavirin tablet therapy for the treatment of adenovirus, RSV, parainfluenza or influenza infections have not been established. Ribavirin tablets should not be used for these indications.
Avatar m tn I go back in 12 weeks, July 15, and get another viral load test which by all indications will be undetected, meaning I will (hopefully) have my SVR12! The hepatology department is getting a fibroscan machine in 6 weeks so I will be getting scanned at that time as well. The results will be compared to my biopsy done in June 2013 which showed F2-3/4 fibrosis and grade 2-3/4 inflammation.
Avatar m tn Indications and combinations tried current for various HBV populations.
Avatar m tn 49 previously untreated participants with genotype 2 or 3 chronic hepatitis C were randomly assigned to receive telaprevir alone (750 mg every 8 hours), telaprevir with pegylated interferon alfa-2a (Pegasys) plus 800 mg ribavirin, or pegylated interferon/ribavirin with placebo for 2 weeks. All participants then received pegylated interferon/ribavirin through week 24 (the standard duration of treatment for these genotypes).
Avatar n tn A Phase I Study of Chimeric Anti-Phosphatidylserine Monoclonal Antibody (Tarvacin™) in Patients Chronically Infected with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) who are Non-responders or Relapsers after Treatment with Pegylated Interferon plus Ribavirin Contact Information Karen Roberts, MS 714.508.6035 ***@**** PHASE I STUDY SITE Bach & Godofsky, MD, PA, Bradenton, Florida, 34205, United States; Recruiting Mickey Mays, RNMS, ARNP 941-746-2711 Ext.
Avatar m tn In the Treatment-Naive Daclatasvir (BMS-790052) and GS-7977, with and without Ribavirin (HCV Genotypes 1, 2, and 3) GS-7977 and Ribavirin (HCV Genotype 1) GS-7977 plus Ribavirin (with or without Pegylated Interferon); GS-7977 Monotherapy (HCV Genotypes 2 and 3) ABT-450/r and ABT-072 plus Ribavirin (HCV Genotype 1) ABT-450/r and ABT-333 plus Ribavirin (HCV Genotype 1) BI 201335 and BI 207127 plus Ribavirin (HCV Genotype 1) Danoprevir/r and Mericitabine, plus Ribavirin (HCV Genotypes 1 and
Avatar n tn From what I have always heard the priority is reduce ribavirin 1st, Procrit 2nd and transfusion last. But it is up to the doctor and his experience. Has the Procrit helped at all? Of course it will take time for the reduced dosage of ribavirin to take effect. Hang in there! I hope that can get back up soon!
Avatar f tn Patients with anti-HCV, HCV RNA, elevated serum aminotransferase levels, and evidence of chronic hepatitis on liver biopsy, and with no contraindications, should be offered therapy with the combination of peginterferon and ribavirin. The National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference Panel recommended that therapy for hepatitis C be limited to those patients who have histological evidence of progressive disease.
Avatar n tn She was diagnosed cmV and EBV seropositive in 1999 and HCV serum positive in January 2000. She was treated by Interferon+Ribavirin for some 5 months in 2000, but the treatment was stopped for not responding, severe depression and suicide obsession.
Avatar f tn , they often cannot or should not be treated with intereron and ribavirin. My best advice for him is to make sure he is seeing a hepatologist. They can be found at large teaching hospitals. It is possible that your son should be evaluated for a liver transplant at this point. Tht ios what I would do if my child had hep C with ascites and a very low rbc.
Avatar m tn Was a non responder in 2003 Peg/Intron w/ribavirin, now doc wants me to try Telaprevir (triple therapy). Here are my liver biopsy results. My hepatologist thinks I may have more fibrosis than the test shows, so he now wants to do a EGD. I thought the biopsy was the gold standard for diagnosing the liver. Let me know what you think.
Avatar f tn If indeed she has no fibrosis (scarring) which can only be determined accurately from a biopsy she should consider waiting for newer treatment medications which are currently in the trial phase. By all indications it looks like they will become part of the standard of care for treating HCV by 2011 but there is no certainty yet.
Avatar m tn 1) HCV Mono-infected and HCV/HIV-1 Co-infected Genotype 1 or 4 SOVALDI + peg-interferon alfa + ribavirin 12 weeks Genotype 2 SOVALDI + ribavirin 12 weeks Genotype 3 SOVALDI + ribavirin 24 weeks * SOVALDI in combination with ribavirin for 24 weeks can be considered for CHC patients with genotype 1 infection who are interferon ineligible. (2.
Avatar f tn Maybe that's technically true during the earliest phase of clearance, but from what we've seen of every single patient who frequents this forum and only received Telaprevir+IFN, effectively it isn't true. All patients that received Telaprevir+IFN here alone (i.e. without ribavirin) eventually rebounded/relapsed. Every one, although I think travelmom's daughter might be bucking that trend (hopefully).
364323 tn?1221856766 the Ribavirin from Roche is called Copegus. Ribavirin is the generic name of the pills.
5720485 tn?1373566655 In the FISSION trial, treatment-naive patients with HCV genotype 2 had a 97% cure rate with 12 weeks of sofosbuvir/ribavirin compared with 78% in those assigned to today’s standard regimen of 24 weeks of pegylated interferon/ribavirin. And sofosbuvir is just one pill per day, coupled with ribavirin at two or three pills twice daily.
Avatar m tn I am in treatment for Hep C for the first time and I would like to get some sense of how well I'm doing so far. Presently, I am in week 10 of a 48 week treatment of Pegasys and Ribavirin 1200 mg per day. Genotype 1a, started with a viral load of 8,000,000. After 4 weeks it was 104,000. After 8 weeks it was 6,000 IU/ml. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn (often used in conjuction) is greatly improving giving clinicians very good indications of liver damage(fibrosis) making the invasive procedure of biopsy even less prevalent,according to many hepatologists. Possibly an option to speak with your doctor about...
1391441 tn?1333851561 I have had Hep C since 1973, gone through 3 tx the last one being the triple tx about 3 years ago. I had such an adverse reaction to either the ribavirin or interferon that I had to discontinue after one week and was in the hospital for 3-4 days. I'm excited about the new tx with Olysio and Sovaldi but was turned down by Medicare because I have compensated cirrhosis and they say these drugs have not been approved to treat that stage of cirrhosis. I have appealed but again was turned down.
Avatar f tn //www.rxlist.com/pegasys-drug/indications-dosage.htm Ribavirin Dosage and Administration Chronic Hepatitis C Monoinfection The recommended dose of Ribavirin tablets is provided in Table 1. The recommended duration of treatment for patients previously untreated with Ribavirin and interferon is 24 to 48 weeks. The daily dose of Ribavirin tablets is 800 mg to 1200 mg administered orally in two divided doses.
Avatar f tn They also lowered my ribavirin to 800 from 1000. I can stand all the side effects so far, and they seem to just keep popping up with new ones, but the anemia for so long, I can't stand. So today the Dr. says that if I can make to 6 months I have a very good chance of remaining undected. I didn't start this tx to ever do it again, so when I was so lucky to be undected I was ready for the long haul. But the anemia could stop this. Anyone ever heard of 6 mo. treatment and remaining undected?
Avatar n tn There are a lot of folks here who are 3a and treat successfully with peginterferon and ribavirin. The is a matter that she should pursue now and not wait for a better day. Good luck. There are no docs here, just folks in similar boats.
Avatar n tn No contra-indications for starting anti-HCV therapy No history or evidence of liver cirrhosis or decompensated liver disease No other cause of significant liver disease in addition to Hepatitis C Not infected with HIV or Hepatitis B Not pregnant, planning to be pregnant or breastfeeding or not the partner of a woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding " http://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct/show/NCT00528528?
Avatar m tn The panel underscored the importance of assessing the indications for treatment (particularly in null responders—weighing risk of treatment failure and resistance with need for therapy), adherence to stopping rules to minimize the risk of emergence of resistant variants, and any potential impact on future treatment options. For both drugs, the stopping rules put forth in the prescribing information have been harmonized for treatment-naive and treatment-experienced patients.
Avatar m tn Route Strength Proprietary Name Applicant 076192 AB No RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE; ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN SANDOZ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 076277 AB No RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE; ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN TEVA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 077224 AB No RIBAVIRIN CAPSULE; ORAL 200MG RIBAVIRIN ZYDUS PHARMS USA --------------------------------------------------------
Avatar m tn She also never had a significant drop in hemoglobin (and indicator that she was ribavirin resistent). She increased ribavirin substantially and cleared -- one of the few I know who cleared with viral load in the 1000s at week 12. She googled and found a specialist to consult with. Perhaps you could do tht too.
Avatar f tn The sides of the new drugs are also possible sides for Interferon and Ribavirin... So I don't get his reasoning for that. Do you know what genotype you have yet? Some are easier to clear than others. What kind of doctor is this anyhow?