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Avatar n tn I understand that Ribavirin is available for the treatment of genetal herpes. Does it cure it? Is it available? Could I request it through a Health Plan such as Kaiser?
Avatar n tn I live in Bend,Oregon and feel I need to attend a support group either for Interferon-Ribavirin therapy users or HCV positive(chronic) patients. Do you know if there are support groups in my area???? I have very limited resources and no PC of my own, I am using a friends today to contact you. Any advice of help you could offer would be sincerely appreciated!!! Thank you for your time and consideration, T.
Avatar m tn Just had my first one this week after being off treatment for 8mo. But I don't think you want to take Ribavirin for that!!! So, I would do what Tashka said and find out what the antiviral med are. In fact maybe I should too.
7395021 tn?1394079527 it's pretty common that people treating with interferon and Ribavirin have problems as mouths sores during treatment. Make sure your keeping well hydrated and ask your doctor what OTC stuff that might help. If it gets real bad then ask for a Rx for magic mouthwash... Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn Advocate1955 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Abbott Presents Promising Phase 2b Interferon-free Hepatitis C Results at 2012 Liver Meeting® • Investigational Triple-DAA Regimen plus Ribavirin Treatment for 12 Weeks Demonstrated High SVR12 Rates in Intent-to-Treat Analysis • Phase 3 Registrational Program Currently Enrolling November 10, 2012 Abbott Park, Illinois (NYSE: ABT) — Results from Abbott’s phase 2b clinical trial, "Aviator,&qu
Avatar n tn You definately gave me enough info to at least know some concerns to look out for. Thanks also for the site info. There is so much that I need to research. It's a little overwhelming, I don't seem to have enough hours in the day lately. But I definately need to bone up on some reading. To All, I have alot of respect for the people who come on this site and share the research that they have already done.
7469840 tn?1409849436 I am still getting those bumps appearing and really itching if I wear my wedding ring. My meds for herpes mouth soars doesn't affect my finger at all. I think all these drugs we are on just bring out things that possibly just lay dormant without there help. With one day left, yeah, all the weird things will probably go away. You have done so well!
Avatar n tn 48 patients participated in a double-blind placebo-controlled study conducted to evaluate the efficacy of ribavirin in the treatment of herpes simplex virus genital infection. Study design did not allow a conclusion regarding usefulness of the drug in preventing recurrences. Ribavirin treatment (800 mg/day p.o) for 10 days reduced disease severity and promoted recovery as compared with placebo treatment.
614034 tn?1304360040 I do get the interferon and ribavirin from Schering Plough for free but otherwise.... When I researched the rash I thought it was angular cheilitis from the pictures I found on the web, and it's common for people with autoimmune suppression to develop this, however as I said my DO didn't agree with me so I'm following her advice altho I'm also using nystatin swish and swallow, I take pulmicort for my asthma and it triggers thrush/fungal mouth problems too so I do feel a bit better.
Avatar m tn //coconutoil.com/coconut-oil-offers-hope-for-antibiotic-resistant-germs/) 2) Sunflower Seeds (For Virus): They contain Omega Fatty 3 Acids, which is good in reducing long-term complications of liver injury due to Fibrosis and Cirrhosis. Other things that include Fatty 3 Acids are: fish and shellfish, flaxseed (linseed), hemp oil, soya oil, canola (rapeseed) oil, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, leafy vegetables, and walnuts (Link: http://www.healthyhepper.com/omega.
Avatar f tn Since I have tried every single thing on the market I didn't have much hope at all. I did it for two days. The sores that would NOT go away, even putting on straight peroxide, are GONE. Been gone for a week! I didn't want to post until I was SURE but adios....... And the total cost ended up being less than $10. I can't BELIEVE what expensive things I tried in the past. so if you have them...DO IT they will be GONE!
Avatar f tn I was then diagnosed with Sjogren's. I use Restasis for my eye dryness and irritation and Plaquenil for the Sjogren's Disease. I have been on the Plaquenil for a year and feel considerably improved from the way I felt a year ago. In fact, I feel very good. I urge you to seek the help of a competent Rheumatologist so you can find out what is causing your symptoms. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn it’s too expensive to run HCV RNA testing for periodic blood donation. Just for future knowledge, there is less than 5% chance of transmitting HCV from mother to child with active virus; and HCV does not travel through breast milk :o).
Avatar m tn It has remained at zero for 21 years. Yay! Here is my question. I also had herpes, but not genital or oral, but on my knee. I know, weird (my doc said he had seen it on one guy's toes and another's back). I had burned my leg and was using an all natural homeopathic cream to heal it. Little did I know, my partner was using it on his mouth's cold sore. It erupted. I had two more outbreaks on the knee, each approx. every 18 months to two years apart.
Avatar f tn This article was posted on 4/19/12 on HCV New Drug Research and can be viewed at http://hepatitiscnewdrugs.blogspot.com/search/label/ABT-450%2Fr%20plus%20ABT-333.
Avatar f tn About Study M11-652 (Aviator) The objective of this phase 2b study was to assess the safety, and efficacy of ABT-450/r (dosed 100/100 to 200/100mg once daily), ABT-267 (25mg once daily), ABT-333 (400mg twice daily) and ribavirin in non-cirrhotic treatment-naive patients and prior peg-interferon/ribavirin null responders administered for 8, 12 or 24 weeks. Enrollment was open to GT1-infected patients regardless of IL28B host genotype and ribavirin dosing was weight-based.
Avatar n tn Updated A Study of TMC435 in Combination With Peginterferon Alfa-2A and Ribavirin for Hepatitis C Virus Genotype-1 Infected Patients Who Participated in a Control Group of a TMC435 Study Jackson : G.V. (Sonny) Montgomery VA Medical Center, Jackson, MS Updated Evaluating Three Grams Daily Valacyclovir in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis C and HSV-2 Infection (Phase I) Jackson : G.V.
148987 tn?1287809526 For what it's worth, when my mother was doing chemo for breast cancer, she got mouth sores really bad and they Rx'd her Acyclovir and she said it worked like a champ. I take it for herpes and I don't have mouth sores so there may be something to it. I googled and there is info on the web about acyclovir and cankor sores/ulcers.
Avatar m tn maybe God has led me to the answer I have been looking for? I didn't know for certain, yet had hope. I even made sure to give them only the best parts of fresh plants... such as the tops of fresh, living Broccoli and not the stems... I would also cut off any parts that were damaged on the vegetables or fruit, such as when using Green Cabbages... I would tear off all of the outer leaves until there was only undamaged healthy leaves remaining... and would thoughouly wash everything.
Avatar f tn Refer also to the prescribing information for ribavirin. Female Patients Hormonal contraceptives may be continued but may not be reliable during INCIVEK dosing and for up to two weeks following cessation of INCIVEK [see Drug Interactions (7)]. During this time, female patients of childbearing potential should use two effective non-hormonal methods of contraception. Examples may include barrier methods or intrauterine devices (IUDs) [see also Use in Specific Populations: Pregnancy (8.
Avatar n tn I have just been told by my physician, an expert hepatologist, to begin an 18 month course of the combination Interferon/Ribavirin drug to combat my Hepatitis C. I have been taking Milk Thistle for 3 years since I was first diagnosed with Hep C. This physician is new to me as my original hepatologist recently retired. The new hepatologist is very firm in his recommendation that this is the only course of treatment and is unwilling to discuss any alternatives.
Avatar n tn She also has Herpes and has been taking Famvir (2x per day) for the last couple of years to control outbreaks. Could the Famvir elevate the blood test levels?
5909323 tn?1376921035 I also didn't answer all the questions: I was genotype 1a, and the Medical Profession doesn't refer to it as "Remission:" they call it "Sustained Viral Response" which refers to the fact that if you test my blood you will find NO viral load, and that was the case, 6 months after I tested, and it wont come back.
7395021 tn?1394079527 My gasto told me they were a side effect of tx and not caused by stress or herpes. Last week I had my 6 month check up with the dentist. The hygienist informed me that these sores are a common side effect of tx and caused by dry mouth. She informed my that all through tx I should have been treating this dry mouth as it created an unhealthy environment for your teeth and will cause decay.
Avatar m tn I received my flu shot 3 days before I started triple med treatment (Pegasys, Ribavirin, Incivek) (flu shot Friday and started treatment the following Monday). It was given by my treating doctor's office so it was cleared by them. In retrospect, I would probably try to get it at least a week prior to starting treatment if possible.
Avatar f tn Anyone who has had chickenpox has risk for shingles later in life, which means that 90% of adults in the U.S. are at risk for shingles. ... The Aging Process. The risk for herpes zoster increases as people age... Immunosuppression. People whose immune systems are impaired ... have a risk for herpes zoster that is much higher than those with healthy immune systems. ..." Treatment: "Nucleoside Analogues.
Avatar m tn Helper T cell cytokine response to ribavirin priming before combined treatment with interferon alpha and ribavirin for patients with chronic hepatitis C</a> <a href="http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?
Avatar m tn , History - 33yr old male with Cancer/lymphoma 14 years ago, have no spleen, and found out last year I have HCV. I'm currently 46 weeks into the 48 week treatment of Ribavirin and Interferon. I've been virus clear since the 3rd month of treatment. Upon HCV diagnoses, I had mild liver damage. Issue - Twice in last 4 mths, in the left corner of my lips almost going into the skin, I developed a small white spot, somewhat painful at 1st, almost zit like appearing.