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Avatar n tn Ok just blame it on being distracted! I usally take my ribavirin in the morning (at work) and at dinner (at home) I didn't realize it but I was one pill short (I take 6 a day) this morning at work. Make it up at dinner or not or not is the quesiton. Dare I ask the next question? Has anyone ever felt better while on treatment then before treatment. I know from what I read here a crazy quesiton. But I would swear that I felt better on Saturday (finishing week 7 of tx) then I have in a long time.
476246 tn?1418874514 I know I'm posting terribly much today, but my brain is hyperactive and quite clear today, so I'm trying to use it while it lasts. Dosage Ribavirin 1000mg Considering that I have read that the sx of Riba can be agitating and might make it difficult for you to sleep, would it make sense to take it. Deb_c430 mentions on another thread, if I may quote, that if she takes her riba to late it does cause more agitation and sleeplessness.
Avatar f tn I strongly suggest that you get professional counseling for the depression, if it seems unmanageable. You will learn coping skills, and will be in a better position to make rational decisions about treatment, and even if treatment is necessary. It isn't for everyone. I've had hep C for twenty years, and my doctors always told me it was not necessary to treat, however, I am in my third week of treatment now and wish I had treated earlier.
Avatar n tn How to decide to do interferon/ribavirin? I am having a great deal of ambivalence about beginning this treatment. And a lot of fear. The docs think I should go ahead -- I've probably had Hep C for close to 30 years (I'm 46) from one incident of "we have to try everything once" injecting heroin. I've been diagnosed for 5 years, genotype 2B with a biopsy five years ago grade 1 stage 0. I have quite a bit of fatigue and have struggled (under control at this time) with clinical depression.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me of side affects they have delt with from Ribavirin such as hair loss ?
Avatar f tn They may only be able to eat small portions but it's important to keep the body nourished. Many do lose weight on therapy because of lack of appetite, nausea or depression. And with some the medications effect the metabolism to the point where no matter what they eat they continue to lose weight. There are medications available that can prevent nausea which may help you to increase your food intake.
135456 tn?1301441224 Actually did it twice, 9 mos then 12 mos. glutton for punishment. Ribavirin ugh. Fatigue, depression, brittle hair, cold extremities. for those of you with weight loss and poor appetite, I was on sleep meds that seem to have munchies as side effect. like those ambien reports. Anyway, didn't lose weight. and slept ok. Be advised about the depression though. I had chronic depression longstanding before. wasn't on antid for treatment and crashed and burned.
Avatar m tn I was also told that they manage side effects....I asked about depression and nausea meds and they said that they treat if it happens.
1838299 tn?1403496143 Is anyone on or finshed tx with Sovaldi + ribavirin + interferon for 12 weeks? I am curious about how many people are still treating with interferon cause i will be starting it in October. Plus, how were the side effects and did any SRV? I am tx naive. .
Avatar m tn My concern with the antacids is that they might intefere with ribavirin absorption. Very little in the literature conclusive one way or the other. Wondering if any of you also take antacids and if you take them right after meals with your riba, or if you try to time the antacids a few hours before or after the riba.
Avatar n tn I have the kind of HCV positive(chronic) that does not respond so wellto interferon treatments. I have choosen to try this Interferon-Ribavirin therapy regardless with hopes of getting better. I start this therapy soon after the new year.I live in Bend,Oregon and feel I need to attend a support group either for Interferon-Ribavirin therapy users or HCV positive(chronic) patients. Do you know if there are support groups in my area????
Avatar m tn my qestion is interferon and ribavirin is the new medicine for hcv i want to know abour side effect of this medicine and can person completlt overcome from this disease with this medicine
Avatar f tn Only thing is ever since treatment i have periods of extreme fatigue, depression and muscle pain, i also struggle with sleeping. I cant work because of this and i find it sooooo hard sometimes i would just like to no if any one feels the same and if their doctors listen to them and understand the after affects and inform people they could feel the as me after going through so much after treatment.
Avatar f tn I did the year on Interferon and ribavirin, responded then came out of remission with a vengeance. The depression was unbearable, also the flu like symptoms. When I ended the therapy I had acquired fibromyalgia, hoshimoto's thyroiditis, increased viral count, GI problems, and a new personality!... and not a better one, I have never been able to come off anti-depressants since.
493068 tn?1224768915 I completed the 48 weeksof Peg Interferon and Ribavirin Feb 2006 and have never been the same. I cleared the virus so far and feel very positive about this. I have never felt this sick and weak before the treatment. I have memory problems,weakness-fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, severe facial and ocular Rosacea, depression panic attacks. I was very active before treatment going to yoga and work.
Avatar m tn I would like to hear from people on this treatment regarding side effects. How severe and persistent are the flu-like symptoms? Depression? Irritability? For the impacts on mental and psychological well being, is there anything that I can do to minimize them, such as regular massage therapy? I will be happy to share my experience with this treatment over the coming year.
135456 tn?1301441224 Have you had previous experience with 1600 mg/day of ribavirin? If not, you might start sooner and titer up more gradually to make sure that you can handle the dose. Keep in mind that it can take 1-3 weeks for a change in ribavirin dose to be reflected in your hemoglobin. Also, and again based on your previous treatment experience, consider Procrit (epo) coincidental with the riba pre-dosing for same reasons.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 4th day of Peginterferon + Ribavirin. I'm having the depression side effect and my brain keeps going on pause mode with out notice . I read the side effects for Lexapro. Sounds to me like the Lexapro will enhance the side effects of the HCV treatment and maybe out weigh the benifits ? How bad dose the depression have to be before I take a chance on the possible benifits of lowering my depression . Will the Lexapro help with the Brain pause side effects as well?
9364515 tn?1403330662 All of my other treatments (except one clinical trial I was in that didn't include Ribavirin)- I was on the Interferon and Ribavirin. I have more side effects from antidepressants than I do from being depressed, so for me, I do better w/o them. I am a firm believer with exercise. It helps alot of things including depression. Exercise doesn't have to be the same cookie cutter work-out routine for every person. Some people may prefer to swim. Others may enjoy walking outside.
Avatar m tn hello people, Any one know about the drugs ribavirin and sofosbuvir ? I dont see anyone talking about these on this web site! Doctors for Kaiser want to do this stuff to me.. They say its a 95 percent cure rate. But has anyone out there tried this? And what king of side effects happen long term and short.. They just did a EKG and blood test (a lot of vials this time) and all the test were normal except the alt )it was high at around 46. Thanks for any help.. Ken...
583625 tn?1221086929 All of the symptoms that are happening right now came into effect during and after the medication of 6 months on the Interferon and Ribavirin of about 4 or 5 years ago. These affects have never gotten better after I stopped taking this medication.
Avatar m tn I did not begin to have side effects from the ribavarn for the first 2 weeks, then my hemoglobin began to drop like a rock and it crashed (and so did I) after about 6 weeks. Interferon can cause depression and many doctors will start you on antidepressants before you begin your treatment. I did not experience this, just some mild anxiety. Side effects vary with time and every patient has a slightly different experience.
Avatar f tn I finished a year-long treatment of Pagasys and Ribavirin in 06/2008. It was successful! 18 months later however, I'm feeling little change from when I was taking the drugs. I'm having problems in many areas. I have chronic fatigue, "brain fog", short-term memory loss, rare but severe memory loss (like a blackout, during which I've had conversations, driven, walked, eaten), lack of focus, difficulty with spacial issues, tremors, acute joint pain, clumsiness and more.
Avatar f tn A patient told me his doctor lowered his ribavirin dose to 4 per day but he didn't say after how many weeks he did it.
Avatar m tn I had a fair amount of angst leading up to beginning about the ribavirin but essentially had no side effects at all. I kept up with my cross country skiing and rode my bike 650 miles in two weeks earlier this month on vacation in Florida. I would encourage anyone to exercise to whatever level they are capable of before, during, and after treatment, even if it's just a daily walk around the block with the pooch.
446474 tn?1446351282 I found out today I AM UNDETECTABLE after 2 weeks of treatment with GS-7977 and Ribavirin. Not bad for a previous null-responder to peg-INF and Ribavirin where after 12 weeks of treatment my viral load never went below 360,000. "An Open-Label Study to Explore the Clinical Efficacy of GS 7977 With Ribavirin Administered Pre-Transplant in Preventing Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Recurrence Post-Transplant" ClinicalTrials.
Avatar m tn I have Hep-C G2. Started SOVALDI and Ribavirin 12 week treatment Dec 23, 2013 (viral load at 2.5 million), within 4 weeks into treatment my Hep C virus was undetectable. 12 weeks end of treatment my Hep C virus was undetectable. 4 weeks after treatment my Hep C virus was undetected. 12 weeks after of treatment my Hep C virus was detected at 83,000 viral load. It relapsed. What are my chances of a cure now?
Avatar m tn is saint john's wort safe to use to treat depression while taking pegintron and ribavirin?
Avatar m tn My husband was treated with interferon and ribavirin several years ago and the side effects were horrible as you already know. Unfortunately, it was un-successful. He is now being treated with ribavirin and sovaldi. I understand this is a rather new treatment just approved by the FDA this year with minimal side effects compared to the previous treatments. It's been 2 months and all is good. Labs look good and it appears to be working.