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Avatar m tn I have the same cough and the only thing that helped was a couple rounds of Cipro, lots of fluids....
250701 tn?1320978365 I've been on treatment with ribavirin twice now and developed the dry RIBA cough your talking about. What has helped me the most is a warm mist humidifier. I run it all night long while I'm sleeping. I spent about $100 on it and for me it's been worth every penny. I still have coughing fits but it's not as bad as it was. Others might have good suggestions too, but this is what has worked best for me. You'll just have to try a few things to see what works best for you.
Avatar f tn Tried antibiotics, chest X-ray, turned out to be just a miserable riba cough. Used a hydrocodon cough syrup so it would not wake me at night and lots of water to sooth it during the day. Agree about the lack of energy for sex, but most of the antidepressants ruin sex anyway.
Avatar f tn This was shown in a retrospective analysis of a large, randomized, placebo-controlled trial in which patients who achieved RVR had an SVR rate of approximately 90% regardless of whether they received peginterferon alfa and ribavirin, standard interferon and ribavirin, or peginterferon alfa monotherapy. In addition, the likelihood of SVR patients with genotype 1 infection who achieve an RVR does not appear to be affected by shortening the duration or reducing the dose of ribavirin.
3242225 tn?1348340121 Has anyone gone through the HCV clinical trial with 7977 and Ribavirin for 12 weeks? RU undetectable?
Avatar n tn Did 24 weeks and turned out to be a non-responder. About two years later I tried ribavirin/intron but developed a serious hacking cough that was so bad I couldn't even talk to anyone. Now I'm trying again. Last Thursday I took my first injection with the rib. I prepared for a night of the flu like symptoms but was happy when awoke because it was very light. I just had some muscle aches. But since then every time I take the ribavirin it's almost like getting the flu.
Avatar f tn Just started treatment for Hep C. This is my 3rd day taking Sovaldi and Ribavirin. No side effects, yet. Just curious, if anemia sets in, when would that be? Is it two weeks into treatment?
Avatar m tn Do you have a prior history of respiratory symptoms? If so you might have to rule out other causes. The Cough and HCV Therapy; Is it the interferon or the ribavirin? http://hepatitiscnewdrugs.blogspot.com/2010/10/chronic-coughpegylated.
Avatar n tn Without knowing more about your husband's health (chronic health conditions, smoker, etc), it is hard to say why he is still coughing, though the Riba does list cough as a side effect. Keep in mind that Ribavirin has a long half-live, and it takes up to 6 months to completely eliminate all the drug from the body. Even so, a worsening cough sounds like a reason to call the doc. I have heard of others here who have developed bronchitis after finishing tx. Best wishes, keep us posted.
Avatar f tn //www.docguide.com/chronic-cough-associated-interferon-ribavirin-therapy-hepatitis-c?
Avatar f tn Does this sound like a normal Riba reaction? I never got the Riba cough last time I treated, although I got the anemia bigtime. Do you all think I should just keep an eye on it and go to the ER if it becomes really bad, but otherwise just call my Dr if it hasn't subsided by Monday? That's what I'm thinking I should do, but I'm known for putting things off when it comes to my own health. Of course my kids and husband always got rushed to the Dr. for every little itch n twitch lol.
Avatar m tn I was given a pneumonia shot going into treatment (for 21 strains). It's probably a coincidence, but I got a really bad chest cough at the same time. And throughout treatment people asked if I had a cold cause I was always stuffed up and coughing. I told them it was allergies (didn't want anyone thinking I was going to give them something.) I still get stuffed up but it's not constant like it was on treatment. I'm six week post treatment. And yesterday someone asked if I had a cold.
Avatar m tn I am thinking that it's the Ribavirin. I've been on many treatments with Ribavirin and this last one included, was the only one I was on with the Sovaldi. On all of my treatments, except for one w/o Ribavirin.., I had this issue. It's my opinion, but don't have the written literature of a scientific paper to back up my hypothesis... There might be one out there though.
Avatar f tn I got boils under my arms which came with fever and fatigue, I hae had a cold and cough for a month. But so far this week has been good, there is no rythme or reason for it, and I stopped trying to figure it out. Good luck stay strong youll get there.
Avatar n tn …and yesterday evening I took my last two, seven days after my last shot. ________________________________________________ Dear Ribavirin, You’re a clever Old Scratch, you know that. You hide out in the background, letting Interferon get all the grief and bad press for making treatment such a pain, but you yourself are the one who brings on the most of it. Yeah, you.
Avatar f tn If you read the Ribavirin Prescribing Information for ribavirin, right at the top of the label it says... Indications and Usage for Ribavirin 'The safety and efficacy of Ribavirin tablet therapy for the treatment of adenovirus, RSV, parainfluenza or influenza infections have not been established. Ribavirin tablets should not be used for these indications.
Avatar f tn Which medications are you taking? Ribavirin can cause a cough and it also causes dryness of the throat, mouth, and nose.
1225178 tn?1318984204 Ribavirin otherwise known as the riba cough. Very common side effect.
Avatar n tn Ribavirin can cause this type of a cough. I've had it but I didn't take anything for it. It went away after a couple of weeks.
Avatar m tn Now on my 10th week on TX (doing good) I have this terrible cough, and I am really scared that it will ruin the hernia repair, and potentially give me another hernia. Dr seems clueless regarding my cough - tried all kind of syroups, cough medication, nebulizers, etc - nothing helps. Cough does seem to stop with hard candy or chewing gum - the problem is I cannot/do not want to eat one pound of candies every day... Any ideas, suggestions?
Avatar n tn And isn't it likely that I'm going to be developing an immunity to taking so many antibiotics? Plus I cough a lot. My Pulmonary doctor rotates the kinds she gives me to help me avoid getting resistent, but I think it's happening anyway. What can or should I do? And do steroids, really cause "thin" skin? The tops of my forearms are just covered in blood blisters and the Dr. said it was probably all the steroids. Could it be caused by something else?
1815939 tn?1377995399 The cough could be from ribavirin. Mine was reduced and within two weeks the cough was gone, along with the shortness of breath I'd been experiencing.
1477811 tn?1321390053 I've been on tx for (Ribavirin/Interferon) since Dec. 3rd 2010. My cough just keeps getting worse as the weeks go by. At first I thought I must have caught something, but I don't think so now. It would have been gone by now. I told my doc about it 3 weeks ago and he said it probably wasn't tx related and that I should talk to my general practitioner. I did and my gp did a chest xray. Lungs are clear. They don't feel that way though, or more to the point, my bronchial tubes.
Avatar f tn Drug trial is for 8 weeks. The first dose I noticed a cough and runny nose about an hour after taking the drugs that would last about an hour, often similar results every other dose, with slight sinus pressure during the day by day 3. Day 4 on waking up I felt like a have a cold. Sore throat in the morning, constantly running nose, stuffed up, congestion and other sinus related issues. I lay in bed about 4 hours today doing nothing.
135456 tn?1301441224 Has anyone experienced acute liver pain ( due to inflammation I assume) for 3- 5 hours after taking their ribavirin? If so, has it affected you clearing the virus? Also, does anyones asthma flair up after taking their Ribavirin?
Avatar m tn Dear All, I am having severe cough and throat infection during treatment ( don't know if it is reatment side effects). Can I take any medicine to cure it ; I mean anti-biotics or something.. I need to know as I didn't take yet due to on-going treatment. please advise?
2131202 tn?1339967703 While most patients will be able to continue treatment despite this hemolytic anemia, about 10% of the patients may need to reduce the ribavirin dose to ensure that the anemia does not become more severe. Other side effects with ribavirin include cough, and some shortness of breath. There also may be some rashes although generally this is very treatable Best to you..
Avatar f tn I have hep c genotype2. I'm taking ribavirin and interferon. I have developed a dry hacking and sometimes wheezing cough from the bronchial area of my chest. It's mostly non productive coughing. I notice that it becomes worse on the day that I do the interferon inj. Is there any safe otc or rx medicine I could take when it becomes more than I can take? They say I'm already at stage 4 cirrhosis, but need something to tame this thing. I've tried cough syrup...