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Avatar f tn itching, rash, insomnia, shortness of breath (due to low hgb), cough. possible but less likely: increased uric acid (gout) In combo with Peg: Possible GI SX of nausea, vomiting, less appetite & diarrhea. I had rash, low hgb, shortness of breath when hgb really low and the darned cough.
Avatar f tn Warnings and Precautions Pregnancy Ribavirin Capsules may cause birth defects and death of the unborn child. Ribavirin therapy should not be started until a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to planned initiation of therapy. Patients should use at least two forms of contraception and have monthly pregnancy tests during treatment and during the 6-month period after treatment has been stopped.
Avatar f tn No, you do not need to use contraception if you have had a hysterectomy. Ribavirin can cause major birth defects in a fetus and that is the reason for the contraception but, since you have had a hysterectomy, there is no way you can get pregnant and, therefore, there would be no need for using contraception when the two of you have sexual relations. Best of luck to your partner in his treatment. And best of luck to both of you going forward.
Avatar f tn Travelmom - I don't know the answer to your question but below are some thoughts which I think are relevant and might help you decide. It may depend on your daughter's VL results. I mean, if her VL was just skimming UND like yours did then adding riba might put the final nail in the coffin for the virus. But if the breakout is a large number and holding steady (as mine was) then maybe it's not as favourable.
135456 tn?1301441224 COPEGUS (Ribavirin, USP) can be extremely harmful and cause birth defects in an unborn baby. Female patients and the female partners of male patients should avoid getting pregnant. Ribavirin is known to cause anemia (low red blood cells), which can make heart disease worse. Also, ribavirin can harm your DNA and possibly cause cancer (see medication guide for more information and warnings). Who should not take PEGASYS and COPEGUS?
Avatar f tn Antsy to get pregnant is one thing, having a baby with major birth defects is another. Personally if they six months I would wait a year to be sure that it was completely out of his system. I echo Trish this doctor should be reported for telling patients this - there is a reason people are told to use two forms of birth control on treatment ribavirin is a dangerous, dangerous drug to a baby. If you dont believe us find a different heptologist and ask and they will confirm.
Avatar f tn In one adverse drug report, 3 nurses who worked in the same intensive care unit gave birth to babies with ventricular septal defects. However, only one mother was possibly exposed to ribavirin 5 months prior to estimated conception. A specific causal relationship has not been established." http://www.drugs.com/pregnancy/ribavirin.html I would suggest contacting your doctor immediately and discussing this with him/her. I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar n tn This is because pegylated interferon and especially ribavirin can cause birth defects. Breastfeeding There are no confirmed reports of hepatitis C transmission from mother-to-baby by breast milk. Current scientific opinion remains that there is no significant evidence of HCV transmission through breast-feeding.
Avatar m tn It's an approximate computation based on the half life of ribavirin which is quite long. My guess it's probably a bit on the conservative side but why take a risk when potential birth defects are involved.
230202 tn?1370797179 The only thing I've heard is the warning not to get anyone pregnant until at least 6-months post treatment as it could lead to birth defects due to the meds effects on genetic material. However, that is supposed to normalize in time.
Avatar m tn This important B-vitamin can reduce the risk for neural tube defects (birth defects) and is necessary for making red blood cells. It may also protect against heart disease and stroke. Protein - almonds contain protein which is necessary for healthy muscles, blood and organs, and it can also be used for energy. Fiber - almonds are a good source of dietary fiber - the part of the plant foods that is not digested in the human body.
Avatar m tn If she is of childbearing years, she cannot have penile/vaginal sex with you without two types of birth control if you are using the oral drug ribavirin; this is very important, the drug can cause birth defects!
Avatar f tn I haven't seen infertility mentioned as a side effect of Telaprevir but ribavirin use during pregnancy does carry a significant risk of birth defects. So if you're treating with ribavirin don't get pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn There are literally thousands of warnings on the internet stating that ribavirin use (particularly maternal) causes birth defects. I have not found a single reference to the nature of the birth defects or how frequent they are. In fact I can only find citations for foetal damage within the context of the animal testing that took place many years ago. http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/hep_c/images/pi.
Avatar f tn --------------------------------------- As long as you wait until at least 6 months after completing Ribavirin treatment to conceive, there should be no increased risk of birth defects (from taking Ribavirin). Wishing him SVR (cure) and wishing both of you the best for the future.
Avatar f tn Not if the father was taking Ribavarin when you concieved. Ribavarin causes birth defects and those taking Ribavarin are told to use 2 forms of birth control during treatment.
Avatar m tn Ribavirin can cause birth defects or death in an unborn baby. Do not use this combination of drugs if you are pregnant, or if you are a man and your sexual partner is pregnant. Use at least 2 effective forms of birth control while either sexual partner is using interferon alfa and ribavirin, and for at least 6 months after treatment ends. •Use at least 2 non-hormonal forms of birth control while either sexual partner is using Incivek with interferon alfa and ribavirin.
Avatar n tn Yes use two forms of birth control during and for after as the ribavirin does not leave your body quickly - it takes many months.
Avatar f tn torticollis (2), hypospadias (1), polydactyly and a neonatal tooth (1), glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (1), ventricular septal defect and cyst of 4th ventricle of the brain (1). Three received direct exposures ([6.1% (95% CI: 1.2, 16.9)], three were exposed indirectly [4.3% (95% CI: 0.9, 12.2)]. CONCLUSIONS: Although current enrollment is far short of the required sample size, preliminary findings have not detected a signal indicating human teratogenicity for ribavirin.
Avatar n tn the Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry. Roberts SS. Ribavirin Pregnancy Registry Coordinating Center at Kendle International, Inc., Wilmington, NC, USA. ***@**** Ribavirin, used in combination with an interferon, is used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Ribavirin is a Federal Drug Administration Pregnancy Category X product, indicating that its use is contraindicated in women who are pregnant.
Avatar m tn The reason you cannot get pregnant while he is on the treatment is that the ribavirin causes birth defects. That is why you should be sure to use birth control while he's on the treatment and for six months after, I think. You don't want any baby of yours to have birth defects! But it won't have any effect on your already-born kids! As for feeling his side effects, I think sometimes when people we love feel bad it makes us feel bad, too. I hope you both feel better soon.
Avatar f tn 1 Pregnancy COPEGUS may cause birth defects and/or death of the exposed fetus. Ribavirin has demonstrated significant teratogenic and/or embryocidal effects in all animal species in which adequate studies have been conducted. These effects occurred at doses as low as one twentieth of the recommended human dose of ribavirin." "COPEGUS therapy should not be started unless a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to planned initiation of therapy.
Avatar n tn In general, many prescription medications for other conditions like high blood pressure or high cholesterol have not been associated with an increased risk of birth defects in pregnancy. It is important to talk with your healthcare provider or someone from OTIS about the medication that your husband was taking. The timing of the exposure is also important to discuss with your healthcare provider or someone from OTIS.
Avatar f tn the oral drug ribavirin can cause birth defects. However, there’s no evidence that this lasts for more than six months after he stops using it.
4333925 tn?1359106042 If you have a baby now and that baby has birth defects, that baby will have to live with those birth defects for his/her entire life. That is a life sentence. And you also will have to care for that baby, possibly for the rest of its life if the birth defects are severe. On the other hand, you will only have to wait 3 months (or 9 months to be on the safer side) to get pregnant and have a baby who is not put at higher risk of birth defects.
Avatar n tn Use with Ribavirin and Peginterferon Alfa Ribavirin may cause birth defects and/or death of the exposed fetus. Extreme care must be taken to avoid pregnancy in female patients and in female partners of male patients. Ribavirin therapy should not be started unless a report of a negative pregnancy test has been obtained immediately prior to initiation of therapy.
Avatar n tn What you cannot do is have children while you're on the treatment drugs -- ribavirin specifically -- or for six months after you stop taking ribavirin. This has to do with the potential for ribavirin to cause birth defects. I also believe this warning regarding ribavirin also applies to a man treating for HCV as well.
Avatar n tn You cannot consider getting pregnant if you are treating hepatitis C with Ribavirin. The effect could be birth defects. You can get pregnant if you have hep C -- 1000s have with no ill effect for the child. There is maybe a 5% chance that the baby may have hep C.
Avatar n tn she is risking serious birth defects and death to her potential child.