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Avatar f tn Indications and Usage for Ribavirin 'The safety and efficacy of Ribavirin tablet therapy for the treatment of adenovirus, RSV, parainfluenza or influenza infections have not been established. Ribavirin tablets should not be used for these indications.
Avatar n tn I did test positive for adenovirus ag about 2 wks ago, placed on ribavirin for 1 wk, seemed to improve a bit; however, I am still coughting c/ mostly clear phlegm and now having some painful apthous ulcer. So I am now on acyclovir day 2. What can you make of this? what can I do?
Avatar n tn I was tested for adenovirus, and its ag turns out positive. I have since started taking ribavirin and has somewhat felt better for some reason. Could I have been infected with HPV orally . Could adenovirus cause these oral symptoms and pathology? Mycoplasma and EBV (-). What would you recommend I do as these coughs, aphthous ulcer, sputum, sore throat are causing me a great deal of distress and are not going away. It seems oral manifestation are HPV related? What do you think is the diagnosis?
Avatar f tn Just recently was trying to organize my med file and came across the drug insert you get from pharmacy on interferon. I've read so much on both INT and Ribavirin, but this caught my eye. This remark was on the interferon handout "Ribavirin is a potential cancer causing agent". Wow, that's nice to know. Read in detail the ribavirin handout and it does not say this. Curious if anyone else had this statement on their handout from pharmacy.
Avatar m tn Viral Kinetic Response to 12 Week Treatment with Rosiglitazone in Chronic Hepatitis C, Genotype 1 Patients Who Are Previous Relapsers or Nonresponders to Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin. S. J. Mills; R. J. Naus; K. Barstow; S. Harrison View Pres.
Avatar m tn So, did you have a question. Is it your belief that Methylene Blue is Ribavirin? There is no mention of Ribavirin within the application or the described study and results. What exactly brought you to that conclusion? Thanks.
Avatar m tn “Following interim data published in April last year for TG4040 in combination with PegIFNα2a and ribavirin, we report the final results of the phase 2 HCVac trial with sustained viral response at 24 weeks (SVR24) and additional immunogenicity, specific T-cell and humoral responses. The study has demonstrated that pre-treatment with TG4040 has a positive impact on viral response as shown by cEVR and SVR improvement compared to PegIFN alpha 2a and Ribavirin alone.
Avatar m tn Clinically, lower serum cholesterol levels are associated with lower rates of sustained virological responses (SVR) to pegylated-interferon plus ribavirin therapy, but the reason remains unclear. Clinical trials targeting HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway, are being conducted using statins. Anti-HCV actions by statins appear to be caused by the inhibition of geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate synthesis rather than their cholesterol lowering effects.
1199040 tn?1265239024 While the IGG proved to be the smoking gun ( lot number was recalled by the pharmaceutical company for HCV contamination as was almost 300 other lot numbers), when my disability was awarded, they made no mention of either the jet gun or the inoculation but they did award me disability for HCV, for my thyroid being destroyed during my 48 week treatment, and the after effects of Interferon/Ribavirin. In all, I ended up with a 100% disabled rating.