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Avatar n tn Is drinking vodka like about small peg bottle make me gain weight.. I drink may be once or twice a week..
Avatar f tn He now has very little appetite, has little muscle strength, and is beginning to have issues with vomiting. What would be a possible result if his vodka were watered down reducing the vodka strength in half?
Avatar f tn he drinks 3-4 gallons of vodka a month..... and has for years. Im actually breaking up with him this weekend after a 6 yr relationship. just cant handle his behavior and my kids come 1st. he does not get along with my 11 yr old son. what does this much drinking do to someone just wondering....
Avatar f tn poison control told me this, called them after drinking vodka... If you want to try drinking vodka or tequila again, staying very hydrated usually helps the poising from taking hold, but you must hydrate BEFORE drinking!!! I usually drink a bottle of coconut water(very hydrating) and smart water-both packed with electrolytes! Trying hydrate after becoming sick is a lost cause. this has worked for me before, but if I can I just stick to what agrees with me, Rum & Cidre...
Avatar n tn hello, you say vodka is high in tyramine. research says vodka is very low almost zero. many kind regards.
Avatar m tn I developed malaria in Vietnam in the late 1960s. Last Christmas I had one vodka tonic which I never drink. About two hours afterward I developed uncontrollable shivering and felt extremely cold. This lasted for several hours. Last evening a had another vodka tonic , the first since last Christmas. The same thing happened. Any idea why? I won' t drink that again, but I am wondering what could cause this.
Avatar m tn Nope, not really an addiction to Vodka... she prefers rum actually, lol... but its just she says an allergy to it. I think the fact that they were in the form of Jello Shooters that she was a little luckier that way and it wasn't STRAIGHT vodka going into her system that she wasn't hospitalized form it. Thanks for the post, will await further posts as well.
Avatar f tn most things you cook with alcohol or use alcohol to enhance the flavor like wine in gravy or beer in a stew or vodka in vodka sauce you cook out the alcohol at a certain temperature. i avoided my mother in-laws rum cake forever because i had the same thought. but was told it isnt an issue.
Avatar n tn How much potassium is in a beer or an ounce of vodka (not made from potatoes or grapes?
Avatar f tn Its a bottle of vodka with the 30-40 walnut membranes. Soaks for 21 days, and take one tbsp every meal. I m doing this for 2 months now. My mental reaction, health condition all feeling very gd and i quit my med already. I will continue until its totally stable! I Hope more ppl will know this remedy to help, as hypothyroid brings a lot of pain to our life.
187316 tn?1386356682 Ive never really thought of taking castor oil since I heard it can cause major bowel discomfort but apparently the vodka is supposed to stop that from happening. Plus since vodka is an obvious no-no its given in such small amounts to not damage anything but it isnt recommended to take more than stated for that reason. Has anyone heard of or tried this and did it work?
Avatar m tn ) of skin around her anus, i didnt get an answer from her. when i got home i had doused my genitals with vodka then had a shower with soap. What are my chances of having herpes, hpv or syphillis?
531798 tn?1231375541 hey ladies, might be a silly question, but are mussels ok to eat during pregnancy, and what about penne in vodka sauce? i'm a little concerned about the vodka sauce, i know most of the alchohol evaporates, but was just wondering...
Avatar n tn I found myself buying vodka at home and having lots of cranberry/vodka drinks, then vodka with lemonade, grapefruit juice. I would mix it with anything. I then started putting vodka in large water bottles and keeping it in my flight/tote bag. I NEVER drank on the job, but could not wait to get to my hotel to make a drink. I would make a drink before I even took my uniform off. As years passed I was drinking vodka from morning until night on my days off.
Avatar f tn liked the etrade babies, that would be me, humming in the back ground! The clydesdale, and the dog are lovely.
Avatar f tn If I had sex with a regular girl and was unprotected, even if she did carry HIV, what's my risk for transmission of the virus? I poured vodka (sterilizer) down my urethra would it decrease the risk for transmission of the virus?
Avatar f tn Either the drink had something in it or for some reason you developed an allergy to vodka. Intolerance to the gluten component in vodka can at times make people feel more intoxicated. The only way to know is get a blood test for normal intoxicants like cannabis or marijuana. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn Is this a symptom of alcohol withdrawal? Had an episode of binge drinking, so a few shots of vodka every night for a couple days. Disappears when I take a nap and wake up, but is usually there while I few shots in so I figured it was maybe an allergic.reaction of some sort. I also read it may be tinnitus but wasn't sure if it was related since I don't have it when I am sober.
410877 tn?1245973772 To be honest, I don't know how much he drinks. He travels with his job (nope, not a bartender), so I have no way of knowing anymore. I think he once told me he drinks a bottle of vodka a day. He's not much of a beer drinker. It's vodka. I know that doesn't help much in determining the effects. I know that when he's with me, he's probably not drinking as much or drinking when I'm at work or not around.
Avatar f tn My husband has been drinking heavily for 3 years - was vodka, then wine and now back to vodka. If I even mention the word "Vodka" he gets upset and turns it around on me - that starts an argument. Its sad we have never fought only over his drinking. He becomes a different man, he is not mean - his mouth just starts running away and crazy crap just falls out and then he can't remember what he said.
Avatar m tn Hi i am17 years old abd live in a grouphome, i come home every weekend and i drank vodka for the first time, not a whole battle, but i feel really tired and have a pain on the lower right side of my stomach. I feel really confused and out of it, I need help can this lead to comas etc.. I have Aspergers Syndrom, PDD but i am high functioning please help is this bad for the first time, and not even drinking the whole thing. It was Smifnoff, Vodka??
Avatar f tn This was last night? How many hours ago? And when you say 40% vodka, that's what vodka usually is. HOW much did you drink is the biggest question. A sip? A shot glass full? A bottle? You say large amount, what is that? And were you wasted drunk? I think the best way to counter stomach issues from alcohol is to not drink alcohol. I doubt you did permanent damage with a once go round with hard liquor but don't make it a habit.
4275193 tn?1352067207 I need y'all! I truly do. Long story short, I broke my neck years ago, have been taking Codeine Contil & tylonel 3's (&lyrica & mobicox, etc) for ~6 years now. About 2 months ago someone stole my meds from my bedrroom. My Dr wouldn't replace unless I filed a Police Report. I didn't want to do this because I'm fairly certain it was a friend (HA!) who stole them.
Avatar n tn , diet cola), does it make a difference what liquor I drink (vodka, scotch, rum, scotch, etc.)? A bartender I know says that drinking vodka is better than scotch or rum because of their sugar content. But I know that none of those liquors have any carbohydrates, so I'm confused. Can anyone help?