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Avatar n tn I have a red patch just below my shoulder, on the back. It is itchy. I have seen the dermatologist, but they say that there is no cure for this.
Avatar n tn i'm growing concerned about an itchy patch on my right back near mid spine. It feels itchy pretty often and is not being rubbed against by my bra-strap or instigated by anything else. I've been trying to eyeball it in the mirror after showering and the area seems to be getting darker. Its about an inch and a half circular. skin is intact and not scaling off. it just itches every so often. FYI: i am an african-american female. thanks for your time.
Avatar f tn Hello, Fungal infections are very commonly found on the folds of skin and this itchy patch can be due to a fungal infection. The other possibility is of contact dermatitis or allergic reaction. Most cases of fungal infection respond to over-the-counter products, which contain any of several basic ingredients: miconazole, tolnaftate, terbinafine,ketaconazole and clotrimazole. You can consult a pharmacist and get any cream or lotion containing these ingredients. I hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I am 19 years old. I am overweight and I have a dry white itchy(flaky) patch next to my penis(on the left side, not on the penis). This patch has been growing because of my habit of scratching that area. I have never been into any kind of a sexual relationship. I am extremely worried. Please HELP!
Avatar m tn It can be due to contact dermatitis, dermatitis or sweating or psoriatic patch. Psoriasis is a long-term (chronic) skin problem that causes skin cells to grow too quickly, resulting in thick, white, silvery, or red patches of skin.It is thought that psoriasis occurs when the immune system overreacts, causing inflammation and flaking of skin. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn Patch of skin starts as rash turns into blisters ask my doctor he gave a list of issues but now it is coming back we thought spider bite but now that it is returning that is not the problem. Haven't had chicken pox ever, sexually active but married cheating not an issue, did take antibiotics keflex, just had ear surgery. It is itchy in the beginning but once it blisters it is tender any clues?
Avatar f tn I have a darker area of skin above my top lip which looks like a moustache, i have had it before but it went away and now it is back and darker, I find it very embaressing and wanted some advice on how to get rid.... It is not itchy or sore and the area of skin is not dry? Please help?
Avatar m tn At first the red patch was slightly itchy, with a mild burning sensation, what lead me to think it was a bug bite. Meanwhile, the itch has stopped, and the red patch still remains. Redness is not decreasing. Waiting for your kind help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn i have noticed a large patch of brown on my left thigh, it's very out of character for me and worrying, its def not sun tan, there's slight bruising around the patch, i don't want to ring my doctor as we have a stupid thing where to see a doctor you tell the receptionist the problem who then puts you on a triage list for the doctor to call back and if the doctor feels the need to see you only then do you get an appointment but i don't want the embarrasment of the receptionist laughing at me wh
Avatar f tn Hi, On my buttocks, I have a small dry skin patch, that feels a little like eczema. I have been worrying myself sick thinking that it may be herpes or something serious It is not itchy at all and is not causing me any harm. But I have googled it (silly I know) and am now worried it is the herpes virus. Any information that you have is gratefully received.
Avatar f tn I have one small flaky patch of skin in my pubic area. It isn't itchy, painful or sore. But the skin is very flaky.
Avatar f tn If you have any doubts always bring up your concerns with your doctor. I get itchy skin sometimes usually when it's dry, I don't drink enough water, I eat bad, don't get enough rest. It itches at first then becomes a dry/scaly patch. With some TLC and lotion, it goes away. This is my second pregnancy and I have noticed that my eczema flares up more often as well. Normally when I'm not pregnant, I only get it when I'm super stressed or tired.
Avatar f tn On my arms and legs these spots have shown up but they are individual spots on my arms there are about six on each and they are smaller than a dime they are itchy and they had this clear liquid in them my legs the same but there are more than my arms and on the back of my knee cap in the bend there well the same thing as my back it seems a a patch of dry skin and it is itchy I also noticed in the patch there are raised bumps in the patch of dry skin.
Avatar f tn But for a week now I have had a spot on my lower leg, that is so itchy. It is like a red patch now. Lotion does not work. Do you think Hydrocortizone would be ok?
Avatar n tn Twice in the last several weeks I have had a sudden, splotchy, red patch (looks similar to a hickey), that is also warm and itchy, appear on my one breast. It's under the skin and is not just a surface irritation, and has been at two different locations. It resolves itself within a day or two. I've recently had my yearly mammogram, followed by an ultrasound to check what turned out to be cysts, nothing of concern. I've not yet hit menopause.
Avatar f tn For three months or so I have been experiencing itchiness on my neck (not the entire neck) and where its itchy I see like a red patch and hot, I can feel a roughness on that area but not bumpy. I have taken benadryl but dont seem to help. Can you please tell me what that is? it's driving me nuts! ugh.
Avatar f tn I have a small patch of skin on the side of my breast (where the underwire of the bra ends) that concerns me. It has been there since the beginning of April. I first noticed it and thought maybe my bra had rubbed me a little and didn't think much of it. It later became slightly itchy at sporadic moments but after a few weeks it seemed to diminish slightly. It then "flared" up again.
Avatar f tn Hi there for the for the past two years ive had dry skin spots on my arms my arms are exposed to sun most of the time ii use moisturiser and sun screen but theu dont go they are jus lil circle spots and their white compared to my tan on arm , and ive recently been getting spots all over my stomack my stomack is never exposed to sun and i got a big dry skin patch under my left breast i was wearing a bra on a really hot day and i didnt kno it had came up and the next day the skin had rubbed off an
Avatar m tn Hello, For such a thin skin patch, Goltz syndrome should be ruled out. Goltz syndrome, the skin abnormalities take the form of areas of thin skin (lesions) where the skin is completely absent, or discolored, itchy, or blistered. Other is Congenital Atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini. It manifests as single or multiple sharply demarcated, hyperpigmented, nonindurated patches.
Avatar m tn And when it gets bad enough, I have pain across my check, tingling in myarms and that itchy patch on my back. And when I stop coughing -all that goes away. VERY irritating.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis of skin allergies includes Skin ***** tests (pricking the skin with a needle or pin containing a small amount of the allergen ('***** Testing' or 'Scratch Testing'), Patch tests (by applying a patch to the skin, where the patch contains the allergen.)And RAST. Treatment includes avoidance of the allergen, oral antihistaminics; topical application of corticosteroids.You may try application of calamine on the affected site. It may work by soothing the skin.
Avatar f tn Hello, This dry patch can be due to dermatitis skin or eczema. Even atopic dermatitis can cause such a dry patch. There are certain other non-pharmacological measures which are equally important in treating atopic dermatitis.
Avatar m tn I have an 1.5" diameter itchy dry patch of skin on collar bone. It's been there for several months. Took photo of it. I tried putting vitamin E on it, moisturizer, anti-fungal cream (at separate times) to see if they'd work, but it's still there.
549066 tn?1214782246 -She also took it, waited a week and some change before any sex -Found two cuts on my penis -The skin heals back but it's lighter than surrounding skin, but did start to darken -That same patch of skin becomes dry, and has remained.
Avatar m tn I had a patch test for a hair dye on my right arm around that time, and my arms have had with raised areas that itch since around then However I did not get any skin changes or itching around the site of the patch test itself! I had also used a new hair dye (unrelated to the patch test a week before, with no itching or problems with my scalp. The itchiness on my arms seem to be worse at night, and are not there constantly as they seem to come and go during the day.