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Avatar f tn Hi there! I am asking about a skin rash or something that I have because I am out in the middle of the bush for work at the moment. I noticed about 6 days ago what I thought was a mosquito bite. It was red, raised and itchy. I forgot about it after a couple of days and then I noticed that it no longer looked like a mosquito bite. It had a small scabby centre (from picking the scab from itching) and then around it was red like a perfect circle. The skin wasn't raised.
666921 tn?1254990618 M. rash pictures and this spot really did look like some of those pictures, when it first appeared - the ones where the rash hasn't spread out far and have a black looking centre. I can't recall ever reading about an E.M. rash having puss inside though!! weird!! also I get blistery spots on my left foot - same side as 'bite'. Any thoughts or similarities out there??
Avatar m tn I have a rash? on one of my breast, it is not raised and itches. It looks red and blotchy? like when you scratch to hard. but it also itches. any ideas?
Avatar n tn thanks again for ur quick response! i posted pictures of the rash in my photo album. im going to see a doctor soon, and id like to hear what u have to say before i go.
Avatar n tn i have something on my skin on my penis and i been to a std place and thay give me cream but did not work so i went back and thay say it is fine but i am not happy with it it has red spots and lumps all over it i have taken some pics if needed.
Avatar m tn i have had a rashes thorough out my body. can somebody tell me what it could be. the pictures of my rash can be seen in the following link. http://img6.imageshack.us/i/img05131.jpg/ http://img717.imageshack.us/i/img05101.jpg/ http://img263.imageshack.us/i/img05051.jpg/ would highly appreciate your comments.. regards.
Avatar m tn I am slightly overweight as said by my doctor. The pictures may be disturbing. http://img819.imageshack.us/img819/1975/036c0.jpg http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/3127/038rk.
Avatar m tn i met a doctor and he suggested me to use some powder and tablets but still no use and started reappear after three weeks. at present, i have red rash on my thigh area when i scratch it looks like white dry skin but no itching, it seems white circles. and it started appearing white edge circles on hands, legs. *added pictures* http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/465347?personal_page_id=4421121 http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/465346 http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn Hi. For about 2 months now I have had this rash on my upper body. It started on the sides of my upper body where my arms contact my torso. It then spread to my stomach and then my neck. It was originally just pinkish red but it started to form bumps in the area. It itches when I sweat and shower. It burns at times when I apply hydrocortisone and lotion. I am very worried about this. Thank you. these pictures are about 6 weeks old http://postimg.org/image/tvau1ebyb/ http://postimg.
Avatar f tn I was thinking its jock itch but i dont read anywhere that jock itch is on the penis and also it doesnt look like the pictures. Also, the rash on my thigh is not in the skin fold its in the middle. (its not that big like 3 inches in diameter) It also does not hurt when i urinate or cause me any other problems other than itch. The bumps do not ooze anything or disharge liquid. they are red and have no white.
Avatar m tn I have never had any issues like this on my skin. Can I take pictures and have someone take a look who knows what this sounds like and can help me, I am worried I may be sick?
Avatar n tn May I also add that there is no dry, cracked skin around the rash, nor is it crusty or blistered.
Avatar m tn OK so about early October or late September I developed a random blotchy rash that appeared all over my body almost instantaneously. They are non raised, non itchy, pinpoint etc I have informed countless doctors that lymphoma runs in my family, I have very large growing lymph nodes, my stools have changed, these appear on my arms and legs.
Avatar m tn I am suffering from the appearance of skin rash in the pubic area 3 times during in two years in the same logic Itching and ***** in the skin before the rash appears . There is little pain Left and right of pubic area . Skin rash Take a week from beginning of itching Until the pus .Then starts fading and Baldmor . Do not leave any scars. a simple Burning in urinary tract. No fever or other symptoms. I was gonorrhea infection . I have taken treatment .Five years ago .
Avatar m tn There are many coughs and colds going round ,does he go to day care or school as he would pick up germs from there . The rash could be an allergy have you been using any new lotion or cream on his skin or bath lotion.Not certain about the vein running down his face , you could always ask for another opinion .,but I do know that blue veins on children are very common .
Avatar m tn You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used (e.g. hydrocortisone as dermacort), whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid (e.g. clobetasol propionate, fluocinonide). Also use good quality moisturizers to prevent moisture loss from the skin. If still the symptoms do not improve then please get a clinical examination done by a dermatologist. Fungal infections have to be ruled out then.
476834 tn?1228398709 Hi Sweetie! Ok, I have a question about the rash, was it flat or bumpy, was it all over or just in a certain area on your leg? Was it red, salmon color or pink? Have you had an RF, ANA, sed rate test? On my profile I uploaded pictures of the rash I have with the Still's disease, if you get a chance look at them and see if it is similar to what your legs do in the sun.
Avatar m tn At that same time i inspected my genitals and i noticed 2-3 skin colored bumps on my scrotum. They appear bigger when the skin is stretched but i was wondering if they happen to be warts. there are pictures that i uploaded on my profile to take a look at. They dont really look like the type of genital warts that i saw on google. IDK if its a rash that has just lasted this long or what and also my scrotum has been red this whole time.