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Avatar f tn my mom had an accident 30 years ago and she had to get stitches on here foot. now she gets a rash once or twice a year on that foot. well she has been getting that rash since she got the stitches. does anyone have any idea of what might be causing the rash?
Avatar m tn My 5 year old has a rash on his foot. It started yesterday with a tiny blister & redness. He ran a fever of 101.7 last night, but has been stopped up (coughing, sneezing, etc.) so I don't know if it is linked to the rash. Today the area on his foot is swollen and almost purple with the blister oozing pus. Any help - I don't know whether we should take him to the doctor or not?!?!?
Avatar n tn Hi I am trying to find out if a rash on the top of my foot (its only one one foot) is something to be concerned about. I have only just noticed the rash in the last few hours and basiclly it looks like a rush but they pimples are slightly raised on my foot..... some of them being red and some the same colour as skin and slightly shiny (how I can see the skin coloured ones). As far as I am aware I am not allergic to anything that has been on the affected area of my skin.
Avatar f tn ve been had a rash on top of both my foot for a month and a half now. i heard the rash could have had been caused by a pair of new boots i bought. i think its true because after i worn them i began to have this redness and itchy skin on both my foot. now i wonder if its true or not? ive tried calamine lotion, cortisone, and even lemon juice. i need help. please anybody has any advice onto how i can get the itchy, redness and inflammation completely away ?
Avatar m tn Hi guys.I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago with my foot itching randomly. so I kept scratching it and it was red but no bumps. Then the next day the bumps were pink all over my left foot. Now they're dark red. can the hiv rash just be on your left foot and no where else on your body? its like dark red bumps only on my left foot or is it probably a bug? I don't feel sick otherwise.
Avatar m tn I have a daughter who has CP she is doubly incontinant 2 weeks ago she started with a rash small red pin ***** size on her thighs and bottom then it spread to her right foot and now its spread to her right hand the rash looks angery and purple in colour and peeling on her foot bottom and thighs, ive seen 3different DRs and a nurse all have given her different steriods and creams e45 dotocort cream anti fungi cream and thrush tablet allso nystantin which none have worked she has now been given a
Avatar f tn A few strange symptoms. It started as just a few bumps between my toes on my right foot. over the course of a few weeks, they began to cover my foot, and spread to my left foot, and now I even see two on my right hand. They don't hurt, they don't itch, they're small, hard, and white & red. Shortly after, I began having lots of large itchy bumps. these I assume were due to rising mosquito populations plus fleas from my cats.
Avatar n tn What kind of virus causes pimple like rash on my daughters hands arms legs and feet? with fever will it go away how long will it last? will it come back? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/240507'>pimples on four-year-old</a>.
627781 tn?1244030218 I have these red bumps and a red rash on my wedding ring finger that keeps going away and coming back. I have been putting tripple antiobiotic ointment on it but just as soon as I put my wedding ring back on that finger (when it is doing better) for more than a couple of hours it comes back. It isn't just the size of my wedding ring but completely from the nuckle to the palm area. Any suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated!!!
Avatar f tn It was very itchy and I treated it with cortisone cream (Coincidentally, I had worn new shoes the day before). The cream did not seem to work; the rash felt better when I put a cold pack on the rash. One week later, I went to my doctor who did not know what it was. Thought it looked like contact dermatitis, but not sure. She prescribed an anti-fungal cream with cortisone. That was 4 days ago, and the rash has now spead to the other toes and even to the other foot.
Avatar f tn I started with a red itchy rash on my feet that I thought was athletes foot . Tried Athletes Foot spray and did not help. Then rash spread to my palms and elbows. There are points of the day where there is no itching and the rash is barely visible, and then other points where I am so itchy and the rash is bright red. What could this rash be? What can I do about it?
Avatar m tn Whenever I go on vacation and spend time in the sun and/or on a beach I get an odd rash on my feet. It starts out as little bumps that I can feel under my skin that itch pretty bad. They eventually turn into small blisters that ultimately grow to fairly sizable blisters. I seem to only ever get them on the arch of my right foot and under my toes on my left foot.
Avatar f tn OK so I have really bad ackles and they cave in but now I have this rash on my foot that is bright pink and if you look closely you can see it pulsing red it used to be the size of a 50 cent coin but know it spreaded to the side of my foot to the bottom and it is starting to make small red dots up my ankle and my dad had to get his legs cut off because of his ankles and his sores but I want to know is it because of my ankle braces or a medical condition fyi I'm only 12 and in track and my fo
Avatar f tn My BF has developed a rash on his feet over the last couple days. Today it looks blistered. Its only on the tops of his feet towards his toes. Red with small bumps a little bit on his toes too. NOTHING on the bottoms of his feet, which is why I come here because athletes foot searches are coming up with nothing. No other symptoms. He wears wool socks and workboots all day M-F sneakers with cotton socks on the weekend. I need to know if this is serious or if I am just being paranoid.
Avatar m tn Three days ago he developed a itchy, red rash on the top of the left foot, then, the next day the right. The rash does not involved the toes and is much more advanced, red and weeping serous fluid on the left. He has not changed anything in terms of foot-ware or detergent. The itching responded to benedryl but the rash continued to progress. Tonight he applied hydro-cortisone...don't know how he has responded yet. Any ideas as to what this is?
669375 tn?1225747543 Hi It seems that it might be some dermatitic or eczematous rash. A reddish smooth rash is described as a macular rash. It can be caused directly or indirectly by stress, allergic reactions (hives) heat or sun exposure, bacterial, viral or fungal infections, underlying medical illness or medications. Scaling, blister formation, itching or ulceration may or may not accompany the rash.
Avatar f tn com/K4IGvlj I do not know if this existed before, but recently I have noticed 3 spots on my foot (one located in the middle, 2/3 down from the top. and two on its left and right). I know this is not much information, but I am wondering if this looks anything similar to syphilis rash, or is this some other foot dermatology condition? I haven't had anything in my genitals as far as I can remember and these things only exist here and not in my other hands or foot.
Avatar n tn Occasionally though I get some flair ups, but most recently I have been experiencing what I think is eczema. I will get an itch on the palm of my hand or arch of foot that starts as a small blister, if I scratch it gets bigger. The urge to itch is very strong and I usually end up popping the blister. The blister is filled with a clear thin water like substance. As it heals it gets hard and still itches...
Avatar n tn About a month ago or so my husband complained about an odd rash on the top of his foot but it must not have been too bothersome because he didn't do anything about it, and i never noticed it until he pointed it out...but about a week or two ago I guess the itching got worse so he started using Lotrimin, thinking it was athlete's foot...but it wasn't between his toes at all and after a few days of using it the rash started turning a dark brown, so i told him to stop using it...
Avatar f tn My son just recently showed me how is foot on the bottom close to his last pinky toe going onto another toe and all around it is red and looks like if he burned him self ,he complained that it only hurts when I touch it !!!I'm going cazy trying to find out what it can be??
Avatar m tn About half way though after a long walk (26km) I got an infection on either side of my foot. I assumed it was a friction rash, but when I came back the rash on the inside of my foot stayed for about another 8 weeks before disappearing (the picture). Then a couple of weeks later I got another similar rash on the outside of my foot which I have had for a month. Any idea what it is?
Avatar f tn Hi, around 2 weeks ago the inside of the right foot was itching and I found that there was a small, itchy rash there. There are tiny bumps there and it is a little red. I left it alone and didn't scratch it, hoping it would get better. It's 2 weeks later now and the rash has spread more on my right foot and is also on my left. I can't figure out what the rash is, but it's very uncomfortable and I'm starting to get worried since it hasn't gone away.
Avatar n tn Symptoms of fever, poor appetite and sore throat can appear three to five days after exposure. A blister-like rash on the hands, feet and in the mouth usually develops one to two days after the initial symptoms. There is no specific treatment. Treatment is aimed at fever control and maintaining good oral hydration. Take adequate fluids throughout the day and acetaminophen if there is any fever. If the symptoms persist or become severe then please consult a physician.
Avatar m tn ok..ive had this wierd rash on the top of my foot for quite a while now..probably around a year now..doesnt get any bigger but its like a brownish reddish color,if i scratch it it will start iching like crazy and i cant stop until it hurts..its not bumpy,skin doesnt flake, only itches if i scratch it by accident..i dont know how to be any more descript..if there is a cause,that should be the definition.
Avatar n tn I have the same crawling feeling on top of my foot. It feels like cobwebs are brushing against the top of my foot...really wierd feeling. I'm 46 ...near menopause...etc. but noone really seems to think much of this. But I am concerned. Are you the same age as me?
Avatar f tn You can jus buy the topical cream over the counter and put it on your rash on your foot.