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1151771 tn?1262025120 t see anything again for about 6 months when it started in her private area. Got her home from the daycare one evening and was changing her diaper and I noticed blood on her wipe, her father and I freaked out and immediately called the hospital and spoke with her on call doctor who told us to bring her to the ER right away. We feared for the worst (sexually abused at daycare). Turns out it was a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn Hello, I cannot confirm anything without examination,but it can be folliculitis,seat dermatitis,heat rash,diaper rash,contact dermatitis or psoriasis.Looking at the age of the child,diaper or heat rash is a possibility. Allow your son to wear cotton undergarments and keep the buttocks clean and hygienic.Also after washing the area with water,pat dry the buttocks.Pls do not apply any cream on the byttocks as it will leda to further clogging of pores.You can however apply a light dusting powder.
676912 tn?1332812551 Try aveeno with oatmeal...they make a diaper rash cream for it. it works pretty well on Grey's rashes for his penis.....but if it is yeast like Julia said you'll probably need a script for a yeast cream...Kahlan had a yeast rash at one point and it looked blistery and horrible and the yeast cream went on, stung a little, and 2 hours later it was almost gone. She's had a few yeast rashes since then and the stuff she was prescribed always got rid of it right away.
Avatar f tn bottom line, your child needs to be seen and get the better work up you need done. Anytime herpes is suspected/diagnosed in a child in the genital area, child protection services also is notified. It's in your best interest to get a much better evaluation done of your child. Herpes does not show up in the genital area of children and if this really is herpes going on, you need to get to the bottom of it. Sexual abuse is the way it would get there.
Avatar f tn To prevent diaper rash u wana change ur baby frequently so it dnt stay in a wet or pooped pamper for too long but vaseline I would think would be a good.
8924846 tn?1410572901 Its most likely thrush I had it around 20 weeks worse feeling ever just keep area dry and use sensitive skin products or baby diaper rash meds because its adult diaper rash
202436 tn?1326474333 Omg girl I am going through the EXACT SAME thing with Grey! He had horrid diarrhea for about 3 days and this horrible diaper rash appeared in a matter of's bright red splotches that are actually bleeding when they get wiped... it's definitely a yeast rash (he had to go in for his 1 year shots so I went ahead and had them check for his rash as well)...they put him on an anti-fungal cream but I already had some because his sister has had yeast rashes before...
284738 tn?1283106819 Dd's diaper rash always starts in that area. I would try triple cream (our ob recommends it for really bad for diaper rash) to see if it gets better.
Avatar f tn Just depends. I love Luvs, but I bought a variety of diapers to try and saved my receipts! That's my suggestion!
172023 tn?1334672284 i have everything in my diaper bag. it now substitutes as my purse when i'm out with the kids. lol. the strangest thing i've found in there.....hmmmmm....probably panty liners and pads. i know it freaked dh out when he went digging in there trying to find my chapstick and pulled out my always pad. lol.
Avatar n tn my son 14 months is having the same thing. horrible diaper rash after poop to the point he kicks cause he doesnt want we to wipe with baby wipes. i went to dr and no parasite. he too, has no fever or vomiting. he did become wuite gassy due to the constant BM's. His stool has these dark colored things in it similar to a blue berry but he is not eating anything like that. this concerns me. and the mucous is very much.
676912 tn?1332812551 Are you sure it's a diaper rash and not a yeast infection? They can sometimes be similar and the diaper rash creams won't help if it is in fact a yeast infection. If it is a diaper rash, letting the baby air dry is always recommended by our pediatrician, but of course there could be a mess! A wet rag is a good idea as well. When my kids would get really nasty diaper rashes, I used any diaper rash ointment I could get my hands on, and then put Vaseline over it.
Avatar f tn It is a pain to clean out of the folds of the area, and I find, causes more of a rash. I dont use anything but diaper cream on diaper rashes, I avoid powder altogether. It is a mess and a pain. (Not to mention if your toddler gets into it and dumps it all over your house!
Avatar f tn He took one look and knew it was a type of yeast infection - basically, it starts as slight diaper rash but develops into a larger rash that doesn't respond to typical treatment. She was prescribed econozole - however, many actually get relief from over-the-counter topical creams (apply to the skin where the rash is) for yeast infection. Perhaps your daughter's doctor, pharmacist, or nurse could advise you over the phone if it's worth trying.
Avatar f tn I plan on actually getting this bed at Wal-Mart it has a diaper changing table area and baby bassinet area and bigger baby sleep area and toddler bed and play area and toy storage area and parent organize station area all for $129 which when you figure up individually the cost of those things this is a bargain
Avatar m tn I have put on weight in the last few years and found myself sweating in that area only. What can I do to get rid of this redness soreness.
3062924 tn?1350414109 What kind of Desitin? I have no faith in the creamy because the amount of zinc is low and it doesnt stay on the area. It may be more than a diaper rash if original Desitin didn't clear it up. It could be a yeast infection rash and that usually requires a prescription from the Dr. Best thing to do is change her as soon as you notice she's wet. Use wash clothes to wipe instead of baby wipes.
Avatar f tn i had a herpes breakout genital area i touched so i have to change my toddler pamper but i believe i forget to wash my hands can i give g herpes this way ( also i rubbed diaper rash cream in his butt ) i change it a minute later after i touched i read The virus is fragile and dies when it leaves host cell should i worry ?
Avatar f tn (Diaper bag, mittens, hair care, thermometer, boppy, teething toys, diaper rash creme) and just things that are nice to have. Most people at showers don't buy the big things you've already purchased except family members so you should be okay. Baby showers are fun anyways, for games and such lol.
Avatar n tn Use some diaper rash ointment it has a thicker texture than antibiotic cream and will stay there to relieve the rubbing while walking, unlike anitibiotic cream its properties make it I guess you'd say melt on warmer areas of the body. After all its for rashes or irritations. Hope this works for ya!!!
Avatar n tn My 21-month old has always had frequent BMs, approximately 8-12 per day. She also has frequent diaper rashes (probably due to the amount of BMs) and yeast infections. She does not have diarrhea and she's not constipated, she just poops all the time! Up to this point, it's only been a minor inconvenience, but now it's becoming a problem. You can tell when she's feeling the urge to poop because she gets this look of absolute terror on her face.
Avatar n tn Grandpa watched him last weekend, and he was very ill by Tuesday, my son around the same Monday/Tuesday time too.
344352 tn?1605238012 He started solids awfully early, I say...but it sounds like he did well with them anyway. My son had his first diaper rash after he ate an overly ripe pear at about 9 months and after that whenever he ate tomatoes. The "tomato rash" covered a larger area as one bright red skin tone, the "rotten pear rash" came in several slightly raised red spots, about a quarter inch size. The "tomato rash" went away with zinc oxide ointment and by avoiding tomatoes.