Skin rash that looks like ringworm

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Avatar n tn I just found a half dime sized "blister" for lack of a better word on my upper thigh, almost to the fold where my thigh and pubic crease meet. It is red-ish on the outside, somewhat circular in shape and white and dry on the inside. I also noticed some purpura (about the size of pencil erasers) lower down adn on the other side, a total of 3. They look like blood blisters a little. These purpura showed up after I had felt a sharp pain, like being bitten by a rather large spider.
Avatar n tn very red skin, slightly elevated exterior (although that has improved some), what looks like small blisters, and very itchy (has improved). Tx: terbinafine (oral) and I've also been using a topical cream (Loprox) and coconut oil to help with the dry skin. I've been doing the above treatment for 5 days and have seen little improvement. How long will it take for some relief? Is there something else I can do? This is really taking a toll on me.
Avatar f tn i have a spot that is supposedly a ringworm. every sight i go to says ring worm is usually circular rough on the outside ring and smooth and healthy looking on the inside. the one on my arm is just the opposite. it is rough on the inside and smooth on the outside but both outside and inside are raised and redish.
Avatar n tn my mother-in-law, has a problem with the palm of her hands, it started on the right thumb and now has spreaded to all of her fingers, and on the left palm, and fingers, a round spot on her forehard, on the bottom of her left foot, and some spots on her chest under her breast, it looks like a smooth rash, it is painful at night, and when she get up in the morning, her palm on the right hand is black.
Avatar f tn Hi my daughter is nine, she developed some rash it looks like a start of ringworms, from the top of her back, to her stomach, a little on her legs. What is it, do i have to take her to a doctor, what can i use.
Avatar f tn Hi there! I am asking about a skin rash or something that I have because I am out in the middle of the bush for work at the moment. I noticed about 6 days ago what I thought was a mosquito bite. It was red, raised and itchy. I forgot about it after a couple of days and then I noticed that it no longer looked like a mosquito bite. It had a small scabby centre (from picking the scab from itching) and then around it was red like a perfect circle. The skin wasn't raised.
Avatar n tn I felt like there was improvement but after 2 weeks the rash looks just like it was before except it started turning dark and patchy. The rash peels like dead/dry skin every once in a while. I had no other symptoms no fever or anything. To be more clear let me also add I am dark skinned person, also my doctor mentioned the rash is raised exactly on my hair follicles. The rash started appearing right after I started working out in a public gym lifting heavy weights.
Avatar n tn For the past several years, a skin rash appears randomly on the my calf. It looks like ringworm but prescribed ringworm medication has not helped. It lasts 4-6 months and then eventually goes away on its own. It starts out as small raised bumps that itch and eventually grow into a large red, raised patch. What is this and how can I treat it?
Avatar m tn I have tried topical anti-fungal ointments (Lamisil), as well as Miconazole spray a week prior, and did the full 4 week treatment as well as the full 2 week treatment orally for ringworm, and I am guessing by the looks of the rash on my arm being bigger now than it was before treatment that it was most likely not ringworm.
Avatar n tn Hello, It is very difficult to say anything without examination,but the description of such rashes is typical of a ringworm infection. Ringworm is a fungal skin infection. It starts with a red rash and develops into a circular, red, inflamed patch of skin. The outer edge is more inflamed and scaly than the paler centre. So, it often looks like a ring that becomes gradually larger.
212401 tn?1193805392 Anyway latley ive had some sort of rash issue on my back cheast n neck . I first thought it was ringworm but no treatment made it go away and now its popping up here and there.It kinda looks like exzema or maybe im under attack from some weird bugs that are in my garden .
Avatar n tn I am still young and not sexually active. I have seen my doctor about the rash, he said that its looks like a ringworm which is a fungal infection. So I have been going in and out of the doctor trying different medicines each month. The medicines I have used are, Clotrimazole, Ketocnazole, Terbinafine and oral Terbinafine. The medicine didn’t work so I was sent to the hospital to the dermatology department, they took a scrape test to see if it is a fungal infection.
Avatar m tn I have no comment on your written description of the details of the rash. However, it is now apparent that you have made the diagnosis of ringworm yourself, without professional evaluation. Your rash might be consistent with that diagnosis, but also with any number of other skin problems. There is nothing in the description that specifically makes me concerned about syphilis.
Avatar n tn For now I just have to cover the few rashes I have with bandages. The ringworm-like rash I get are shaped like a small circle between .5cm-.75cm and I usually end up scratching them at night causing them to have a red border. They also leave a dark imprint when they heal. I really hope that our rashes could heal. I find that I usually get eczema outbreaks whenever the weather is cold. Well good luck treating the rashes Mystery girl and ajjcmama.
Avatar m tn It seems to have spread throughout the years. It is red and scaly and a little of what looks like white flakes. It sometimes starts hurting when I'm wearing pants and am outside in the heat for a long period of time. It has (but rarely) starts to bleed, but just a little bit. And varies in color, sometimes it really red and at other times vary light in color. It's located on my right hip.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have had ringworm as a child and remember what it looked like. I have noticed a spot on the head of my penis which looks pretty much the same. It is round/oval in shape, and raised along the edges/lines, with a sort of "clearing" in the center. I noticed this some months back, but it was smaller at the time, and I figured it was just some sort of irritation which would eventually go away. It has not gone away, and has gotten slightly larger.
Avatar n tn I have a 4 y/o son who has had for the last 2 to 3 weeks what looks like to be a rash. He was having hives about 2 months ago on and off. But this stays. I at first thought maybe ringworm, but the creams didn't work at all. I then kept trying benedryl, didn't take it away. He itches a lot, but not extremly. He does'nt get interupted sleep from it. If you feel his skin it is raised, and spotty feeling. And the patches are about 2 inches to 3 inches wide.
Avatar n tn very red skin, slightly elevated exterior (although that has improved some), what looks like small blisters, and very itchy (has improved). Tx: terbinafine (oral) and I've also been using a topical cream (Loprox) and coconut oil to help with the dry skin. I've been doing the above treatment for 5 days and have seen little improvement. How long will it take for some relief? Is there something else I can do? This is really taking a toll on me.
Avatar n tn It does not appear to have a clear middle (indicating ringworm), and there have not been any boils or pus-filled lesions (indicating herpes). Is it possible that it is just a skin rash, or is it something else? (Note the nickname-- I worry about everything-- Kaposi's Sarcoma?
Avatar n tn i have recently developed a red circular rash on my FACE that looks like ringworm but i KNOW its not......i had gone to the doctor and was treated for strep throat on 4/12/2006......they gave me a shot of anti-infamitory and prescribed me far back as i can remember i have never had any allergies to ANY medications what-so-ever....the next day i went to the dentist because of horrible pains.....
867954 tn?1356904463 from the plant can get on your clothing, and once it comes into contact with your skin, it can cause the rash. It looks a lot like a rash from one of those plants. However, given your feeling that it is linked to the B6, it could be an allergic reaction, but I would think that would have gone away by now. Have you tried Benadryl?
Avatar n tn It started on my stomach and has since spread all over my back, stomach arms and some on my legs. I was told that it is not ringworm, but nobody seems to know what else it could be. I live in a smalll town and the nearest dermatologist is over an hour away and I have no health insurance at the moment so if someone could please try to help me I would very much appreciate it.
Avatar n tn and it begins with itching in the head and down the face, and then all over, under the skin feels like things are crawling, I am aneamic, and I read that the iron tablets act contrary to the condition is this true, and I read I might have candida is this also true?? what can I do to get rid of this it also affects my skin colouring I go light and then very dark and my face looks a bit swollen, is it caused also by body changes due to menopause??? help pls.
Avatar n tn You may have granuloma annulare. It is a rash that forms rings, much like ringworm. The rings can be quite large. It starts off with just a generally scattered, red bumpy looking rash, but over time those bumps will begin to join together and form rings. The rash may or may not be itchy. I know about it because I have GA! There is no cure and virtually no effective treatment for it.
Avatar f tn I have a couple of spots size of a dime that are red and flare up and down but never go away. A lady a work yesterday said it looks like ringworm. I think she may be right. I have felt for a long time that I am covered in staph infections. My mom suggested antibacterial soap as opposed to dove that doesn't have it. I have hydrocortisone cream but don't know if that cures ringworm? I also got a small splinter in under my fingernail which I removed weeks ago.
Avatar n tn Hey Im a 21 year old woman and I have a black dark patch on my stomach as well as tiny bumps and on the outsiders of my arms I have tiny bumps as well that looks like a rash can you help please
Avatar n tn Hello, From the symptoms and pictures,it looks like tinea versicolor. Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus that lives in the skin of almost all adults. Factors that can cause the fungus to become more visible include high humidity and immune or hormone abnormalities.Treatment involves topical and oral antifungal medicines.
Avatar n tn Then there are smaller, lighter, patches spread out. There is no mucus membrane or anything like that. It looks like a bad case of dry skin. The worse place is between my thighs. Unlike the other places, there are much more "pox" like cirlces. It's dark, with no red rings, and dry and peeling a little. I put lotion on it to keep it moisterized. I researched syphilis rashes and they dont look TOO similar. I don't have a chancre that I can see.