Skin rash that looks like ringworm

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Avatar n tn I am still young and not sexually active. I have seen my doctor about the rash, he said that its looks like a ringworm which is a fungal infection. So I have been going in and out of the doctor trying different medicines each month. The medicines I have used are, Clotrimazole, Ketocnazole, Terbinafine and oral Terbinafine. The medicine didn’t work so I was sent to the hospital to the dermatology department, they took a scrape test to see if it is a fungal infection.
Avatar f tn Is it round? It looks like ringworm from that picture.
Avatar m tn Hi, My husband woke up a week ago with a red, round, angry looking rash on his leg which looks a lot like a ringworm. The only difference is that from what I've read online about ringworm is that it forms a rash in the shape of a ring but the inside is like normal skin, but my husband's rash is a perfect round and bright red pattern inside out. There are no clear or normal looking skin patches inside, it all looks the same.
Avatar n tn I felt like there was improvement but after 2 weeks the rash looks just like it was before except it started turning dark and patchy. The rash peels like dead/dry skin every once in a while. I had no other symptoms no fever or anything. To be more clear let me also add I am dark skinned person, also my doctor mentioned the rash is raised exactly on my hair follicles. The rash started appearing right after I started working out in a public gym lifting heavy weights.
Avatar n tn I just found a half dime sized "blister" for lack of a better word on my upper thigh, almost to the fold where my thigh and pubic crease meet. It is red-ish on the outside, somewhat circular in shape and white and dry on the inside. I also noticed some purpura (about the size of pencil erasers) lower down adn on the other side, a total of 3. They look like blood blisters a little. These purpura showed up after I had felt a sharp pain, like being bitten by a rather large spider.
Avatar m tn I have tried topical anti-fungal ointments (Lamisil), as well as Miconazole spray a week prior, and did the full 4 week treatment as well as the full 2 week treatment orally for ringworm, and I am guessing by the looks of the rash on my arm being bigger now than it was before treatment that it was most likely not ringworm.
Avatar n tn I have this dry circular spot about the size of a dime near the hairline near my temple (on the right side of my head). It looks like dry skin patch, but it perfectly circular. I don't know how this came about but noticed it about a week ago. It does not bother me and does not itch. Its about the same size now as I discovered it a week ago. I'm not sure what this is and it's kind of worrying me. Can anybody diagnose what this is and have a solution to get rid of this spot? Thank you.
1201401 tn?1265825254 I was diagnosed with Lupus this past December of 2009 and i wanted to know if any of you were experiencing a rash that is not itchy but looks like a ring worm in your hands and feet?? they can hurt if you press on them or if hot water touches them............
Avatar n tn very red skin, slightly elevated exterior (although that has improved some), what looks like small blisters, and very itchy (has improved). Tx: terbinafine (oral) and I've also been using a topical cream (Loprox) and coconut oil to help with the dry skin. I've been doing the above treatment for 5 days and have seen little improvement. How long will it take for some relief? Is there something else I can do? This is really taking a toll on me.
Avatar f tn ) I all ready feel better, downright relieved. And what I thought was ringworm looks just like the herald patch. It follows all the patterns, I even thought that I had a head cold for a little bit. I really appreciate your input, more than I can say. I will get it checked out, as soon as I can, but like I said you have relieved my worry!!! Thank you again!
Avatar m tn I have no comment on your written description of the details of the rash. However, it is now apparent that you have made the diagnosis of ringworm yourself, without professional evaluation. Your rash might be consistent with that diagnosis, but also with any number of other skin problems. There is nothing in the description that specifically makes me concerned about syphilis.
Avatar f tn Hi there! I am asking about a skin rash or something that I have because I am out in the middle of the bush for work at the moment. I noticed about 6 days ago what I thought was a mosquito bite. It was red, raised and itchy. I forgot about it after a couple of days and then I noticed that it no longer looked like a mosquito bite. It had a small scabby centre (from picking the scab from itching) and then around it was red like a perfect circle. The skin wasn't raised.
Avatar n tn d never notice them) is a ring-like rash. If you think that this may be a possibility, go to your doctor NOW and get tested for it. When caught in the early stages Lyme is completely treatable with antibiotics. If you let it go untreated, it can lead to permanent joint pain and fatigue, along with other unpleasant things.
867954 tn?1356900863 from the plant can get on your clothing, and once it comes into contact with your skin, it can cause the rash. It looks a lot like a rash from one of those plants. However, given your feeling that it is linked to the B6, it could be an allergic reaction, but I would think that would have gone away by now. Have you tried Benadryl?
Avatar n tn All the rash areas begin as small bumps that then turn into larger rash areas. It looks a lot like ringworm, yet the doctor reassured me that it is not contagious, so I am assuming it cannot be? Is it possible to have these symptoms but it not be tinea? The doctor also mentioned that this type of rash is asymmetrical. I share a bed with my girlfriend and do not want to spread anything to her.
Avatar f tn I have a couple of spots size of a dime that are red and flare up and down but never go away. A lady a work yesterday said it looks like ringworm. I think she may be right. I have felt for a long time that I am covered in staph infections. My mom suggested antibacterial soap as opposed to dove that doesn't have it. I have hydrocortisone cream but don't know if that cures ringworm? I also got a small splinter in under my fingernail which I removed weeks ago.
Avatar n tn My daughter has what looks to be a small little rash on her arm. It is raised a little bit and feels very dry/scaly. My wife seems to think it is Ringworm but I know Ringworm is supposed to be very contagious and it hasn't spread on her nor have either of us contracted it and we have been in contact with it numerous times I'm sure. She has had it for about 2 weeks now and it seems like it is getting better but not going away. Any information would be great, Thanks....................
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed circles appearing on my skin I get a circle the size of a small ring in between my thumb and pointed finger on and off and was not worried but then the other morning I noticed the same ring on my shoulder, it looks as if I pressed a marker cap to the skin and held it and left and there is a red impression. its a hallow ring it does not itch and is not dry not raised or sunk in.....any ideas what it might be?
Avatar m tn She went to Dermatologist who never mentioned ring worm and prescribed and antifungal cream. To me it sounds like, looks like and feels like ringworm. She needs a better treatment and to protect her from spreading it further to herself and others. What should she do?
Avatar f tn Hello, From the description of symptoms it sounds like pityriasis rosea. Pityriasis rosea is a common human skin disease which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash may be accompanied by low-grade headache, fever, nausea and fatigue and sometimes by itching. No treatment is usually required. In most patients, the condition lasts only a matter of weeks or months(upto six months). If the rash persists then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn About 6 months ago I got a red circle just below my belly button. I treated it with a Jock Itch cream (think it was Ringworm) and it went away after a week. Almost 2 weeks ago I got another red circle (slightly bigger about 5cm in diameter) above my belly button which looked remarkably similar to Ringworm. I did not treat it and a week ago noticed more red/pink rashes appear on my chest. They are not itchy at all and I would not call them scaly at all. They are also not flaking or anything.
Avatar m tn Hello, This skin rash can be due to contact dermatitis, nummular dermatitis or ringworm (fungal infection). Nummular dermatitis is a sort of eczema and allergic reaction is an important cause. Take some antihistaminic like Benadryl or Claritin and apply some calamine lotion on the rash. Also wear cotton clothes and keep the skin sweat free. If the symptoms persist then please get it examined from a dermatologist.
Avatar n tn It usually occurs in areas of the body that have skin touching skin such as the armpits, groin, and under heavy breasts or fat folds. It is characterized by an intensely red, macerated, glistening rash with scaling on the edges. The edge of the rash extends just beyond the limits of the opposing skin folds. Some people are much more susceptible than others. Some people are genetically predisposed, and can get it easily throughout life.
Avatar f tn I thought it might be MRSA but there was no open wound there, and my only other theory was a bite of some kind? I have no other symptoms other than it looks like a burn and is red and tender, and about the size of a dime. Any suggestions?