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159354 tn?1286367688 My son's bottom was very raw too when he was teething. I tried everything in terms of regular and triple paste cream and it didn't help (it seems that it irritates him more.) One day, I thought to myself that why don't I used the Epsom salt with the basin to help him with the rash ? I put Epsom salt in the small basin and let him sit in there for about few minutes (he loves it since he can splash the water around.
9583605 tn?1409517265 My doctor says I need to soak in Epsom salt twice a day to help with swelling and soreness in my vagina and rectum. Sorry if it's tmi but have any of you had to soak or had those issues?
Avatar f tn I use epsom salt every night in my bath :) its amazing
Avatar f tn Hi guys! This is my second pregnancy, and I'm around 5w4d and I don't have my first obgyn appointment until I'm 9 weeks. I'm just wondering if anyone's ever used Epsom salt for a bath to help with bad back pain, I've heard it's safe for pregnancy, but my obyns office isn't open until Monday to ask about it. I've been having terrible back pain already lol thanks!
6709254 tn?1389303349 Can I soak in Epsom salt.
Avatar f tn So, I have a little girl who is almost 8 months and she STAYS with a diaper rash. She has had the same one for well over a month now and we have done EVERYTHING. She's been to the pediatrician twice, we change her diaper every single time it's dirty, we've used Boudreauxs regular and maximum strength butt paste and we've used desitin. We've also used Johnson's baby powder AND Caldesene powder in the pink and blue bottles.
Avatar f tn Very safe, I would usually put half a cup or so/ a few tablespoons. I haven't had Epsom salts around recently so used Himalayan rock salt instead in a bath at before bed, swelling was much better in the morning but can't tell if it was from a salt bath or just sleeping :p Either way, Epsom salt baths are very healthy in pregnancy anyway so no harm in trying...
Avatar f tn Ok mommys if any of you didn't know, epsom salt baths work miracles during pregnancy! It helps sore muscles and achey backs go away, it reduces swelling, increases seratonin levels, raises magnesium levels, and it is a safe detox for your body. I hear dead sea salt baths are good too! Just make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards since it does detox!
8924846 tn?1410572901 I highly reccomend epsom salt baths! My feet and back have been killing me the past few days and my dr told me to try epsom salt baths. I feel so relaxed and not in pain after I get out. I have done it with both warm and cool water and both feel amazing!!!!!! Just add a handful of epsom salt to your bath!!
737386 tn?1254350426 I love a Epsom Salt soak in a tub. I have been told that it raises levels of magnesium, that your body absorbs it while you soak. Among other benefits, magnesium aids with the muscle function. Whatever the case, soaks definitely relieve the discomfort of arthritis and associated problems.
Avatar m tn Hi thanks for all your info on Epsom salt baths my a.
Avatar f tn I talked to a few of my friends and one adviced me to put vasaline on is and it should heal in a few days. Id been using diaper rash cream prior to that and it did nothing. Its been almost a week and I'm still pretty sore. I haven't had anal sex since but have had intercourse up until 4 days ago. Is there anything that I can do to make this heal any faster?
Avatar f tn ) to stop the itching in the mean time, go to your local health store and buy a carton of EPSOM salt, (its cheap.) fill up a warm bath and pour about two to three cups of epsom salt in it.
Avatar f tn Is it okay to take an epsom salt bath? I know not to use super hot water for baths and all that but I was wondering if it was okay to throw some salt in it. Please say it is! My muscles are soreee!
Avatar f tn Sea salt or epsom salt? Sea salt i would imagine will dry out your skin,epsoms good for aches not sure about soaking in it while pregnant though. Bump..
Avatar f tn Is it ok for me to soak in a bath with Epsom salt? I'm 23 weeks and I walked a lot yesterday I awoke in pain.