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Avatar f tn Also, along with your diapers and wipes each month you can add other things like rash cream etc. It has worked well for us, and my daughter responds well to their products. I have found that I dont go through all of the wipes they send every month so I have started a little stock pile, but that is ok because they can be used for more then just a diaper change.
Avatar f tn I know it sounds strange but if u still have breast milk that will work better than any diaper cream 2 clear up rash cause all t antibodies. My midwife told me 2 try it when my daughter was a baby. Worked great, fast and compleatly safe.
Avatar f tn But the only cream I can use with my son who is now three and potty trained and sill gets an occasional rash due to extremely sensitive skin is the aveeno baby fragrance free soothing relief diaper rash cream. Same for baby wash only brand that Durant make him red, rashy, bumpy, skin peel etc you get the point lol I've even tried expensive organic stuff only the aveeno in our world lol can't use desitin bc it's not fragrance free.
4654179 tn?1595183520 For those already moms, whats the best diaper rash cream out there? There is so many brands are out there. I bought the Destin (spelling) and was wondering if that's was a good kind.
Avatar f tn Could just be a regular diaper rash, butif it's not going away it could be a yeast diaper rash. If regular diaper cream doesn't clear it up within a few days, talk to his doctor. You may need a special topical cream (possibly Nystatin cream) if it's a yeast diaper rash. You could try a little cornstarch to keep his bum dry and change his diaper often. Also, keep it clean and give it some time to air dry too.
Avatar f tn it could also be the cream you use. desitin burns my daughters but so iuse A&D diaper rash cream. &also keep her diaper off for uh lil that will also help.
9182722 tn?1403784024 The Vaseline is a lubricant to help keep his bottom dry to prevent more rash, the fungal/yeast creams help because many times baby will have test contributing to the rash(yes even boys) and the diaper cream helps with the rash too obviously and the cortisone helps with inflammation (don't use too much it's a steroid), I would also add you should call and confirm(quick call should be fine) with his doctor that this will be okay for your baby (I sing know your baby or any medical conditio
Avatar f tn So I stopped shavin dwn there for a la'while because it's kinda tender & tonight I decided to shave. Anyways, I took a mirror to look dwn there ( it's jst somethin I have a habit of doin ) & I saw wht looks like a diaper rash. I have a Dr appt tmrw so I plan on askin her wht can I use but have any of you ladies experienced this & if you did, is there anythin tht you can suggest tht I can use or do for it ?
Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
8975030 tn?1402144712 For diaper rash cream mix the arrow root with coconut oil. Again you can add herbs. This time add to the oil and infuse it. (Mason jar placed in a pot of water. Put oil and herbs in jar and allow to warm until you xxx an smell the herbs in the oil. Then allow to cool and mix with arrow root powder until ypu get a cream consistency. The exact ratio is trial and error.) In any case, these are natural ways you can feel safe using.
Avatar f tn My poor baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. I've been using desitin and a&d but it doesn't seem to be working?? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I would suggest lots of air time, and when her rash is clear, use vaseline after each change to keep the moisture off of her. Also, Sudocream is the best diaper rash cream I have used. She may need some hydrocortisone cream to treat the inflammation, but this should be used sparingly and not long term, as it can thin the skin. It's something the doctor can prescribe in addition to the yeast cream.
290867 tn?1333569278 I do agree with carrie78 if your breastfeeding what you eat can give them a rash. If I ate peanut's my dd would get a rash. Desitin work's really well and Nystatin is for yeast. It work's really well. And if you put the Nystatin on first then the Desitin , the Destitin will help keep the Nystatin on like when he pee's. It act's as a barrier. Hope that help's.
377493 tn?1356502149 This afternoon when I changed my 1 year old's diaper I discovered that the tip of his penis is a bright red. No raised bumps or anything, and when I touched it it didn't seem to hurt him at all. No rash anywhere else, just there. He is uncircumcised and we have not had a rash or problem there before. He is teething, and I read somewhere that their urine can become quite acidic during this time making them more prone to diaper rash.
Avatar f tn what i found worked miracles for a nasty diaper rash is the boob cream for cracked nipples when bfeeding. A nurse said this once for burns or diaper rashes etc...
Avatar f tn Do not use baby powder! I would call her pediatrician & have them look at it. Also, if you are breastfeeding, squirt breastmilk all over the diaper, that's better than diaper cream. Worked on all my babies, though they rarely had rash.
344352 tn?1605238012 I think the Aveeno one and the Johnson and Johnson kinds are very low. The ONLY diaper rash cream with a high amount of zinc oxide is Desitin Original at 40% !!! That's a lot higher than the rest of them and I've been using that on my son since he was about 2 months old (he got a rash using Balmex, so I switched). We put it on him around 2-3 times per day (definitely at night).
Avatar f tn my18 month old daughter has a rash that started off near her diaper area on her upper inner thigh. i tried every diaper rash cream i could think of, every lotion, bag balm, nystatin cream and 1% hydrocortison cream. but none of these seemed to clear up the red bumps. she has had no strep throat, no high fever and has not been exposed to any new detergents, animals, or diapers. concerned, i took her to her pediatrician. he said. welll im not 100% sure what this is. i will give you G.E.T.
676912 tn?1332812551 I have heard that if you put the diaper rash cream on baby's skin while it is still wet/moist from the cleansing cloth you are actaully sleaing in the moisture and making the rash worse. I am not sure about the powders. I use the A&D stuff. After I remove the diaper and clean with the diaper cloth, I then take a kleenex to dry his skin, then I put the cream on. If I do that at every change the rash generally doesn't last more than a day for the most part.
676912 tn?1332812551 We have always used Triple Paste. It is quite expensive, but our son used to get diaper rash so bad that it would bleed (lots of antibiotics from his ear infections). You can get it over the counter at Walgreens or any other drug store. It helps clear it up right away. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Since last night it looked really bad I put the cream its the desitin diaper rash cream. Now its kinda gone bt.
Avatar f tn My favorite diaper rash cream is A and D ointment they have a cream and an ointment I think they both work about the same.baby oil I agree with above^^ usually only for craddle cap. Lotion I love the smell of the stuff in the pink bottle ( pregnant brain can't remember the name right now) they also have a lavender lotion to help them sleep on non bath nights.
Avatar f tn You need bottles, bottle cleaners ,bibs, socks, boppy diaper rash cream ,blankets,towels,bathtub, diaper bag , etc . Just little thing you need ..
Avatar f tn I was prescribed a combo of yeast cream, antibiotic cream and zinc oxide cream that I still use when I see signs of a rash, and she's almost 2. Initially they also put her on a dose of oral antibiotics. It will clear up, but you need your doctors help at this point. Good luck!
Avatar f tn When my daughter had a really bad diaper rash while she was in the hospital (for a respiratory problem) the nurses mixed up a cream for her that took care of it in one day corn starch mallox petroleum jelly balmex mix together and it makes a nice cream that works really well, I still use it today if my girls get a red booty