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Avatar n tn So when my son was born i used luvs up until he wore size 3 then i switched to huggies but idk if he is getting some allergy to them i noticed some mosquito bite look alike bump on his privates and i thought maybe hes getting diaper rash since his stools have been loose so i put some diaper rash ointment now i noticed every time i wipe him i feel hes in pain and the little bump sort of opened up like a bad scratch what could it be can it be the diapers o a nappy rash?
Avatar f tn You can just leave the diaper off for a bit and let the area get some air. You can also just use diaper rash creme as prevention if you want.
Avatar f tn You need bottles, bottle cleaners ,bibs, socks, boppy diaper rash cream ,blankets,towels,bathtub, diaper bag , etc . Just little thing you need ..
Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
Avatar f tn My daughter had horrible diaper rash and it would come out of no where. Just change her diaper often abs keep her bottom as dry as possible. Even if you lay her on a towel bare bottom so she had plenty of time to dry out also..
Avatar f tn Someome please help me. My daughter has a bad diaper rash i keep putting on rash cream and i think it gets worst :( i dont know what else to put on her or do? She cries alot and is very irritated by it. If anyone knows please help and let me.know thankyou.
Avatar f tn it is good for nappy rash...can buy in pharmacy.
Avatar f tn Sometimes diaper rash can get so serious the pediatrician should see it. If the child has open sores on his or her bottom, it might be time to call in at the doctor. I used to have pretty good luck with some of the creams meant for yeast-based infections, but you need to ask your pedi.
9182722 tn?1403784024 HELP! My four week old son has a really bad diaper rash, please mommies tell me what's the best thing to use to get rid of it :/ I feel like crying my son is in pain!
3062962 tn?1406743961 Sounds like you should worry about wipes and not the diaper lol. As I said my mom never had an issue with diaper rash the only babies ive ever known to have it severely were neglected. As I said i understand some irritation but severe I say negligent parent. My opinion tho and I havent had my baby yet tho ive babysat forever never had an issue. Goodluck...also ask the hospital or dhs they may have classes or info that could be helpful for cloth diapers.
4654179 tn?1595183520 My poor baby has suffered on and off with diaper rash. I've changed diaper brands and have been using Destin religiously. Any ideas that could help?
3062924 tn?1350414109 I'm a ftm and my daughter has a diaper rash. I put destin on her when I change her n try to change her every 2 hrs or so. Except at night. Instead of getting better it looks worse. I was gonna go to the dr but theres a blizzard. Any other ideas to help until we can get to the dr???
676912 tn?1332812551 ve always used vaseline on and off if the kids get diaper rash, it seems to help a lot. Also use either a warm or cold wash cloth instead of wipes like kellym said. If you have the time, give him a bath in the morning when he wakes up and at night before he goes to bed, this really helped clear mine up after a day and a half.
Avatar f tn Just wondering what other moms did for diaper rash? About day 5 my daughter got it and three days later we are still trying to heal it. We have powders and creams for diaper rash, which do seem to help. I guess I'm wondering if there's more I can do or should be doing other than changing frequently and using the products?
Avatar f tn So I stopped shavin dwn there for a la'while because it's kinda tender & tonight I decided to shave. Anyways, I took a mirror to look dwn there ( it's jst somethin I have a habit of doin ) & I saw wht looks like a diaper rash. I have a Dr appt tmrw so I plan on askin her wht can I use but have any of you ladies experienced this & if you did, is there anythin tht you can suggest tht I can use or do for it ?
Avatar m tn Try diaper rash cream. It sounds like u just masturbate to roughly or to much or both. Diaper rash cream works, and it will sooth it! Hope this helps, any other questions feel free to message me.
938326 tn?1300878804 My little one(10 months) has had a terrible bum rash(scaling, raw and extremely uncomfortable for her) due to diarreah. I am a firm believer in cornstarch until this time when it didnt seem to work. I had gotten a prescription from the dr for canesten. I took it in and the script was going to cost 40 dollars. The pharmacist secretly(without having a problem paying full cost) told me of the same product for 12 dollars.
8975030 tn?1402144712 Hi, Consider giving her some diaper free time Letting her bottom air out can help. You can make your own baby powder using arrow root It's located in the baking section of health food stores. Either use it plain or mixed with chamomile flowers (dried) and calendula flowers (dried). Put it in a shaker bottle. For diaper rash cream mix the arrow root with coconut oil. Again you can add herbs. This time add to the oil and infuse it. (Mason jar placed in a pot of water.
Avatar f tn My poor baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. I've been using desitin and a&d but it doesn't seem to be working?? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn What is the best cream i can use for diaper rash ?? My 15 month daughter got 1 and idk what to put on her ..
Avatar f tn In addition, see if you can get her to eat a little yogurt (to put back the intestinal bacteria destroyed by the antibiotic). That helps our DD along with the Lotrimin ointment. If she won't eat it directly, we would mix it in with some milk. Our first DD only drank choc milk, so I got the choc whips yogurt to add to it. Restalyn also was a good diaper rash helper.
3930380 tn?1357887113 So my daughter is 2 weeks old I breastfeed her and she's been having a rash I can't get rid of its on her butt and really red and blustered I feel so bad when I change her cuz I know it hurts her. I've tried coconut oil, jojoba oil, destitin, corn starch, and letting her air out without a diaper for awhile and nothing seems to help. I've even used just water and paper towels instead of wet wipes to c if that's what's been bugging her cuz my first was allergic to them.
1194973 tn?1385503904 Does anyone know if a diaper rash can itch? Or is it possible a yeast infection can? It seems slightly silly to call her doctor about it, so I was hoping to get an answer from you ladies.
Avatar f tn Could just be a regular diaper rash, butif it's not going away it could be a yeast diaper rash. If regular diaper cream doesn't clear it up within a few days, talk to his doctor. You may need a special topical cream (possibly Nystatin cream) if it's a yeast diaper rash. You could try a little cornstarch to keep his bum dry and change his diaper often. Also, keep it clean and give it some time to air dry too.