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344352 tn?1605238012 my 6 month old son has a wicked case of diaper rash. just started 2 days ago. he has never had a problem. i keep him very clean (bath every night) and change his diaper every hour-2 hours. he has been pooping alot lately. 5 times a day. not diarrhea! it is normal consistency. he has been on cereal since he is 8 weeks, fruit (bananas, applasauce and pears) for 2 months. and veggies (carrots, peas, sweet potatoes and squash) for over a month. i put desitin on it every diaper change...
Avatar m tn The white you see more near my crotch is a diaper rash type of ointment and hydro-cortisone cream that seems to help temporarily. I am going to schedule an appointment, but does anyone have any idea what this is? Thank you for any help. http://imgur.
Avatar n tn s bottom if he or she has a yeast-based diaper rash. I always used to have it in our diaper bag, which invariably made my girlfriends laugh.
Avatar f tn D ointment and the Desitin both worked great-except baby 2 the Desitin was too strong or she is allergic her skin developed a weird rash (not a diaper rash) but went away as soon as I stopped using it and stuck with the A&D diaper ointment.
Avatar f tn But opening the rash to air is very helpful. The best diaper rash ointment I have seen is Butt Paste. It is a great ointment. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Yup I've been cheating and using my peri bottle the hospital gave me after I delivered my daughter. Spray it clean and pat it dry. Saves on soreness and tp!
467126 tn?1283144858 My 13 month old has a really bad red rash in her diaper...i feel so bad! i bathe her every night , i use vaseline(gel) and vaseline (the cream)..ive also tried the new creams for diaper rashes etc.. and none work!!! its so frustrating!!! we change her diapers as often as we can,,,,and the rash keep on coming back!!! she has been teething, some people say its because of that , what are your thought ladies?
Avatar f tn We were told by our pediatrician to be careful with what wipes we used since a lot of the ingredients are not tested for long term effects. After our daughter had a diaper rash at 5 weeks I was told not to use wipes while the rash healed. I stopped using them and now she's 21 months and I never used them again. I tried homemade wipes with a roll of Viva paper towels cut in half, but they got moldy before I used them all. GROSS. So I just use soap, water and a wash cloth for poopies.
514349 tn?1272801633 After bathing, I like to sprinkle some body powder in certain areas that tend to retain moisture. On a recent doctor visit, she was shocked to see talc on my skin and said I shouldn't use it as it is implicated in certain cancers. I've hear that talcum powder might contribute to ovarian cancer, but wasn't sure this was one of those "urban myths".
187316 tn?1386356682 Since Aspen was born we have been struggling with a diaper rash. I've done everything I can think of to clear it up as well. I change her diapers as soon as they get a little wet or dirty, I let her air dry during the day, I've used A&D ointments, desitin (or however you spell it) and bottom butter from palmers. I even had the doctor prescribe her ointment for a yeast infection to see if that would clear it up.
Avatar f tn My son has never had a rash that lasted linger than a couple diaper changes. I use it every time he starts getting red. Idk if they sell it in the baby section my dads friend bought it for me and told me about it. But she said you can get it at Walmart. Its a medicated powder.
Avatar f tn So I have been trying diaper rash creams, frozen pads, that spray and little tucks pads they give you when you leave the hospital but that actually burns. I don't know what else to do, help!
4715985 tn?1371582997 The first couple days was uncomfortable then it got better.....but now i feel like i have a diaper rash???? I never wore pads before and obviously now i have too but it feels like the area between my vagina and my butthole feels like its rashy. Is this normal or even possible to get a rash from a pad?
Avatar f tn Could just be a regular diaper rash, butif it's not going away it could be a yeast diaper rash. If regular diaper cream doesn't clear it up within a few days, talk to his doctor. You may need a special topical cream (possibly Nystatin cream) if it's a yeast diaper rash. You could try a little cornstarch to keep his bum dry and change his diaper often. Also, keep it clean and give it some time to air dry too.
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178590 tn?1294176767 etc...environmental costs..etc...diaper rash cream (since there tends to be more diaper rash with cloth than disposable...etc.. After reading it, both have pros and cons equally. Have you sent off to Luvs, Pampers, and Huggies for free diapers? They will send coupons for a free pack when you send them proof of having twins. In addition, they will send you GOOD coupons also..as in $5, $2 off. Our Kroger has packs of Pampers diapers this week for $8.99 if you buy three packs...
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Avatar n tn I just had a new born on 10/13/15...when I change her diaper she has this RED rash on her buns wit a little bit of blood...
5913031 tn?1382391190 Summers eve also makes a spray to spray down there to keep you dry
676912 tn?1332812551 When my kids would get really nasty diaper rashes, I used any diaper rash ointment I could get my hands on, and then put Vaseline over it. If it is a yeast infection, some Vagisil would do the trick. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Someome please help me. My daughter has a bad diaper rash i keep putting on rash cream and i think it gets worst :( i dont know what else to put on her or do? She cries alot and is very irritated by it. If anyone knows please help and let me.know thankyou.
4654179 tn?1595183520 My poor baby has suffered on and off with diaper rash. I've changed diaper brands and have been using Destin religiously. Any ideas that could help?
3930380 tn?1357887113 Make sure to keep her clean and dry. Bath her before bed time and use burst bees diaper rash ointment. With my daughter she rarely got diaper rash but when she did it sees nothing would make it go away we literally bought a bottle of every ointment and burst bees was the only thing that would make a difference. Walmart and target have it.
Avatar f tn Just wondering what other moms did for diaper rash? About day 5 my daughter got it and three days later we are still trying to heal it. We have powders and creams for diaper rash, which do seem to help. I guess I'm wondering if there's more I can do or should be doing other than changing frequently and using the products?
3062924 tn?1350414109 I'm a ftm and my daughter has a diaper rash. I put destin on her when I change her n try to change her every 2 hrs or so. Except at night. Instead of getting better it looks worse. I was gonna go to the dr but theres a blizzard. Any other ideas to help until we can get to the dr???
Avatar f tn What is the best cream i can use for diaper rash ?? My 15 month daughter got 1 and idk what to put on her ..
Avatar f tn So I stopped shavin dwn there for a la'while because it's kinda tender & tonight I decided to shave. Anyways, I took a mirror to look dwn there ( it's jst somethin I have a habit of doin ) & I saw wht looks like a diaper rash. I have a Dr appt tmrw so I plan on askin her wht can I use but have any of you ladies experienced this & if you did, is there anythin tht you can suggest tht I can use or do for it ?
Avatar f tn diapers asap I bought huggies n ever since tht my sons had a diaper rash.? Has anyone experienced this too?
Avatar f tn My poor baby has a pretty bad diaper rash. I've been using desitin and a&d but it doesn't seem to be working?? Any suggestions?