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Avatar n tn My daughter is eight, and she went on a field trip at school, and was in the sun all day. This was a week ago. Since then she has had this red leopard shaped rash. It seems to go a way a little bit when she is out of the sun. We were driving and the part on here leg that is getting sun from the window made here leg break out in that rash. it doesn't seem to be raised, but it is all over in the areas that get exposed. Does anyone know what this may be?
Avatar f tn I have a feeling that the rash you have may be from the sunscreen. Even if you have used Coppertone before, the mixture of being on an antibiotic, using the sunscreen and being in the sun for a few hours could cause a rash and sounds likely in this situation. I would switch sunscreen brands (I often use childrens sunscreen because I find it to be less irritating). You also might want to use a lotion as opposed to a spray. It should start clearing up in a few days.
Avatar m tn But zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sunscreens are usually more expensive while I can use any type on sunscreen on my legs because they are not sensitive. Some of the sunscreen got on my arms and I developed a rash so I assumed the ones on my waist were a result of me somehow transferring it to my waist. But then the one on my arm disappeared like 5 days after using hydrocortisone but the ones on my waist remained. I then did a body check and discovered more rashes of the same kind.
509215 tn?1363535823 I have a question about being allergic to sunscreen. A few months ago, I decided to try to start using sunscreen to protect my face from the sun. I tried "Coppertone oil free facial sunscreen" over a few weeks time. Right from the start,I had itchiness. After a few days of using it, I noticed a burning feeling on my cheeks. I stopped using it for a few days, then tried it again, thinking it might have been the makeup I was using along with it.
Avatar f tn It takes 3-5 days of using the product for the rash to appear. Upon stopping the sunscreen, it takes about 2 weeks for the rash to go away. There are very few sunscreens that my face seems to tolerate. They are the "natural" sunscreens (Origins and Burt's Bees, JASON). However, I am indian and they make me look sickly, grey. I am a professional and need to look presentable. Are there any sunscreens I can use that won't cause a rash and will allow my skin to look normal?
Avatar n tn The best one I can recommend is by Clarins and is made from minerals rather than chemicals. It is also possible that the rash is caused by the sun itself, I am photosensitive and get a rash from exposure to UV rays.
Avatar f tn Half way through I applied sunscreen . In less than two days after this hike, I developed itchy skin and then a rash on my chest area, one of the places where I had applied the sunscreen. The only place I get this is usually in exposed areas that are not covered by clothing, typically my face and now my chest. Over night the rash turned into very tiny acne like bumps, and within hours those bumps developed even smaller heads on them.
Avatar n tn where it is extremely itchy and turns red! A few years back I went to Italy and I got this rash again ..this year I went to Punta Cana..and i almost got the rash until i discovered why it was reacting like this. I do have sensitive skin, although over time your skin becomes more sensitive. I got rashes when I used tanning oil ...and it was bad...this time I said I was going to be smart and use sunscreen and then all the sudden i felt itchy around my chest area.
Avatar f tn When my face is exposed to the sun I develop a raised rash all over my face which is red and blotchy but also with lots of white spots. The rash only occurs on my face even if the rest of my body is exposed. I wear a factor 50 sunscreen and try to cover my face as much as possible but it generally occurs whenever I am in the sun for a period of time. The rash usually takes up to five days to clear and can be quite sore.
9041091 tn?1410417329 My daughter just bRoke out with an eczema rash.. which sunscreen worked best for your lil ones.
Avatar f tn Your welcome. I kind of figured you were having an allergic reaction.Your Dr will know if the rash is from the sunscreen and or the antibiotic. That's good that you only had one more dose of your antibiotic left. Ask your Dr if you can use an oatmeal based bath soak to help with the rash. Let us know what you find out.
Avatar n tn my brother believes (also a red head) that it has formed into a rash, from the itching of the previous dead skin. "kindd" thank you for the advice, anymore with this, new info would be wonderful thank you.
2059648 tn?1439766665 As an integral part of the prescribed treatment for Hepatitis C, some individuals develop a rash from ribavirin – and this side effect can be exacerbated by exposure to intense sunlight or other UV light, such as tanning beds. In addition, consumers are urged to be aware of the greater potential for a photosensitive reaction when combining ribavirin with one of the above listed drugs known for increasing sensitivity to the sun.
959034 tn?1253671476 I've never had a sunburn rash. It hurts! What should I do? It is hot/red. Very dry.
Avatar f tn I develop a rash on my neck at beginning of summer or when i visit hot places like Arizona occasionally. I live in CA, now I'm getting one. It only happenes to my neck. It starts like red blotchies here and there, (not bumpy) itchies. It consists like a month or abit more. Towards healing end, red marks turns into brownish color and that area skin looks like wrinkles like after sunburned. It doesn't happen often.
Avatar n tn I had bought all these lotions and products they worjed for a bit but it didnt last so.now i only put sunscreen.
Avatar n tn I posted a comment last night (Jo 498) Although I'm not sure what my rash is from the sun certainly seems to aggravate it, so how does a person know if they're allergic to the sun. My rash is worse upperbody, arms mostly. I've tried staying out of the sun for a few days, but doesn't seem to get much better. Any inside info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn A good sunscreen with spf15 should be fine.Microfined zinc oxide is the best.
Avatar f tn Can I be allergic to chlorine? What caused the rash? How long does is take to heal from chlorine reactions? Are more meds needed?
Avatar f tn I have had urticaria in the past from heat rash and the rash did not have little white heads. It is likely that you are sweating more and the pores are getting blocked up hence the little white heads. It also looks from the photo that you have an oily skin, and these type of spots are quite common on that type of skin. Have you noticed at all apart from the sun, whether this is linked to round the time of your period?
Avatar n tn t ffgure out if its a reaction to sunscreen or sun. I used tanning oil two days ago and I thought it was that but yesturday I used regular sunscreen and it got worse. I didn't start itching until about 5 hours of sun exposure. I haven't used sunscreen on my legs and they have barely itched but my back, chest, stomach, and arms have broken out into a rash and itched horribly! I've taken benadryl and do not know what else to do!
Avatar n tn I just have to control myself from itching or apply aloevera skin cream to soothen it.This is a everyday work as i go out everyday.....so my skin is always red and i am itching throughout the day.....what treatment should i take for it and how much harmful is this sunburn and itching for my skin....what kind of disease can i have if it continues in this way??
Avatar f tn I have a red patch of skin that appears on my neck from time to time. It gets very hot and bright red and stays there for 1-3 hours and then returns to its natural pale color. This usually happens a few times a week. It doesn't seem to be affected by temperature and I haven't been able to correlate it to anything else. The skin itself itchy and doesn't feel dry ... or anything besides really, really warm. Have you heard of anything like this before? Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I always wear sunscreen, and have recently tried Slide, purchased from our bike shop (it does not help). The rash is bright red, blotchy, and does not itch, but feels like a sunburn. Some of the areas are slightly raised, but no pustules form. The rash is bright red the day after riding, then gradually fades over the next 4-7 days. My family practitioner and dermatologist have looked at the rash soon after it appears, and have no idea what could be causing it.
4896357 tn?1360670904 Triple Therapy, all 3 meds have sun sensitivity. I used sunscreen for couple hours one time and rash came the next week with a vengence. Most red, painful ever. See my photos on profile. I did get the worst rash of 1% of those on triple therapy. Be very careful, While being treated, the Sun can be your enemy. If on incivek the rash appears at 58 days post treatment.... But other blotchy stuff can appear before... Good Luck!