Raised white skin lesions

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Avatar n tn The prognosis is good for him to date; however, he has been breaking out with skin lesions that seems to baffle everyone including the Dr.'s. They have conducted biopsy after biopsy including outpatient and everything comes back negative. These skin lesions begin like a pimple rather large in size, some like a half dollar some smaller, very painful then begin to open and fester and ooze.
Avatar n tn Since I could remember, I have noticed that my penile shaft has had tiny (size of a pinpoint) raised, flat, pink lesions. And to my knowledge these lesions have never disappeared. They tend to grow in clusters and have always sprouted more and more lesions. One clutch of lesions lies directly over a small vein. I am unsure as to what these lesions are and am hesitant in having intercourse for fear of passing an infection on to my girlfriend.
Avatar n tn Hello, One possibility for such kind of lesions could be boil or carbuncle. A boil, also referred to as a skin abscess, is a localized infection deep in the skin. A boil generally starts as a reddened, tender area. Over time, the area becomes firm and hard. Eventually, the center of the abscess softens and becomes filled with pus. Apply warm compresses and topical antibiotic cream on the boils like Mupirocin or Bactroban.If the symptoms persist then oral antibiotics may be needed.
Avatar n tn I have suddenly come out in a raised white rash - over my chest and shoulders and back, it is at times itchy. They are not blisters just smooth lumps of skin in different shapes, mostly small, som eoblong.. also I am suffering aches in my arms and back. a little dizzy too. My hands and feet a little sore at times... feeling a bit ill too. any ideas? do I need to go to a doctor asap?
Avatar n tn (i really dont know what they are) that are on the outside of the skin of my penis. The lesions are 1mm or less in diameter, not painfull, pink to off white in colour, almost look like a whitehead but when I squeeze them nothing pops or comes out. They are slightly raised and can be very difficuly to see without direct light. They are quite small and I can not observe there surface because of their size. I am not really sure how long I have had them...perhaps they have always been there.
Avatar n tn Hi, For white lesions of the skin the differentials would be pityriasis alba, tinea versicolor and vitiligo . The cause of pityriasis alba is unknown , tinea vesicolor is a fungal infection , vitiligo has an autoimmune origin . Pityriasis alba usually occurs in children and young adults and may have very fine scales in the center of the lesions.The lesion is usually poorly marginated. Tinea present as white lesions but on covered areas may be brown or reddish in color.
Avatar n tn Then as the night progressed, parts of my skin had raised white bumps which looks like mosquito bites. The itching progressed but i decided to put an ice pack and some hydrocortizon lotion to help sooth the pain. I woke up 4 am in the morning and the itch spread to my stomach and back and the white/red raised bumps were in patches all over my stomach and back. I am not medically allergic to anything food related which is why i am freaking out! Please help!
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been diagnosed with exczema and have flaky white skin frequently on my arms and little white bumps on my elbows. Also, a patch of red exczema rash on my ankles. Recently though I've noticed some dots appear that are similar to the bumps on the elbows but raised a bit more irritated, with a white center like a pimple. On my arms mainly. I was worried about bug bites but now I'm thinking maybe folliculitis?
Avatar m tn i have a big problem right now. my penis is uncircumsized and it has a raised bumpy rash on the foreskin, from time to time the bumps looks like they are turning white. any idea of what this promblem is???
Avatar n tn When I am not erect, you can notice these lesions but they look like they are a part of the skin. However, when I stretch out the skin of the tip of the penis, I can see these lesions much more clearly, and that part of the penis is covered with these and it looks quite rough. When I rub this area, these lesions seem to become a reddish color along with the rest of the skin.
Avatar m tn It almost looks like worms under the skin around them. ... meaning the skin is raised in areas. Inside their seems to also be semi circle things, idk what they are. If you remove one of the fleshy things it bleeds like hell them stops suddenly within about 3 seconds. I'm atthe end of my rope. They continue to spread and ruin my skin. Sometimes when I'm tired I think about putting acid on them cause I can't go on public anyway. Please if anyone knows what this is help!
Avatar m tn i have a big problem right now. my penis is uncircumsized and it has a raised bumpy rash on the foreskin, from time to time the bumps looks like they are turning white. any idea of what this promblem is???
Avatar f tn They are about 2 inches apart, there is no other color around the but they are irregularly shaped. Neither is raised and I don't think the skin feels rough. Any idea what they could be?
Avatar f tn You literally are describing me, I've been stressing anxiety you name it. I sometimes even cry ! I think I have theses tiny lesions on my skin from scratching so much that the skin just got so raw and irritated. It never goes away and becomes worst after or before my period is when I really notice it. It isn't really visible at all. But once I start itching it becomes raised and little bumps like hives show up. In the morning I wake up with so much discharge dried on my my labia.
Avatar m tn At this point - KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF ANY NEW LESIONS!!! stop picking at them!!! Since you are getting new lesions - try to be seen by your provider today for a herpes pcr swab of them or a viral lesion culture. Make sure they order it to be typed if it is + for hsv. It could be hsv1 genitally or it could be hsv2 and not showing up on the blood test yet. I also think getting a bacterial culture at this point wouldn't be a bad idea.
Avatar f tn I am a 47 woman with appx. 19 brain lesions in the white matter of my brain. Have had several MRI's was misdiagnosed and treated for MS for several years before a new neurologist stated it is not MS. Spinal Taps are negative, Negative for Lymes. Am currently taking, Neurontin, Celebrex, Cymbalta, a muscle relaxer, Trazadone. Have intermintent periods of dizziness and loss of balance. Had a problem with WPW.
Avatar m tn It was hard and raised from the skin. It did not have white puss or anything like that. It never itched or was painful and did not pop. I also had brown moles appear in my pubic area and on my testicle. The doctor said it could have been hpv and decided to freeze them off. He also said the bump did not "look" like the typical herpes. But from what i have read it could look like one small pimple and is raised from the skin, as opposed to in the skin. He decided to freeze that off too.
Avatar m tn My skin is dark, otherwise it'd be impossible to see, it still takes me a few seconds to find it. It's not raised, not a bump...just a small white spot about the size of a pin head (.1-2mm maybe). Wondering what this could be. What's the % that an STD could linger for 6 years and then appear as a little white spot (hasn't changed in 2 weeks)? Feels like I would have seen something sooner, or if it were a wart it'd be developing quicker.
Avatar f tn I am being covered with what I call a rash. It is white, and the appearance varies. In some places there are hard, raised bumps. It is everywhere. It does not itch. I've tried everything, changed detergents, bath soap, different kinds of diets. The ones on my face are hard and flat. Does anyone know what this is?
Avatar n tn There was no visible ulcer, only reddish, slightly raised skin which lasted one day (day 2). On the following day, he had very subtle pink marks where the lesions had been (day 3). By the next morning, there was absolutely no evidence of anything but healthy skin (day 4). Does this sound like a herpes outbreak? My second question is this: can herpetic lesions be absolutely painless?
Avatar m tn Read the various posts to Dr' Handsfield and Hook and look how many people get these bumps, lesions, white marks, pimples, etc and the Doctors assure them it is notand STD and when these people go to their physicians, they tell them the same thing. HPV isn't what you guys have either!! My suggestion is to ignore it and it will go away!
Avatar m tn If possible to transmit it even with protected sex, through the contact skin to skin if we touch the lesions on our partner's skin. The only true protection against this virus is vaccination.
Avatar n tn Hi, Skin cancer is unlikely to present as multiple, sequentially developing, white lesions on the scrotal skin. The skin biopsy too is negative for cancer. You may see a dermatologist for ruling out conditions like vitiligo etc.
Avatar f tn I noticed days after leaving the hospital, I had several raised lesions on my legs and a few unoticeable ones on my arms. The ones on my legs seemed severe compared to the ones found on my arm area. They range from the top of my thigh area down to my lower ankles. None on my feet. I have been to see my primary physician as well as a dermatologist, and still don't feel that they know what it is. The dermatologist gave me a steriod shot, and some anti-itch pills.
Avatar f tn I have 3 small raised hard bumps/spots on the skin of my legs which have been there over a year. First they were white and now they have gone red. What are they and is there anyway of removing them?
147426 tn?1317269232 MY QUICK AND DIRTY EXPLANATION OF HOW MRI'S SHOW LESIONS IN MS I am going to overexplain the MRI with contrast / without contrast thing again, so that you and your husband can have it as clear as possible in your minds. MS does it's damage by causing the nerves in localized areas in the brain and spinal cord to lose their protective sheaths, called myelin.
Avatar m tn Anyway I believe they are but they are only small and tend to be flattish or slightly raised and don't take the form of what I expect warts to be like or pictures I have seen on the internet. They do turn white with vinegar. I also have an area of skin on the frenulum which looks completely normal but turns white with vinegar. I know I have been exposed to hpv as my ex has had to have cells removed from her cervix using the leep procedure.