Raised white skin lesions

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Avatar f tn My daughter (14y) has intermittent raised white partially round lesions (sometimes small straight lines or dots) under the skin on her palms and soles. When they show, they itch so badly that they hurt. If she scratches them, they get extremely raised and white. They go away and more return. No scaly patches. No red rings. It is not tinea (ringworm). No contact derm issues. No other physiologic symptoms. Help!
Avatar n tn d give you a shot at it! On one of my fingers I have a bunch of tiny white bubble looking spots underneath my skin. (No lesions, no itching). However when I run my finger over the area it feels hard. The skin is only slightly raised over the area where the "bubbles" are. The little spots are also slightly discolored (white).
Avatar n tn all on my inner foreskin(i can count maybe 3 more).... they usually start out as small white raised dots and spread into a gray circle with a white edge.... I have no idea what this is...all these patches are not painful at all.... when i was in my late teens I had a case of lichen planus of the skin (I had a few small itchy gray patches with raised white edges on my arms and legs)... the patches on my foreskin however don't itch at all! they aren't even sensitive....
Avatar f tn I dont think the spots will appear that soon. There is an incubation period. I recommend u go see a doctor.
Avatar f tn My fingertips, on the palm are brighter red than the rest of the fingers and sometimes turn purpleish-red. The red skin is turning tougher than the white skin. The bottom of my feet is the same way. My chest, in the area right below my neck is the same. My cheeks, nose, and sometimes my forehead and chin are red. Last week for the first time, the flat rash on my cheeks actually raised and then it went down of there is now a rough spot, almost like a burn.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had small, very hard, white lesions, deep under the skin?
Avatar m tn Fungal infections lead to multiple areas of raised and ringed lesions with bumps in the boundaries and clearing within. Eczema is a progression of dryness coupled with a immune reaction to it, leading to the development of crusty and dry lesions. Rosacea, is a form of sun sensitivity leading to lesions on the face near the nose and eyebrows. Each of these has a distinct treatment plan,and your doctor would be able to prescribe them easily. however, they may have one common basis.
Avatar n tn They are pin head sized, in small clusters of 5-10 (unlike the previous warts). None of them are raised (unless skin is stretched a large amount) and they are white in colour. It was my belief that they had been there prior to being first diagnosed but the Doctor said they should be treated anyway, just in case. Because of the colour, and uniform size I am unsure if these are warts.
Avatar m tn It almost looks like worms under the skin around them. ... meaning the skin is raised in areas. Inside their seems to also be semi circle things, idk what they are. If you remove one of the fleshy things it bleeds like hell them stops suddenly within about 3 seconds. I'm atthe end of my rope. They continue to spread and ruin my skin. Sometimes when I'm tired I think about putting acid on them cause I can't go on public anyway. Please if anyone knows what this is help!
Avatar m tn Less than 24 hrs later my upperlip had a white raised rash sourounded by many smaller white bumps , the corners of my mouth are also white and blotchy. The bottom lip seems ok except for being chaped and cracked. I have used vaseline for 4 days not and it has not helped. It only makes the lips burn. Cool liquids seem to south the lips temporarily . Here's the catch because of my earlier problem i have been on Levequin for 3 weeks for a possible prostate infection which has gone away.
Avatar n tn Hi This morning I woke up with a white spot on the head of my penis. It doesn't appear raised or hurt to the touch. I read Dr Handsfield post "Herpes lesions go from red bump to blister to open sore to scab and then healing over 10-14 days. " Does that mean that if this were herpes it would have been red first?
Avatar f tn It is also on my arms, legs, stomach and back in the form of circular, dry, scaly, raised lesions. There are also 2 linear skin lesions on my right tricep/lattisimus dorsi that appear red, raised, scaly. I also have severe dandruff now. My PCP initially prescribed prednisone in case it was an allergic reaction--no changes. I had blood drawn and STD testing/urinalysis--all normal and negative. I also requested an ANA for fear of lupus or RA-- also came back negative.
Avatar n tn Hi, I've been diagnosed with exczema and have flaky white skin frequently on my arms and little white bumps on my elbows. Also, a patch of red exczema rash on my ankles. Recently though I've noticed some dots appear that are similar to the bumps on the elbows but raised a bit more irritated, with a white center like a pimple. On my arms mainly. I was worried about bug bites but now I'm thinking maybe folliculitis?
Avatar f tn I have noticed a red single pimple like pump (white head raised) on my left inner thigh. Can herpes appear as a single pimple? Or is it clustered in a patch? It doesn't itch or hurt. But is sore if I press on to it.
Avatar n tn Since I could remember, I have noticed that my penile shaft has had tiny (size of a pinpoint) raised, flat, pink lesions. And to my knowledge these lesions have never disappeared. They tend to grow in clusters and have always sprouted more and more lesions. One clutch of lesions lies directly over a small vein. I am unsure as to what these lesions are and am hesitant in having intercourse for fear of passing an infection on to my girlfriend.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your input. I did indeed have molluscum because I saw the little hard white cores that were extracted from me. Unfortunately it is extremely hard for me to see my dermatologist because appointments have to be made weeks out, and unlike the molluscum, this small red patch of skin comes and goes as it pleases. I saw my GP today and there was nothing, but two days ago it was there.
Avatar m tn They are not white? Or they are not white and filled with puss?
Avatar n tn You correctly understand that the vinegar test is unreliable; dermatologists and STD experts rarely use it. Some non-HPV lesions turn white, and HPV lesions do not. Most skin bumps that look like moles are just that -- moles and nothing more. However, neither a wart nor a mole would be easily scraped away; that aspect makes me wonder about a seborrheic keratosis. But all this is speculation until and unless you are professionally examined.
Avatar n tn Hi, The image is not very clear but it does show that the lesions are clustered together, they are slightly red to skin colored, they are raised, slightly irregular, no pus and they do not ulcerate. For this type of skin condition with a history of sexual contact, primary differentials will be warts, molluscum contangiosum, and folliculitis. I still consider genital warts here because of the irregularly shaped lesions. They also appear to have rough edges (am I correct?) .
Avatar f tn There doesnt appear to have any white layer or any crust whatsoever. The skin doesnt look broken and no real lesions appear to be present.
Avatar m tn I took a igg test after four weeks and came back neg. Now the pressure came back and have raised skin around my anus and perineal raphe. It itches but dosent burn or hurt? While examining it, it i felt it popped but still dosent hurt, also having night sweats. Does this sounds like herpes? I have taken another igg test just waiting on results.
Avatar m tn By friday this area was no longer much of a concern except where I had the pimple-like lesion was still slightly raised, hard(as if the skin is tougher). It still had the glossy/shiny look to it where it was slightly raised. No pain, no ulcerations, no scabing, just this slightly raised tough/shinny skinned spot that was purple/reddish. Could this be because of possible bruising I had caused it by the constant picking and poking? Today, it is pretty much not noticable at all.
Avatar m tn They are usually oval in growth and raised forming rough surface in the skin. They are numerous small, smooth, flat (pinhead sized) lesions on forehead, cheeks, arms, or legs. They are usually painless and do not appear after 3 days of exposure only. From your symptoms, herpes lesions should be ruled out. This infection is usually transmitted by direct contact with a lesion or the body fluid of an infected individual and thus may spread through skin-to-skin contact or through sexual contact.
Avatar m tn Additionally, a wound on my knee has developed a cluster of white/gray lesions, which have not dissipated in over two weeks ... these lesions do not cause me any pain or discomfort. I sought out advice from the STI clinician only to have her reassure me that my symptoms were not related to HSV or HPV. Recently (within the last week) my girlfriend developed a rash on her arm which presents as a red rash, similar in coloration to my own, with various raised and yellowish sores.
Avatar m tn It was hard and raised from the skin. It did not have white puss or anything like that. It never itched or was painful and did not pop. I also had brown moles appear in my pubic area and on my testicle. The doctor said it could have been hpv and decided to freeze them off. He also said the bump did not "look" like the typical herpes. But from what i have read it could look like one small pimple and is raised from the skin, as opposed to in the skin. He decided to freeze that off too.
Avatar n tn I have seen 4 doctors and a dermatologist who were all unsure about what is going on with new skin lesions on my feet, elbow, calf and penis for the past week. I normally have no skin issues or allergies. History of onset: 5-6 days ago I woke up with a 1.5 x 1.5 sore circular raised area of skin on my left big toe/hallux and two smaller 0.3cm x 0.3cm lesions which were red and slightly raised on the same toe.
Avatar m tn 0mm) lower in right quadrant, maybe 1 mm below the hair. slightly raised, maybe to normal skin level. What has me worried is the white spot. Could the spot have been a herpes blister) or normal healing process from a deeper part of the sore since i did scratch. I should also mention no sex in a year, blood test for igg elisa 6 months ago negative for 1 and 2. Questions: 1. Opinion on the white area 2.