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6754484 tn?1389148134 On Wednesday I had to go to the hospital because I was having trouble breathing and feeling dizzy as a result. I was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and pretty much told to quit smoking or die. It's easy to ignore one's own speculation that you'd better quit smoking, or you will die, but when a doctor tells you that it's a bit scary. I know he was making a big deal and I'm not about to just keel over and die in the next day or two, but still.
Avatar n tn I quit smoking and started the gym 5 days a week and changed my eating habit since oct 25, 2010 about 4 weeks ago. This week: zits, pimples, bad mood and my anxiety shot up like crazy, my anxiety attacks me physicaly ( chest pain) but I know it's only my anxiety but it's still anoying and scary. Is this normal???? I quit cold turkey after smoking for 14 yrs! Im thinking maybe with all the changes Ive made Ive sped up the toxins to come out....?
2195822 tn?1341060511 Meeting my newborn little boy and seeing how my little girl reacts to him! 3. A glass of red wine! Or malibu and coke 4. Maybe a cigarette (I quit both pregnancies and at least If I have one after baby's born I have nothing to feel bad about :) ) 5. Eating Pate! 6. Chocolate cake! (gestational diabetic, haven't been allowed sugar) 7. Testing out my double buggy! 8, Having no bump/ feeling comfortable again. 9. Not peeing 100000 times a day. 10.
Avatar m tn I had quit smoking on Jan 1st so I attributed these symptoms to withdrawal and readjusting to a non-smoking lifestyle. Since then I have started smoking again (due to the breakup) and these symptoms didn't continue. This did NOT coincide with any of my current symptoms. - I feel as though my entire genital region has been itching somewhat lately.
Avatar n tn I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and 3-4 days a week I excersise and i quit smoking 7 months ago and I still feel the same no different. I am so exhausted. I am sick of this. I dont know what to do. If you have endo are you exhuasted like this? I never really recovered from pregnancy 3 yrs ago and i feel utterly dead to the world and i dont understand why.. I need some support here if anyone can help. I know that most of you know my story and You all have been so helpful to me.
Avatar n tn Oh my god, Tammy, I have this same problem. It's awful. It started out with me just enjoying popping zits and squeezing pores. But now I use my tweezers on any spot on my body where I can pull or pick something out of my skin, whether it's dirt in pores, pus, or body hairs. I know it's so embarrassing to talk about and I'm glad I'm not alone on this. I even don't care if anyone sees me doing it.
1303813 tn?1303162962 Plus he said it would help him quit smoking as well... HE REALLLLLLY WANTS TO FEEED. LOL. But I will express so it gets everything, and I will not be able to wean them off whereas I would with bottles I have done it with my brother and sister, my step mum finds it hard to wean them off.... Its something I want to doo... But just worried. But I want it to have the best... Breast and expressing is the best option for me I think... im not being stupid about it am i??
Avatar n tn I have been a slave to pain pills for 10 years now. Tried to quit many times, but never could stay clean all that long. Take it from me: MAKE THIS YOUR ONE AND ONLY divorce from the evil blue pills, and you will not have to suffer as I have. I, too came from a "recreational user" background. Boy did I ever regret my choice of drug--why couldn't I be addicted to pot, or something else?????? (Not to belittle anyone's pot addiciton)....
1973938 tn?1325979991 If they could live in the basement apt and take care of it, pay rent, buy their own groceries and quit the pot smoking and the benzo use, I'd be OK with that until they get a better footing... assuming he doesn't quit this job too. And get off the methadone. I know it takes time. If I understand it right, they decrease by 2 mg every week. Is that a good thing? After reading more on here, I realized that her brain is not the same brain pre-Spain. Maybe I am asking too much too soon....
Avatar m tn i get bumps from it and i can pop them like pimples. that's my favorite thing to do, but i also pop zits on my face, arms, and chest. and more recently i discovered that i can pull out little hairs from my butt (ya, its kinda weird) and thats also something that i do alot. i've been picking since i dont even know how long. it started as just popping pimples and at bumps on my arms. my arms got so scabbed up that i never wore short sleeve shirts.
Avatar n tn I need help because now depression is setting in. I am hungry and I am afraid to face the world. I even quit working because I don't want people to see me. I have dumped the man in my life because I felt unattractive. My periods are out of control and I can't sleep most nights. Everyone I ask gives me a different opinion of what is happening (all of my friends are older and have gone through this). My moods are batting home runs out of control and I don't like who I have become.
Avatar n tn I don't drink alcohol of any kind, no drugs, don't smoke, don't eat sugar, can't use dairy products, don't drink caffiene or have any fun at all. No wait I had to quit drinking because of alcoholism the smoking soon followed then the sugar. Quitting caffiene is a new thing. The thing is this burning after ejaculation has happened sporadicaly no matter what I ingest or abstain from. I'm going to cut back on the salt and see if that helps. I'm just glad to find out I'm not alone.
909086 tn?1242664364 So I have cut out ALL caffeine, which seems to have helped, and changed my diet. I also quit smoking (a pack a day) as I figured at the very least, it certainly couldn't have been helping with the palpitations.
Avatar f tn i honestly dont know whats worse cause at least i can cover zits with makeup...i cannot even cover this. did i mention its extremely painful? it doesn't itch though it feels like its burning! my family says that it is all in my head and i do it to myself but i don't know how that could be. Help.
Avatar f tn Boy it's a hard drug. I've gained about 7 kilo about 15.5 pounds and tons of zits. I never had 1 zit durring puberty. I am on 75 mg imuran and another word for Losec is Omepradex 40 mg per day. When did you start with all this?
Avatar n tn I am used to 7 days of placebo pills rather than only 4. Is Yaz's concentration any different from the common birth control pills? Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
288415 tn?1231634102 My room mate and I quit smoking. we starting getting the same symptoms and blamed on physical change due to quitting smoking. we are now both losing sleep.
Avatar n tn I lasted 8 weeks on Seasonique and I finally just quit. 2 days after I started the pills, the bleeding began. And it wasn't just spotting - it was constant flow, like a typical period. Soaking a pad, not just a pantyliner! I kept taking the pill, telling myself to just stick with it and it would surely end soon. I had a scheduled appt. with my OB-GYN on 9/7, so I discussed the bleeding with her.
Avatar n tn It has to be a side effect of gett off the pill because I just finished my last pack of pills and didn't start a new one, so I was on my period when I quit taking the pills. That was August 5th. My husband and I had sex on the 12th. My breasts started getting sore a couple days ago - maybe the 16th or 17th. I can't imagine me being pregnant already, and since I've never had breast tenderness before I can only associate it with stopping the pill. This is the only strange symptom I've had.
Avatar n tn For anyone struggling with this same situation, I urge you to consider changing your diet. Cut out sugars, junk food, drinking, smoking, etc. Anything and everything bad. As the book, Clean, points out: you are what you eat.. and more importantly, you "eat what you are". Since giving up sodas and candy bars, I find that I now crave salads. After 30+ years of craving candy bars and classic cokes, that's a mind boggling statement for someone like me to say, but it's true.
Avatar n tn I was smoking but got what seemed like burns all over my tongue..very painful burns. Like bumps. I kept rinsing my mouth with hydrogen peroxide ...and they have healed....but I have stopped the hcg as well. i can't tell if there is a connection..... could it be viral.....?
Avatar n tn I started getting bit by gnats all over, not just my scalp, in early spring of last year & it got steadily worse til I was also at the end of my rope. I tryed all kinds of different ideas but none stopped biting til I found repellent by( Dancingroots.com) that helped, he also told me about a company that makes a natural enzyme soap, (Safesolutions.
Avatar m tn i ended up going to the local japanese shop and buying salmon eggs which can get a little expensive but it works like a charm i tell you.i also quit smoking and started swimming at the local pool which also helped. seriously people, try the salmon eggs, let me know how it goes! hope this helps everyone!
Avatar n tn You have to refrain from sex (which wasn't hard) and use it every night. As soon as you quit using it the tears happen again. Like I said mine are on the outside, and there have been a few time when it has torn while having a bowel movement. Someone else had mentioned that too. I am thinking about seeing someone about reconstruction to see if they can help me. And yes, we've tried all the lube in the world.