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Avatar n tn I quit a 35 yr 1 pack a day smoking habit almost 3 months ago so I know that you can do it. Get rid of the cigs and reach for something else you like when you wake up. I used Chantix with great results. Good luck.
Avatar n tn i just quit smoking aand have been having these anxiety attacks. also chest pain and back pain. anyone have simlar results when quiting smoking? it bothering me and i am getting very frusterated.
Avatar f tn HELLO~ I was just wondering how anyone on here was able to quit smoking.....just curious what works and what doesnt.....before i go spend loads of $ on stuff that doesnt work. I have never tried to quit before. I like smoking. But, it is sooooo expensive and I know all the bad health issues that come with it...which is why id like to stop! Any advice would be fantastic! thanks!
Avatar f tn I began my quit last July with the lozenge, but only took it for 5 days because it caused too much heartburn so just went cold turkey from there. I had a small relapse in Oct, but never smoked more than 2 cigs a day until Nov 27th which is my official quit date now. I found that smoking a couple vs a pack a day made the withdrawal more tolerable the second time. I smoked for 33yrs and now have never felt better and the way to start quitting is to just do it!! Good luck, we're here for you.
Avatar n tn i was treated in 2008 with peg/copeg. i had quit smoking. i was a non responder. i am currently in my 2nd week of the triple tx. i am smoking now...slowly trying to quit. I go for my first vl testing may 30. im interested to see how it goes.
Avatar m tn When you first started smoking, your body rejected it and you kept smoking until your body accepted it....now you've got to reverse that habit. Don't swap one chemical habit for another...by that I mean, don't depend on Patches, or whatevers....just like cigarettes, there will be a time when you don't have the patch, and you'll be going through withdrawals for the patch... Quitting smoking (for most) will not happen overnight...
Avatar f tn I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and I never took up eating to take the place of them. I am walking 3 miles about 50 min 4 times a week and I do upper body weights as well 4 times a week and I am still gaining weight. I am eating about 2000 cals a day some days a little less. Lets say I am 50 years old :) My arms and legs are toning up but the mid section is getting bigger! Will this even out as my body gets used to no smoking? Not looking to lose pounds but inches, lots of inches!!
1365078 tn?1284498084 Help! I quit smoking in March - I expected some weight gain and increased my exercise - decreased my intake. I gained 20 lbs in 6 weeks! I went to the doctor and had blood tests run - my TSH Sensitive was 1.930 uIU/mL and my FT4 is .57 ng/dL. Is that normal? The PA said it was normal, but I still can't lose any weight - even doing three workouts a day and consuming 1200 calories or less!
250701 tn?1320978365 I am trying to quit smoking while on treatment but it is so hard. I have smoked a long long time and with tx and stress at work it is impossible. Anyone else smoke?
Avatar n tn I quit smoking 15 days ago after smoking for 30 years up to 2 packs a day. It's been really hard putting up with the symptoms I experienced but seem to be easing up but I have very little to no desire to go back to smoking again. The idea of smoking again scares me. Shortness of breath is no fun and scary. Still breathing but sometimes it feels like I need to take a deep breath yet I can't get one! I do know how to keep myself from hyperventelating though.
Avatar f tn now heres where my messed up situation happens. last year i quit smoking for 6 months. i realize i wouldnt feel the best for the first few months and excepted that.but what happen was really upsetting and confusing. not only did i have no and i mean no energy i was gaining weight fast. i went to my regular yearly physical about 4 months after quitting.she then noticed that my thyroid was enlarged and did some tests. when the doc.
498385 tn?1362453004 I started to lose my happiness and reality it seemed like,can't go to the bathroom,can't sleep and weird dreams,at first I thought this is worth it as long as I quit smoking but now I think not. I turned into the pycho from H****.Has anybody had these great results but awful feelings from this stuff?
Avatar f tn Yes, YES, YES-- quit smoking now. Tomorrow it might be too late. You don't know where the point of no return is.
Avatar f tn i just read how mother is in rehab because shes a heroin addict she found out at two months and decided rehab amd is trying to get better and u cant quit smoking!! u mam are ****** selfish.
Avatar n tn Being on this tx has caused me to quit smoking. Started tx 5/21 and my last cigarette was 6/8. After all the negative things I have experienced from these meds this is one positive. Let's just hope it lasts.
Avatar f tn So for the ulcer to heal and to reduce acid levels avoid NSAID's, quit smoking, eliminate alcohol and reduce stress levels. OTC antacids and antibiotics to treat H pylori further aid in therapy. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn There isn't any direct link to not smoking and lower blood sugar results, that I am aware of. In fact, most of the time, they believe that if you quit- you likely will develop type 2 because you are more likely to gain weight. That said, you have made a lot of changes for your health- and my guess is, you are seeing the results from a combination of them. Keep working on lower those blood sugar numbers- you have made a lot of progress!
Avatar n tn Finally, will my recovery for my current 2years of smoking be complicated because of the smoking 25 years ago? I do get more upset as I read more about the effects of smoking and vow to stay smoke free. I regret having smoked especially the current episode because I had never thought of them in most of my adult life and feel I have really opened myself to great harm because of a previous history. Thank You for this great service you provide I am grateful for your time and expertise.
Avatar n tn At least quit smoking. Thats my goal for now. I don't think addiction is mostly in your mind because I know what it's like to hurt from these things but it has alot to do with habit and ritual. I hope this helps.
1442059 tn?1340244552 Welcome to the forum! I am sorry to hear you feel so bad but the bright side is you are starting treatment. I was a smoker and coffee drinker for 43 years. Never thought I could survive without both of these crutches. I quit smoking 2 years ago with Chantix and the support of a "quit" class at a local university. The Chantix worked well for me and I laid it all down within two weeks. I quit taking the Chantix at that point and never picked up another cigarette.
520691 tn?1213965444 I started a low carb diet and workout regimen and have lost 21 lbs, im sure that helped too! I also quit smoking almost 6 month ago and i haven't drank any alcohol in that long either!!!!
Avatar m tn im very glad your choosing to quit smoking weed but you should have stopped when you found out you were pregnant. my mom smoked weed when she was pregnant with me and i have depression, anxiety, asthma, thyroid disease, other numerous health problems and i went through withdrawls when i was born. i was also born 2 1/2 months early and weighed 1 pd 3 oz. i fit into the palm of my moms hand when i was born. ive had so many problems bc of her smoking weed.
Avatar m tn Of course the best thing to do is to know the status of your liver disease and then decided if you are ready to treat the hepatitis. Not smoking or changing your diet is not going to stop the virus from progressively damaging your liver only treatment will. "i love smoking" It is called "addiction", not love. If you haven't figured out that smoking is a one of the worse things you can do to your health then I don't know what can convince you.
Avatar m tn Again, if you really want to quit and take back control, you will have to realize that smoking DOES NOT relieve stress but only adds to it. Here is an article from whyquit.com that goes to the heart of the matter: I Have to Smoke Because of All My Stress! Stress is considered a cause for smoking by many people. Actually, smoking is a cause of stress. Recent correspondence dealt with reasons people give for going back to smoking: social situations, parties, alcohol consumption and stress.
1565702 tn?1295296430 Dont wait until the choice to quit becomes to either quit smoking or to quit breathing. Or both. It is very very hard to get the mindset, but it is all about the mindset that will get you thru, not alternative therepies or tapering or anything else. Just lay em down and keep going and dont look back.
540521 tn?1221703306 First I'd like to say good for you for trying to quit. When I quit smoking on Aug 8th, 2007 I decided to quit Cold Turkey, Told my self if that doesnt work I'll try for the patch, or something else to help me quit. Thankfully quitting cold turkey worked for me, I'll tell ya it wasn't easy, it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. First few days were hell for me but I started feeling a little better as time went by.
Avatar f tn Hi how can i quit smoking? I developed hbp about a yr ago and now doc thinks i have mitral valve prolaspe have been tested for that but wont get results from that until the 13 this month.I really want to quit and get my health back at least better than it is now iv started eating healthy and started walking some but cant walk much because i get to weak after only about 20 minutes and i desperatly want to quit smoking i just feel like i cant do it alone as iv smoked for 30 yrs.
Avatar f tn One of my Dr.s told me to quit 1 to 2 weeks before surgery, I did as instructed and ironically, I then had every complication I could get other than death!. I was a smoker for every other surgery I ever had w zero complications all other times. So go figure? My mom had 2 mastectomies done at different times (5 years in between them) and has smoked heavily for about 50 years and had zero complications.
209987 tn?1451939065 thought it's about time to quit smoking as well. I've read the literature...I know how bad smoking is...I know it CAUSES anxiety and does not relieve it in any way, shape, or form. Now is a very good time to quit because I have the urge to do so. I have been having very bad chest pains for the past week now...not sure if they are anxiety induced or not, but I don't care...I need to stop smoking, and need to do it now!