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Avatar n tn I have been taking Prozac for two years for OCD with good improvement in symptoms.I am also alcoholic but have been off drink and attending meetings of AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) for 20 years.I was diagnosed with OCD 2 years ago and although the Prozac has helped me a lot Ihave conflict with taking medication long term and would like to consider going off medication by tapering the dose but am wary that symptoms might return. any comments /suggestions how best to go about it!
248167 tn?1220367290 , so i'd stop before side effects were unbearable and try something else. Prozac didn't work for me, but it might work for you, and you won't know until you try. If you work, you can always start on your days off, if you are really scared. Keep in mind, finding the right meds is trial and error, but is definately worth it! Just be patient if the first med is not the right one. Don't give up! My life was a living hell untill I got on the right meds at the right dose.
Avatar n tn I from time to time need to take prozac. It's not for everyone but if it works for you don't let anyone else tell you it's wrong. There are side affects to the drug but you'll find that with any drug. It doesn't necessarily mean you will experience all or any of them. I found I felt so **** that putting up with a couple of side affects, which went quite quickly, was worth it. I just wanted to feel better, me again. It does take between 4 - 6 weeks on average to start working.
Avatar f tn I used to take Prozac for my anxiety, panic disorder, and OCD, and it seemed to work great. About a year ago I quit cold-turkey because I lost a family member and I thought that the medications had stopped working. I totally regret it. I have been taking Prozac again for 3 weeks now. I started 1 week on 10 MG and now for 2 weeks have been on 20. My anxiety seems to be a little better.. I am more calm..
1665434 tn?1365242498 i have unwanted thoughts and i was gaving prozac for this 4 weeks ago i feel worst than ever my anxiesty and depression is got very bad is it normal to feel like this when starting a ssri drug our should i go bad to my docyor or wait a few weeks more
Avatar n tn Hi Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the drug of choice for OCD. The common SSRIs include fluoxetine (Prozac), sertraline (Zoloft), paroxetine (Paxil) and fluvoxamine (Luvox). The main indication for SSRIs are depression, anxiety, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, eating disorders and sometimes Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However it should be remembered that all medications must be taken under medical supervision.
Avatar n tn I have been on Prozac in the past for OCD and panic attacks as well as a very similar situation to what you explained about fear of medical illness despite being healthy. It worked wonders for me and I was able to think normally again. I also had good effects with anafranil but had to come off because of a low blood pressure side effect. It took about 4 weeks to feel the full effect of the prozac unlike the immediate relief of the xanax.
Avatar n tn I have taken prozac off and on for 20 years. This last reason I started taking prozac was because my hubby was going to Iraq and I started my checking and worrying about him. He is back now and I have weened myself off again of prozac and I have this awful headache that wont go away. I have had the headache for 4 days now. I have weened myself off plenty of times and never felt like this.
Avatar n tn I want to thank you again for your quick responce to my last question! A brief re-cap....I have a histroy of partial seizures with an EEG that shows spikes coming from the left parietal lobe. I've been seizure free since I was 20 (I'm 27 now). I have OCD and am be treating successfully with Prozac (50mg) and therapy. Over the past couple of months I've been experiencing tinging, pins and needles and some numbness around my mouth and in my right hand. I also experience mild tinnitus.
Avatar f tn 20 mg prozac is a low dosage and generally not in the therapuetic range for OCD treatment. Generally dosages are 20 to 40 mg for depression, and 60 to 80 mg (and occasionally higher) for OCD. I personally took 80 mg prozac for 16 years. And I agree with JGF25. Long term effects? I wouldn't BE HERE long term if I hadn't taken meds. I also have low thyroid. Years ago, my dr. said to just view my SSRI as I do my thyroid supplement, something my body needs.
Avatar n tn There are some other behaviors that have led the docs to lean towards OCD but I have written quite a bit already. Any advice I can get will be welcome. Thanks for listening.
Avatar n tn Imagine he had a severely broken leg, and was thus unable to walk for a while. Would this place some strains on the family? Yes, because you would have to extend yourself for him for a time. But you would not be pressuring him to get better. Think of the OCD the same way. You are doing the caring, responsible thing by getting him help. That's good. Now give him time as he tries to master this challenge. It takes time, and he needs your understanding.
Avatar n tn I have a 25-yr old brother in Turkey who has been diagnosed with prolonged depression and OCD. We lost our father 13 yrs ago. He was murdered, and my brother saw his father's body right after the incident. My brother says he has several questions he has had since he was 9 yrs old.
Avatar f tn I also feel alone as I know that there is millions of people who have OCD but no one that I know, and my husband thinks I'm dumb for worrying about things over and over. I guess repitition is insanity though, ha. I know I'm not crazy, I feel like I'm doing things that aren't apart of the image I have of myself, or who I want to be. OCD shouldn't have this control over anyone, but it's hard to fight off your brain. Anyways, if you need to talk, I can relate to you, and your not alone!
Avatar n tn We had sex three times this weekend and he only finished once. He takes Prozac for OCD. He doesn't know that I know, but a big part of his OCD is "gay OCD." Which I've talked to doctors about and they said that people with OCD who are paranoid with thoughts about being gay are not. They usually have these thoughts because they are worried and don't want to give up being with people of the opposite sex. I do not think my boyfriend is gay.
Avatar n tn Hi. I am on 40 mg of prozac for anxiety and OCD. My obgyn just bumped me up to 60mg b/c I am still anxious and having increased OCD post partum. Does anyone take this much? If so are there any increased side effects? Did it make you feel that much better than 40mg? I am concerned b/c the pharmacist was like"whoa, that is a high dose" when I went in to fill it. I don't want to be taking too much.
Avatar m tn I was diagnosed with ocd and was prescribed Prozac. But I am not taking it for the fear of side effects and withdrawl issues. So I researched about the natural treatments and have been taking the following supplements for my OCD in the given amounts and have seen improvement in the way my brain handles irrational fears- Vitamin B6- 40mg/day Vitamin B12-1mg/day Folic acid-1.6 mg/day Vitamin D3- 60K UI powder sachet/week Ashwagandha(Withania Somnifera)- 500mg/day Cod Liver Oil(Omega 3)- 1.
Avatar f tn I take Prozac for OCD. I have had OCD for many years but just started taking Prozac in October. I have gradually noticed a difference and usually for the better but still have times when I seem like I'm slipping back again. I have also noticed that I have times elevated mood,which is it's almost too Anyway hope that you find the medication thats right for you. the way I take 30mg a day.
Avatar f tn about a year and a half ago i was finally sent to a psychiatrist when 40mg of prozac wasnt doing anything much. She diagnosed me with bipolar, anxiety and OCD. She upped me to 60mg of the prozac which actually did help but also put me on seroquel xl which im now on 300mg of an miratazipine 15mg at night to help me sleep a bit better.
Avatar f tn I was on fluoxetine (Prozac) for over a year from July 2011 then weaned off as was feeling and doing great and not wanting to be dependent on them, I had a bad week 5 week ago now with sleep so my doctor put me back on them and after 1/2 week felt great off 20mg at tea time, now this last week mainly from Wednesday I feel rubbish I know I'm getting 7/8 hours sleep but not feeling refreshed was wondering if changing to take it morning at 20mg and see if it works better or carry on tea time taking
Avatar f tn I don't think that it is prescribed as much for OCD as the SSRIs but it does seem to work for me. I have not gained a bunch of weight and it doesn't kill a person's sex drive like the others do. Maybe worth a discussion with your prescribing doctor.
Avatar n tn I was also told to eat turkey for L Tryptophan. Do you think this is an appropiate treatment for ocd? I had taken an SSRI called Prozac before but I was not able to tolerate it as they used to cause some pressure in my head so my doctor had told me to stop taking the pills. Does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy help ?
Avatar n tn I've been taking 20 mg of Prozac for about a year. I am trying to come off due to sexual side effects. I've been on 10mg for a little over three weeks and have had a lot of anxiety. I was always an anxious person but it has been really bad the last week especially in the morning. Is this a withdrawal side effect. Similar experience?
286686 tn?1416015940 Also, I wonder if maybe one of the older more established medications may work for him such as Prozac. That worked well for me but so does Wellbutrin which I currently take. Also, you didn't mention how bad his OCD is. Did they ever suggest taking a benzo such as klonopin as well? As far as therapy goes, I am happy to see that you are switching. He definitely needs to learn cognitive behavioral therapy.
Avatar n tn I was just recently prescribed topamax in addition to my small dose 20mg of Prozac daily for OCD/anxiety. I have always been indecisive when it comes to big decisions and this has alsways casued me much anxiety. I told my doctor that prozac just did not seem to be doing anything for me and that a higher dose seemed to make me more anxious or more jittery, he than prescribed topamax. Do you agree with his assessment?
414333 tn?1226195093 I asked my doctor if he could help me get off any faster as i still had many side effects. His only offer of help was Prozac which I refused to take for my own reasons, I guess. Finally, November 29, of 2007, I admitted myself to a hospital with a substance abuse program. It was a total disaster as they took me off my 1/2 pill in three days and put me on 5 other medications, all for anxiety relief. My blood pressure soared so meds were added for that.
Avatar n tn Our child was on Prozac for a year when she was six years old - she sufferd from severe anxiety and depression. We had major issues with the Prozac. Her doctor placed her on Effexor for two-three years with moderate success but some side effects as sweating and poor sleep issues. She now takes a very low dose of Celexa and is doing well. If it were me, I think I might choose point (3) with one of the newer SSRI's (they tend to have fewer side effects).
Avatar n tn I know FDA approved it only for depression. Or should I ask for Prozac, which has FDA approval for OCD? Appreciate your response. Thanks.