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Avatar f tn I've been on Protonix for several years, recently my dosage was upped to two 40 mg. I have nighttime reflux, never any symptoms during the day. All lifestyle changes made, bed elevation, not eating after 6:00pm, etc. etc. My doctor, whom I consider an able physician, has repeatedly assured me of the safety of the PPI class of drugs. Even said her 9 year old daughter was on Protonix.
Avatar f tn My husband has locked my stash in the safe and bought an eyedropper to measure my doses. I am aware that I don't have enough for a nice year long withdrawal. At 58mgs I was on and having 4000mgs left I was wondering what you guys suggest. Should I just quit cold turkey? I want to make an appointment with my physician but the last time I talked to him about methadone he said he was not versed in it and didn't have a good enough relationship with me to help (that was a long time ago).
270554 tn?1289515247 There can be rebound reflux. In other words, when the proton pumps that help to form the acid are shut down for a period of time, when they turn back on the production of acid can be much higher than normal for a period of time. When someone comes off of a PPI, it might be a good idea to taper slowly and then transition to an H2 product. 'Cold turkey' is not a good idea.
Avatar f tn I dealt with he believes since I didn't tolerate the drug well to begin with, then quit cold turkey, and also I take Protonix which they said made the drug stay in me longer than normal is causing this, but offered no solution/time frame.  I'm very sensitive to most drugs I've ever taken also.  I don't want another to put another antidepressant in my body.  Will this end?  I'm so scared of how I feel right now.   I feel extremely hopeless.
270554 tn?1289515247 I'm 4 days in with withdrawal and suffering from all the symptoms - Depression, anxiety, de-personalization, shaking, unable to do normal task, can't drive, no appeite, dizzyness, insomina, fast heart beat.... Can benadryl help with some of these symptoms? If I take it at night? Or in the day as well? I know I did a few post on anxiety with my issue, but I need to know if this can help?
Avatar f tn I dealt with he believes since I didn't tolerate the drug well to begin with, then quit cold turkey, and also I take Protonix which they said made the drug stay in me longer than normal is causing this, but offered no solution/time frame. I'm very sensitive to most drugs I've ever taken also. I don't want another to put another antidepressant in my body. Will this end? I'm so scared of how I feel right now. I feel extremely hopeless.
Avatar n tn I blamed it on side effects from the protonix I had been on for 3 months. With my doctors approval I stopped the protonix. It took over a week for the withdrawal symptoms to disappear and I felt much better. Until this last week or so. Now my thighs (especially inner) and crotch area are achy and get that numbness feeling sometimes like I used to experience when I was 9 months pregnant. I tend to notice a bloated (constipated like) feeling at the same time as the achy thighs.
1744581 tn?1311306011 Cardizem CD 240 mg, 1x/day Protonix 80 mg, 1x/day Lamictal 100 mg 1x/day Klonopin, .
Avatar f tn Your Doc must suspect an ulcer or nearly to prescribe protonix. Otherwise it probably would have been tigan. Protonix is a ppi (proton pump inhibitor) which shuts down some of the acid producing sites in the stomach. Good luck to you...
270554 tn?1289515247 I been off it for 2 days but only took it for 3 will these symptoms go away soon? I also take protonix for gerd and ibs. I need some input I never felt so miserable before and I was in the hospital a lot in september. Please comment....
Avatar f tn So I quit the antipsychotics first then the tremadol no problem. The Norco I had bad withdrawal from and lasted 6 days before I broke down and took a half so I could eat a little bit of something and get a little bit of sleep. I followed the Thomas recipe for OTC and vitamins and all was going about as normal as withdrawals go except the fact that my stomach would again have sharp burning pain and when I would lay down to sleep it would get worse.
Avatar m tn So I'm heading into 4 months of being on Zoloft. Took me this whole time to finally get used to it after struggling on it. Finally, the past two weeks I started feeling good!, not worrying about any health problems, depression, anxiety, and stress. Then, This past Saturday I was in a rush to work after waking up late and forgot to take my meds, zoloft & protonix. I thought to myself I'm feeling good so one day without it won't hurt. Come to wake up Sunday he'll breaks loose.
1075060 tn?1255647762 I have had Fibromyalgia for 14 years. I am 26 years old and take alot of medication for the fibromyalgia (Lyrica, vicodin, soma, Elavil, calcium + vit D, & lidocaine patches) and last year I was diagnosed with Cyclic Vomitting putting me in the hospital twice this year. So I am on stomach meds as well(Protonix, Levbid & Zofran). I went to the ER last week for uncontrollable vomitting and dehyration. They did not test me to see if I was pregnant.
Avatar m tn Regular docs do not respect these meds because they don't work with them on a regular basis the way psychiatrists do. This is way too short a withdrawal schedule from Effexor if you want to minimize the chances of withdrawal. Your doctor apparently believes the Zoloft will somehow make withdrawal off Effexor go away, and it might, but it also might not. It would be safer to taper off the Effexor as slowly as you needed to so you avoid more problems than you already have.
Avatar m tn Most often, the regurgitation is non-acidic (more like vomit). I have been on different PPI drugs (Omeprezole, Dexilant, and Protonix). I am currently taking Protonix 40mg twice daily (morning and night) 30 minutes before meals. Typically, the drugs will work for about a week or so, and the symptoms will return during week 2. I have an an endoscopy, stomach emptying test, barium swallow, sonogram, and Bravo PH test.
1046832 tn?1255011862 I posted earlier about my son ! why do people snort or take injections ? and what are the withdraw symptoms is a high fever one of them?
Avatar m tn What you are experiencing is withdrawal from the norco, and if you stopped cold turkey, the acute withdrawal would only last 3-5 days. As long as you continue taking the norco, your body will not be able to achieve homeostasis. Someone mentioned the dose of clonidine as 1mg, which is incorrect. The normal dose for clonodine is .1mg (one-tenth of a mg) 3x daily. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I got off of protonix. My shoulder blade pain stopped almost overnight. #2. I've also had bad pain in my neck and upper shoulder. My latest blood test revealed low vitamin D, so the doctor gave me 12 weeks of 50,000 mgs. once a week. I took my second one Tuesday. Wouldn't it be nice if that was the reason for my pain and if it keeps getting better the longer I'm on the vitamins. Still have issues with the knee that may have to be dealt with through surgery. But I have some hope!
Avatar n tn That amount along with Vic ES didn't even begin to touch the withdrawal pains I went thru. While it did help my Crohn's and Fibro pain, the withdrawal pains were another critter all by themselves. After 2 weeks at the 75 mg. patch I dropped to 50 mg. for a week, then I got an allergic reaction to the patch (I have eczema too) and had to quit using it. I had some old 80 mg. Oxy's at home and so I tried those again.
Avatar n tn Chewing gum is only relief - as I said I am left with white film on front of teeth that I need to floss out - looks like chicken) As I was going down on elavil (from 30 mg to 25 mg) and having withdrawal (dizzy, woozy, nausea) after 5 days, thickness and taste return. Same thing happened when went from 35 mg to 30 mg). One day, I did not take prevacid in morning, and in afternoon - mouth was full of white foam - but not bad taste.
Avatar m tn Ask about megace if your appetite is totally awol. Maybe protonix if its an upset stomach from the opiate abuse. There are things to do - keep posting if you need to - good luck!
Avatar f tn DO NOT START CYMBALTA !!! If you go online and look at Cymbalta withdrawal you will be amazed. I have had 29 surgeries over the course of my life and have experienced some very severe pain including a thorotcotomy for spinal surgery, kidney stones, pelvic pain for numerous abdominal surgeries. I have weaned off of many narcotics over the years and have done OK by eating a very healthy diet, taking supplements, excercising, deep breathing and meditation along with praying.
219522 tn?1251764229 I am starting to investigate low estrogen (i'm 31) since I haven't had a cycle since April and failed to induce a period with Progesterone withdrawal test. Have you had your female hormones checked lately? There has got to be a better Endo in Boston at least some that will prescribe cytomel and consider other options!! I am driving two hours to see a Repro endo every two months because my regular endo is horrible and can't or doesn't want to help or listen to me.
Avatar n tn you will experience some rebound pain when you come off the pain meds this is normal i have an an auto immune disorder as a result of liver disease, the pain is somwhat comparable to fibro.
Avatar f tn For example, I didn't have heartburn during my using time, but now I take protonix and still have it. I figure that the weight loss during that time kept my intra-abdominal pressure low, which reduced the reflux... but I have noticed the same thing with colds and the flu as you have. It may just be that I felt so sick all the time that I didn't notice a cold; or it may be that the narcotic treated the symptoms very well.
Avatar n tn I have recently tapered my dose down in half, and I have been in terrible withdrawal . Im talking low grade fevers, hyperventilation, neck tics, headaches, exhaustion, panic, GERD.... diahrrea......etc etc.....DONT start Benzos. Im telling you. And if you are taking them and your getting worse, you need to taper down SUPER SLOWLY. Heres a very Informative link....
Avatar m tn But as others have said n here stoping Xanax cold turkey is not a good idea at all. While stopping opiates cold turkey causes withdrawal and makes you feel like you re dying no physical damage is done and its not gonna hurt you.
Avatar n tn i think i'm throwing up from pain (its pretty normal for me to do) i had to have an old root canal opened up yesterday and flushed out. because its "inflamed" pain meds wont really help, the dentist said advil would be the best and i cant take it. but my jaw bone hurts soooo bad it makes me nausaus (sp?) i just got a call back from my Gastro Dr.
Avatar n tn I have had cardiac workups and also had an upper endoscopy showing minor symptoms of gerd. I was placed on protonix and have had no relief from my symptoms. My internal med doctor can't determine the connection between eating and the shortness of breath. It gets so bad that after I eat and walk around that my heart pounds hard and fast and pvc's also occur. There also seems to be some pressure or feeling that the food is backing up back into my throat.
Avatar f tn I went to my regular doctor, who said the left lower pain could be acid reflux, or gastritis and he put me on protonix. He did a physical exam, and said that he doesn't think i have any liver issues, and he said you would feel pain, and enlarged liver, and other things like jaundice, and elevated billirubin. He felt my stomach and liver area, and didnt think i had any liver issues.