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Avatar f tn I've been on Protonix for several years, recently my dosage was upped to two 40 mg. I have nighttime reflux, never any symptoms during the day. All lifestyle changes made, bed elevation, not eating after 6:00pm, etc. etc. My doctor, whom I consider an able physician, has repeatedly assured me of the safety of the PPI class of drugs. Even said her 9 year old daughter was on Protonix.
Avatar f tn My husband has locked my stash in the safe and bought an eyedropper to measure my doses. I am aware that I don't have enough for a nice year long withdrawal. At 58mgs I was on and having 4000mgs left I was wondering what you guys suggest. Should I just quit cold turkey? I want to make an appointment with my physician but the last time I talked to him about methadone he said he was not versed in it and didn't have a good enough relationship with me to help (that was a long time ago).
270554 tn?1289515247 I'm 4 days in with withdrawal and suffering from all the symptoms - Depression, anxiety, de-personalization, shaking, unable to do normal task, can't drive, no appeite, dizzyness, insomina, fast heart beat.... Can benadryl help with some of these symptoms? If I take it at night? Or in the day as well? I know I did a few post on anxiety with my issue, but I need to know if this can help?
Avatar f tn I can't function if I'm too high to move but the panic and all physical symptoms are even scarier. Dr doesn't think withdrawal lasts more than 3 days for ssris. It's been 3 weeks of symptoms for me.
Avatar n tn It took over a week for the withdrawal symptoms to disappear and I felt much better. Until this last week or so. Now my thighs (especially inner) and crotch area are achy and get that numbness feeling sometimes like I used to experience when I was 9 months pregnant. I tend to notice a bloated (constipated like) feeling at the same time as the achy thighs. Now I am wondering if I should go back to my neurologist or go back to my stomach doctor?
1744581 tn?1311306011 Over time, both create physical dependency and can be very difficult to withdraw from, especially the Klon. You may be in tolerance withdrawal because all of your symptoms are signature benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. Do not quit these drugs cold turkey. They must be tapered.
270554 tn?1289515247 I tried taking xanax to help me sleep, but soon as I wake up I feel severe agitated, brain fog, dizzy, and kind of a salty taste in my mouth, no appitiate, and this is not good because I need to eat to keep my symptoms in check. I been off it for 2 days but only took it for 3 will these symptoms go away soon? I also take protonix for gerd and ibs. I need some input I never felt so miserable before and I was in the hospital a lot in september. Please comment....
Avatar f tn Your Doc must suspect an ulcer or nearly to prescribe protonix. Otherwise it probably would have been tigan. Protonix is a ppi (proton pump inhibitor) which shuts down some of the acid producing sites in the stomach. Good luck to you...
Avatar m tn People are different, but yes, a skipped dose does bring withdrawal symptoms for many people. Other than Prozac, ssris don't stay in the body very long, which is one of the reasons many believe Prozac has fewer withdrawal problems. That would explain the spaciness. After years of being on clonazepam, if I miss my dose by even an hour of when I regularly take it I can start feeling really weird.
Avatar m tn Most often, the regurgitation is non-acidic (more like vomit). I have been on different PPI drugs (Omeprezole, Dexilant, and Protonix). I am currently taking Protonix 40mg twice daily (morning and night) 30 minutes before meals. Typically, the drugs will work for about a week or so, and the symptoms will return during week 2. I have an an endoscopy, stomach emptying test, barium swallow, sonogram, and Bravo PH test.
1046832 tn?1255011862 Usually they are snorted or injected for effect. In other words, it gets into your system faster and it gives you the high faster. Sometimes it could also be the method that is addicting, especially with injecting. And yes, a high fever could be a symptom of withdrawal. I am sorry, I did not see your other post, so what day is he on?
Avatar m tn Every time I get off the Norco, the withdrawal symptoms from the methadone come back. I don't know how long they last. Some people say a year, and I've delayed it by taking the Norco according to some.
Avatar n tn I am not refluxing on meds and only refluxed at night off meds - not out of the ordinary range when I have no symptoms. I have also done all the lifestyle modicfications - i.e bed on blocks,no alcohol, no tomatoes, caffeine, soda, etc. The only thing that gives me some relief is when I chew gum - however, a short time after I start chewing, I get a sore throat. Sore throat also occurs when it is most thick and sticky.
Avatar n tn Another thing i forgot to add is when my arm was burning i had a burning sensation in the middle of my chest but more on the left side which hurt. Im scared and have no idea what to do and reading symptoms of stuff makes me think i have it. Sorry about the wall of Text but please get back to me with any ideas!
Avatar f tn I know this is silly, but it's just ironic that they symptoms of withdrawal are similiar to these common aliments......
Avatar f tn Me on the other hand tried it and felt like I was having a heart attack. I am on Prozac and it helps a lot with my withdrawal symptoms especially since I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I just stopped taking the medicine and never had any withdrawals. I would go see a doctor about your problem and not take anymore of your sister's medication. I wish you the best of luck.
Avatar n tn With the Methadone finally getting out of my system (I am still having some withdrawal symptoms, but nothing that I can't handle), I took 40 mg. of Oxy and it was enough to ease my pain and I do take a Vic ES or two on some days when the breakthru pain is really bad from the bowel obstructions I get constantly. Doing the withdrawal and taper, I ended up getting off the Methadone and also got my tolerance down to a level I'm comfortable with.
Avatar n tn you will experience some rebound pain when you come off the pain meds this is normal i have an an auto immune disorder as a result of liver disease, the pain is somwhat comparable to fibro.
Avatar m tn DRY WINE and other NONSWEETENED ALCOHOL in limited amount may be ok, but it can aggravate SIBO so find out by yourself if it triggers symptoms in your case.. Glucose and sucrose - table sugar are not recommended despite the fact that they help in absorption of fructose because they are often not tolerated and may cause small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).
Avatar m tn I know doing what I did for 2+ years totally threw my body outta whack, and after 16 days I should not expect to be perfectly healthy. But I am curious if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had cardiac workups and also had an upper endoscopy showing minor symptoms of gerd. I was placed on protonix and have had no relief from my symptoms. My internal med doctor can't determine the connection between eating and the shortness of breath. It gets so bad that after I eat and walk around that my heart pounds hard and fast and pvc's also occur. There also seems to be some pressure or feeling that the food is backing up back into my throat.
Avatar f tn Breakthrough pain is different from withdrawal symptoms. If you are having severe pain from your original accident, really 3 Norcos a day is not much at all. There should be little, if any physical withdrawal symptoms from that amount. You can try substituting plain Tylenol (taken in the dosages recommended on the bottle) instead of the Norco, but not in addition to the Norco as they both contain Tylenol.
Avatar n tn However, as I mentioned in other posts about tramadol and as you can see with Jeff, there are those who will experience w/d just as or more severe than hydrocodone or other opiates but this is very rare. Withdrawal symptoms can also include not only w/d from the endorphins your body is not producing as much of but intensified by the lack of serotonin and norepinephrine at certain receptor sites. And yes it can be very effective for stomach pain as is darvocet.
Avatar f tn I went to my regular doctor, who said the left lower pain could be acid reflux, or gastritis and he put me on protonix. He did a physical exam, and said that he doesn't think i have any liver issues, and he said you would feel pain, and enlarged liver, and other things like jaundice, and elevated billirubin. He felt my stomach and liver area, and didnt think i had any liver issues.
Avatar n tn ER doc said my liver counts were very good and i am no longer anemic. i do take protonix for stomach problems cause i have h-pylori and did the 10 day treatment of antibiotics. pain is still there and doc says he cannot give me antibiotics again cause i will always have h-pylori antibodies and i just need to keep taking the protonix. i feel like i am running into a brickwall. i have never had so much pain in my life. the pain on my right side brings me to my knees crying.
Avatar m tn But as others have said n here stoping Xanax cold turkey is not a good idea at all. While stopping opiates cold turkey causes withdrawal and makes you feel like you re dying no physical damage is done and its not gonna hurt you.
455051 tn?1255830118 Also, I never experienced any withdrawals, never felt bad at all while weaning. If you have any feelings of withdrawal, than you know you are weaning much too fast. You really need to be under a doctors care for this, it isn't something you should be doing on your own.
Avatar n tn You can discuss more specialized testing - such as an ERCP with Sphincter of Oddi manometry - to evaluate for Spincter of Oddi dysfunction. This can replicate gallbladder symptoms in those who had a cholecystectomy. Other options can include a gastric emptying scan to evaluate for gastroparesis as well as motility studies to evaluate for esophageal dysmotility. Atypically, these options can lead to the symptoms you are describing.
Avatar m tn However the next day I woke up with the worst gnawing stomach pain along with other hangover symptoms AND I BARELY DRANK ANYTHING. My appetite was completely ruined for weeks. I had to force myself to eat. The gastro doc put me on Protonix thinking that would help. I had up and down days on it. I went to another GI doc for a second opinion.
Avatar n tn It took me a full 30 days taking the norco 10mgs as prescribed(back then it was 8 a day) for my body to have any withdrawal symptoms,but with Codeine i only took 20 of them within 2 weeks for a wisdom tooth extraction where my Jaw got a hairline fracture and I withdrew a hundred times worse that time and was constipated for the whole time i was taking them basically,I had to take Stool Softner to use the toilet while on Codeine,only minor constipation with the Oxy,in the middle with the hydroco