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Avatar n tn In addition, if you are at all familiar with IVF, progesterone is injected in IVF patients once the embryo has been implanted - and it is in much higher doses (usually) than what most patients take in with prometrium. I hope this helps! Good luck to all of you who are pregnant or trying to conceive! It's often a difficult and emotional process and I think it helps to have forums like this one to turn to in difficult times.
Avatar n tn no caffeine, alcohol or sugar, but she has had great success in helping women(especially older) have babies.
487597 tn?1217688588 Is there any reason that your chart is bouncing around this month? Are you sleeping with your mouth open or covers off or drinking alcohol at those times. There is so many things that affect your BBT. I believe that if it stays above your cover line then you are ok. Also maybe one of your lower temps was implantation or something. Every pg is different so what happened last time may not happen now. Babydust to you. Hope you get your BFP and a sticky lil bean too.
330481 tn?1309491843 Holy Cwap! is anyone watching "OMG Sextuplets" right now? It's on We. This lady had been trying for over three years with two miscarriages (very similar to me, actually). She then took follistim, did an IUI and got pregnant with six babies!!! I would be totally fine with twins...but six!!! I'm so glad my DH is at a concert right now. I think watching this would have made him a little bit too nervous about this cycle...LOL!
Avatar n tn My fiancee always had a good sperm count but now we have been trying for a year with no luck..Ive gotten check and im on progesterone, but could he have a problem now also after being okay??? thanks everyone!!!!
377493 tn?1356505749 I took it all the time.. everyday.. it was to build up the lining...
1529713 tn?1295475651 Hi there. I am in the same boat as you with multiple miscarriage. I just had my 6th. I had 5, then had a healthy baby boy, and another loss a few weeks ago. After 3 losses your Dr. will run some tests. Sometimes there are issues that can be dealt with such as blood clotting disorders. Other times, like in my situation, no reason is ever found. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent them in first trimester. Some of us just have bad luck.
1962649 tn?1332448451 I am reading a book called Digestive Tune Up by Dr John Mc Dougall - it's a great book and I am learning so much. I've been on the starch based vegan diet since Jan 2011 with some slip ups here and there. I'm now 45 days off all coffee, alcohol, chocolate, peanuts, oils, carbonated sparkling water & citrus. I'm a lot better but not 100% fine yet. In reading Digestive Tune Up I learned that progesterone can contribute to GERD. I had not known that before.
1804812 tn?1329681157 I agree with all Ecologics comments. Stress can affect so many aspects of our health, and I believe fertility is one of them. Many times clomid is not recommended in women our age. It can impact our fertile mucus, which is something us "women of advanced maternal age" can struggle with to begin with. I took clomid for several cycles, and that is the only time I didn't conceive. It actually prevented me from doing so.
Avatar f tn I've had lots of blood tests showing everything is normal, I've had scan on my ovaries and don't hav pcos but as I was slightly under weight doctor urged me to put weight on which I have done but still no period. When I mentioned me and partner wanted to try for a family my doctor prescribed me with chlomid. Because I don't have a cycle as such I started the 5 days at 50mg straight away and I'm now on day 14.
Avatar n tn I should have just got a period except I started taking Prometrium, which delayed the bleeding until now apparently. I'm sad, and more than anything I'm worried that I'm never going to carry a baby to term. I have no problem getting pregnant, but I can't seem to hold it, even on Prometrium! I have a few questions. First of all, my doc said this is considered a chemical pregnancy. I know what that means and all, but what does this mean for me the next time around? Why would this have happened?
Avatar f tn Holding the water in my bladder for transfer was very painful because I was still experiencing pain from the retrieval. With each cycle I had to do Prometrium inserts and take estrogen tablets. The Prometrium causes some of the same symptoms as pregnancy would, such as swollen and tender breasts. I also experienced cramping. I'm not telling you this to scare you. I hope it prepares you for the journey, although everyone's is somewhat different.
Avatar n tn Please feel free to use this as an open forum i just wanted to reply anniesland and mslkpage for their lovely reponse. Thanx for your replies, well; i tested twice with same brand (clearblue) and both of them turned positive i would say in less than two minutes ( i tested at two diffent times though)and i have kept the hpt (they are now even more clearer) but not deep blue but still clear enough to see the cross (+).
Avatar f tn 0 if that. so it maybe to do with the miscarriage.
453798 tn?1262637021 As a matter of fact, I quit drinking sodas 3 1/2 weeks ago and alcohol around the same time. I have an occasional glass of wine on the weekend, but I cut down A LOT!!! AM I OVERANALYZING OR WHAT???? It gets better! I have a feeling in my abdomen of being bloated or full. I feel little twinges (I do not consider these cramps!) every so often. Back to the google!
Avatar n tn I am also on several prescription meds,including Armour thyroid and Levoxyl (due to Hashimotos thyroiditis), DHEA(low dose prescription in liquid drops) Prometrium and Vivelle Dot (due to a hysterectomy in 1994) as well as melatonin, glucosamine, and a daily vitamin. I just recently switched to the Vivelle Dot estrogen patch and had been on Estrace for 9 years.
118884 tn?1270478379 This is rather long so please bare with me I'm sorry about it being so long: Here is my question I'm new to the pcos I actually just found out Wed I do indeed have pcos , I had been seeing a ob since 2004 which at that time I had my second son the past couple of years seemed fine but my periods just went obsalete and it took me until now with the new obgyn to get answers!
Avatar n tn After the call, I popped a bunch of Advil for the cramps and continued to take a lot of Advil since. I went out to dinner with my husband and had several drinks on Fri. I worked out really really hard yesturday and last night I went to a Mexican place (shellfish) and had a few margaritas. I have been drinking a lot of caffine in the last couple of days too. Basically all the things I cut out for so long because I thought there was no possilbe way I could be pregnant.
443102 tn?1222129546 cd10-1st IUI-continue with estrace pill 3 times a day. cd11-2nd IUI-continue with estrace and add progesterone pill vaginally 3 times a day. Progesterone pill cost $50 under insurance plan. Now, I am in 2ww. So, summary of medicine: I used 850 IU of Follistim at $708 (have 50 IU left)-not covered by insurance for me 3 Pre-filled Antagon shots at $114.
Avatar n tn Hi Dugald, I'm sorry I don't have specific advice for you as I unfortunately have never been pregnant and have no experience with prometrium. Hopefully somebody will post about it for you. I just want to say though that the medical profession in my personal opinion sometimes adds to the strain of waiting by doing all these damn tests! So, I am sending positive thought waves to you and hope that you have some nice visualization tapes or something to help keep your mind calm.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy 63 year old woman who recently had an elevated alkaline phosphatase, leading to an ultrasound and diagnosis of fatty liver disease. I have never used alcohol, am not overweight, and have been in a vigorous exercise program for the past three years. My physician believes the problem is due to my cholesterol level (228), doubled my Lipitor to 20 mg per day, and will recheck my liver enzymes in three months. Isn't Liptor likely to increase my risk of liver damage?
Avatar n tn 00 p.m. -- bothersome enough to prevent me from being able to do anything, with a BP of about 150/95 during these episodes. Advice to just ignore it really wasn't helpful -- I was too short of breath during the episodes to be able to really function. Chance in diet, relaxing, completely avoiding caffeine, alcohol, etc. made no real difference. I have run the gamut of tests, holter monitor, echocardiogram, stress tests, VQ scan, blood work, pheo testing -- all has come back normal.
Avatar n tn Just like I did 10 yrs. ago with my son. I took at test last Friday, also BFN. I am freaking out. Could both test have been wrong? I so want to be Pregnant! Any ideas what is going on with my wacky body?
1323357 tn?1274826939 there is no threat, so you assume that something is wrong with your mind. This in turn generates more fear still with no threat around If certain things (thoughts, environmental factors etc) can affect this, then it must be possible to get out of it altogether by establishing precise habits that do not allow it to persist distraction and not trying to do anything about it. Most of us react to the initial feeling of DP by trying to fight against it.
Avatar f tn I said - h--, I know what is wrong with me, all I need to do is pray, talk to my family and find out what the heck is going on with me. they keep adding more s--- to the pile. Sorry for rambling. First time. anxious to find out mainly about the endometrial stuff going on.
961574 tn?1505958942 My breast are pretty sore, but sure that could just be a side effect from the prometrium? I take 10mg of Estrage a day and 600mg of prometrium...
Avatar n tn ) love, hugs and baby dust....
6297360 tn?1380226519 I was prescribed Vitamin D dose of 50,000 IUD's to be taken once a week for 8 weeks. And also prescribed Prometrium 100mg to be taken before bed. I also picked up some Florajen3 while I was at the compound pharmacy, in the hopes of becoming regular again. (fingers crossed) Had more blood drawn today for ferritin and the Antithyroid Perox. AB . And more 2 months from now, Vitamin D and B-12 and also Folic acid and Folate. As to how I feel?
Avatar n tn I thought it might be the cell phone I carried in my pocket or related to alcohol. I have been diagnosed with Shingles, and treated, but that did nothing - the phantom sunburn persisted. I was diagnosed with fibromayalga, and treated, but again, the medication did nothing to help me. The only thing that makes it go away, and this is of no help to anyone, is being pregnant. For some reason, when I am pregnant, the symptoms subside, along with a several other medical conditions.
178966 tn?1224191913 omg how exciting! we are 7dpo with af due 11/01. cool i have a testing buddy. when are you going to start testing? i wanted to wait for a missed period but its so hard to wait.