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Avatar m tn I am 30 years old. I went to the doctor for heavy periods, being tired, and right side pain. They said I have a complex ovarian cyst and put me on Prometrium. Is this the recommended treatment?
Avatar f tn if your progesterone is low, you probably dont have that time! So if this is the case for you the prometrium is $50 for the prescription...a whole lot cheaper.
Avatar n tn if it's really that heavy and you've been having it for that long, i suggest you need to see a doctor. take it seriously. i'm not trying to scare you. heavy bleeding is not normal unless something is wrong. there goes my one penny.
353408 tn?1224071736 I've been trying to concieve since I got married, and it was for my periods to come. However, I've had PCOS for a long time, I've just been diagnosed with it though two months ago. He skipped the birth control because he wanted to try Prometrium docs set in his he upped the dose when it didn't work the first time. He told me that if it doesn't work this round, since my PCOS is so bad, he said that I may have to have surgery...
1160986 tn?1486823325 Sorry to hear that :( I HATE the day of the results, ugh... Well, in my experience, my period was "normal" after Prometrium. In my case, however, I never get periods on my own, only with Pills and those are usually pretty light. I thought that the ones I got after failed IUIs (ovulation induced, you may say) were what normal periods would look like if I ever had them, and they usually lasted 3-4 days with minor cramps. Good luck on your next one!
Avatar n tn I have posted about m/c x2 and other things. My periods are 26-31 days long. my perods are 7days long. usually on the 2nd or 3rd day of period i have heavy bleeding looks like clots. i also have low back pain and ciatic nerve pain at times it feels like my girl parts are falling out. i have had to take lortab before because i could not even get out of a chair. Does anyone have simalar problems. my dr. does not seen to worried. but he never does. I do have a 4 year old.
Avatar m tn To make a long story short, I'm a 54 yo perimenopausal female with a long hx of DUB. I had my third D&C 2 months ago and I'm trying Prometrium AGAIN to regulate my periods. I finished Prometrium 4 weeks ago but did not experience any withdrawal bleeding. Then 8 days ago the bleeding started and has not quit we go again. This pattern has happened before and the bleeding drags on and on and can get quite heavy. I do not have any hyperplasia or polyps.
Avatar f tn Thought I was early menopausal, but tests concluded I had hypothyroid disease. I have been on Synthroid 150mcgs for over 3 months now but my period has not returned. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year, but this disease seems to have gotten in the way. Now that my levels are normal (as of about 1 moth now), I'm wondering if my period wil ever return or if I should start thinking that kids were never meant for me???
Avatar f tn Sometimes it's a blessing and I have a little spotting one month and then no period for a couple months and then... BAMM, I'm bleeding heavily for days to make up for ost time. Augh! Some periods get so bad that I don't want to leave the house b/c I'm afraid of not being prepared if /when the dam breaks loose. Now after a year of "guess what kind of cycle you'll have this month?!" , I have had heavy, prolonged periods lasting up to 14 days.
Avatar n tn my ob prescribed me prometium for my heavy long periods. I began taking it on the 10th of feb, she told me to take it for 12 days and to let her know if i began bleeding while i was taking it. I did not bleed during the doses. However she told me to take on day 2 of my cycle. I was not sure when that was and now i find online that day 2 is the second day of my period which was last thurs.
Avatar n tn i went for my 1st dr visit yesterday also. after 3 m/c this yr i also and taking prometrium for the 1st time during preg. the dr did warn me of some side effects but, not as severe as described here. glad for the heads up. i did not take yesterday since pharm was out. i will start taking today. found out due date is 08/17. i am scared and excited all at once.
Avatar n tn it usually takes 2 days for progesterone to drop enough for a regular flow. for TTCers when temps start to dip and spotting occurs it can can be one of 2 things...1) AF is on her way, or 2) implant bleed. the difference is with an implant bleed your temp will raise back up and your chart will be triphasic and the bleed won't get heavy. spottins very normal though prior to AF it is just the hormone shift. i have a 28 day cycle....i 'o' on CD 17-21....but AF arrives on CD 28 like clock work.
Avatar f tn I am on baby aspirin a day and 200mg 2x prometrium. its working for me! progesterone does an amazing job at holding pregnancies, and the baby asprin is to thin you blood so more goes to the uterus. This can also help if you have a blood clotting issue. i have never been tested for anything but i wanted to try 1 more time first with these medicines and i believe its really helping me.
Avatar n tn Again, many women have these types of periods in perimenopause, only to go back to normal periods again or even start skipping them for awhile to any combination. The fact that you ARE on hormones already is saying to me that you MAY need an adjustment in those meds or, a change of them to perhaps, coming off of them under a doc's say-so. Make a call to your family doc or gynecologist and see what they have to say first.
901246 tn?1281113226 Good luck! Question for ya.............Why do the they give you the "boost" for??? & yeah, that would give you control!
Avatar n tn I have been bleeding almost every day for the past 10 months. I have been to the Dr., and she cannot figure out what's going on. I've had numerous tests: Ultrasounds to rule out fibroids and ovarian cysts-okay. C-Peptide to test insulin saturation-okay. TSH to test my thyroid-it's okay. I've had tests for hormone/estrogen levels-they're normal. What is wrong with me? Let me give you some more details. In 2001, I had my first baby. In 2002, I started using Depo-provera for birth control.
870652 tn?1260323036 Hi ladies, I am starting my ttw today and trying to find a post for us to connect with each other.
Avatar f tn This cycle, after a miscarriage (got pregnant with Clomid 75mg) in January, I ovulated twice on my own and the second ovulation happened on CD27. My doctor prescirbed prometrium 400mg for 10 days from 4dpo to 13dpo which I took. Got a BFN on 14dpo and started spotting on 17 dpo, then had light period for 2 days. I think it's odd that I would have a light period as I did ovulate and took prometrium, I though I would have a very heavy period especially with the progesterone supplements.
Avatar n tn I just had a laparatomy myomectomy done on March 22nd to remove lare fibroids that caused so much pain and irregular bleeding. I've even missed periods for 6 months at a time. My frieds buddy has had the same bleeding issues as yourself. She has to wear two maxi pads at once. She was bleeding so much one day that her tounge turned white and she had to be rushed down to the emergency room (she works at a hospital). It turned out to be a fibroid sitting at the cervix causing all the bleeding.
Avatar m tn My wife has been off of Prometrium for about a month and a half, and was originally prescribed it because she had very heavy, long periods. She ended up becoming very anxious while on the medication, so her doctor told her to stop and take birth control starting on her next cycle. My wife did not take the birth control, as we were in the process of moving and she wanted to consult a doctor in our new city. Since stopping the Prometrium, we've noticed that she has the following symptoms. 1.
233562 tn?1282771982 I started my period dec 8th but it lasted till dec 19th...I know 12 days. Like I said my periods have been weird lately. I had moderate spotting for the first 5 days...then a normal flow for 4 and then back to dk red spotting for the last 3 days. So I don't know if the spotting should actually be counted as the start of my period. However It was enough to 3/4 fill a liner in 24 hrs most days of the spotting. I didn't ovulate till CD25 which was Jan 1st.
1031264 tn?1318527841 I barely have any symptoms this time - just a little emotional and some AF cramps - but I'm on Prometrium and that always does it for me. I'm probably gonna take an HPT later this week - and my blood test is next Sunday! Hopefully we will all have some good news around here! What is everyone's test date? Anyone doing HPT soon? Keeping fingers crossed for everyone!!!
1900942 tn?1462425060 and im use to having a regular flow and sometimes even just wondering if my period has been so crazy can i not be ovulating or since im getting my period im for sure ovulating...
Avatar n tn put me on prometrium for the last half of my cycle to regulate and lighten my painful and very very heavy periods. I am not sure how Prometrium is supposed to help when ttc, since the warnings on it say not to take if pregnant! I thought progesterone was a good thing while in early stages of pregnancy. :P so confused. I have also started taking Chasteberry/Vitex to help as well. Any info or personal testimonies would be great!
Avatar n tn So, this past month I got my period on nov. 10th and it never ended, it is very heavy with lots of clots. My doc collected some material for a biopsy and recommended a intra-vaginal sonnogram, as I wait for the results she put me on Prometrium 200mg, 1 per day at bedtime. I'm feeling very nervous, anxious, paranoid and thinking about ovarian cancer, with some cramping and still bleeding very much. Any thoughts, anyone?
Avatar m tn Any additional estrogen made me bleed heavy. The progestins had little success, on Prometrium I either spotted or had the period 3 weeks after stopping the capsule. Weird, huh? Also, sometimes I ovulated right after finishing the Prometrium. The other progestins gave me severe cramps and bloating. Several months ago I stopped therapy to see what is going on. I did not have a period for 2 months but now its come back with a vengence, 8 days and picking up speed.
Avatar f tn Late, then really heavy bleeding, spotting sometimes for weeks before a period, periods that start and stop and start again and now I am bleeding lightly two weeks before my period is even due to arrive. I am so busy with work, courses, etc. that I don't have time to rush to the doctor if I can solve this myself or it is not a problem. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 13 years old. I do not have periods at all when I am not taking birth control. When I am taking birth control my period lasts from 4 to 5 days. I have been off birth control for about a year with no period. Recently my husband and I have been trying to have a baby. I went to my OBGYN and she started me on 10 days of prometrium which is used to start your period and then I am suppose to take 5 days of 50mg clomid.
Avatar f tn I too am having heavy bleeding for long periods of time. I had a DNC done and four cysts removed in late December. I have bleed twice since then. My blood work shows I am estrogen dominant. My GYN says she wants to do the ablation. I do not understand why this would work if it will not stop my estrogen production. The estrogen obviously will still be produced. I have felt really great the past month until I started bleeding a week ago and now I just feel drained again and kind of depressed.