Prometrium and heavy bleeding

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Avatar n tn i have also read that prometrium should be taken 2 weeks before the start of bleeding.....i am having this SAME problem and I am 50 so i would love to know if you ever got your answer cleared up.
Avatar m tn I am 30 years old. I went to the doctor for heavy periods, being tired, and right side pain. They said I have a complex ovarian cyst and put me on Prometrium. Is this the recommended treatment?
353408 tn?1224071736 I've been doing a lot of research about the PCOS and about Prometrium, and things for me don't look too positive. I'm seriously thinking about a hystorectomy, but I'm worried, and Im scared, I don't know what to do, and I've looked up everything, or at least what seems to be everything about PCOS, because now all I'm getting is repeated info that I've already found...What am I supposed to do...I want kids someday, but the meds aren't working, and I'm in pain.
1419228 tn?1309877652 Most of the time it is fine, although scary to see. I bled off and on through my entire first trimester (and I mean out and out bled), and he is now 9 months old and just fine. Although it is common, it is never considered normal, and should be reported to your Dr. Remember that at this stage your cervix is very soft and easily irritated. Bleeding can be caused by things such as intercourse, or even straining to go to the bathroom if you are constipated.
Avatar n tn if it's really that heavy and you've been having it for that long, i suggest you need to see a doctor. take it seriously. i'm not trying to scare you. heavy bleeding is not normal unless something is wrong. there goes my one penny.
Avatar f tn On 4/14 AF came on time (for the first time might I add) so I figured maybe my cycle will be regular. Well it was from 4/14-4/18 and pretty much consisted of heavy spotting and barely any cramping (unusual for me). Then on 4/26-5/1 - same thing!! So then I went to the OBGYN, after an u/s he believed that I wasn't ovulating. So he put me on Prometrium 200mg for 12 days. I started it on 5/2 and last night I began spotting.
Avatar m tn I finished Prometrium 4 weeks ago but did not experience any withdrawal bleeding. Then 8 days ago the bleeding started and has not quit we go again. This pattern has happened before and the bleeding drags on and on and can get quite heavy. I do not have any hyperplasia or polyps. I have a few fibroids but they are the size of little marbles (and who doesn't have fibroids?) What would my options be right now?
Avatar m tn I started feeling the symptoms of pregnancy so I started to take my prometrium on the 20th (only 1 days worth 2 pills) then I started to spot on the fri the 21st and here it Sun the 23rd and I am bleeding heavy "early". My next period isnt due till Sat the 28th. I never ever had an 'early' period.I took a test today the 23rd and it is neg. Is my period because I took prometrium and missed a day? or is my period early? I started my prometrium again yesterday. So confused. Thank you.
Avatar f tn My family doc gave me a prescription for Prometrium (200 mgs) because I was terrified of taking the Provera again due to side effects and heavy bleeding. Any information on how one feels while taking Prometrium (vs Provera) and whether it works to bring on a flow but, not a flood? I'm confused and cannot get my OBGYN by phone or even and appointment to talk to her. Any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn On top of the miscarriages my husband and I also have difficulty conceiving because my left ovary is smaller than normal, and it took us over a year of trying each time we got pregnant. right after my miscarriage i had heavy bleeding that did not stop for 6 weeks. my dr. prescribed me a medicine that is given to women after birth to stop bleeding. a week later it finally stopped, but when i went in to my dr. he found a mass in my cervix that resembled a sac. my dr.
Avatar f tn 3 on june 11th the dr says that it was so low it is pos but she says it could really be neg so she tokd me to stop progesterone shots now i am bleeding is there any way i could have my # rise and still bleed probally sounds weird but i have this feeling like i should have kept taking shots even though she told me to stop i go wed for a nother test
Avatar n tn 20 weeks; about a month ago I got heavy bleeding; went to the ER; everything was ok; a week after it happened again; for the past month I went to the ER 4 times, the ultra sound shows a heavy bleeding from the placenta; I 'v been hospitalized on bed watch for the past week; the amount of blood decreased; now my doctor wants to put me on vaginal Prometrium 100mg to pervent the bleeding from coming back; what is the pros and cons of taking such a drug at that stage?
Avatar f tn I having my period after 2 months of treatment of cabergoline very heavy bledding and large blood clod for five days .Its that normal? I have miss period on the past with negative results of blood pregnancy test..
Avatar m tn While taking Prometrium for luteal phase defect, I got several faint positives on home pregnancy tests. But then I began bleeding (light but steady full flow). So I stopped taking the prometrium. I've been bleeding for a few days now--still more than spotting though less than before. But I decided to take another home pregnancy test anyways because something felt funny. Two different brands of test were positive, darker than before but still quite faint. What do I do now?
Avatar n tn I have been lightly bleeding after ovulation and it has almost been a week. The blood is not heavy at all and is rather light, and I have no cramping or pain feeling like a period. My period is a week of two off yet and I started getting this light bleeding right after ovulation like the day after could this be implantation bleeding. I usually have a menstral cycle of 28 days and in my whole life I have never experienced this before. Could I be pregant?
Avatar f tn He prescibed 10 days of prometrium which I took and then said he now wants to do a d and c. My h and h is down to 8 and 24. I had a second opinion. She recommended a d and c in a few weeks and ordered a pelvic ultrasound. The ultraound results are normal appearance of endometrial canal and bilateral ovarian cysts with cyst with septation associated on the right cyst. The endometrial echo measures.6 cm and WNL.
Avatar n tn It has not been a heavy flow until this last weekend. Three days ago I began passing clots and having heavy bleeding. I feel worn out. I went to Kaiser and had a blood test. I am not anemic. I feel like I am not being listened to or taken seriously. They wanted me to take progesterone in heavy doses. Is this normally the only soloution? Or are they just doing their usual minimum treatment? I have been on bio-identical hormones for 3 years and they have worked wonders until recently.
490183 tn?1361217553 After reading EVERY article there is on IB, it ranged from light spotting to heavy bleeding. I know every woman is different. I'm on prometrium and I took clomid, days 3-7. Can anyone shed some light on this?? HELP..............
Avatar f tn My doctor says it is most likely because of the HRT… so is this something normal I should just get used to it (bleeding every second week for 5 days???) Should I decrease the Divigel and Prometrium or increase Divigel (if Prometrium is thinning my lining…)? Could this be a infection caused by the surgery? Or could this have something to do with unbalanced thyroids? I have extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, insomnia… Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn I bled another 10 days and then it stopped for 15 days and has been going since May 3rd. It is quite heavy this time around and I am occasionally passing slightly larger than quarter sized clots. I am not sure what this could be and do not know what to do. I have always had female doctors because I am very self conscience and thought they would be more sympathetic but I am feeling really scared and they keep blowing me off.
Avatar n tn My cramping is also still minimal and not at all that painful. Was my fear of pain and heavy bleeding that invoked the decision to have a D&C not necessary?
Avatar n tn the bleeding only lasted a couple hours and was not continuous. its been 2 days and no more bleeding just cramp on and off but noe too bad. i have been laying with my feet propped up . i had an internal ultrasound and the baby looked fine. heartbeat and all were good. all blood work was good also. although they did not check my progestrogen level. the er dr said my cervix was slightly open which meant still possibility of miscarriage. this is my 4th preg and never had any problems before.
Avatar f tn Late, then really heavy bleeding, spotting sometimes for weeks before a period, periods that start and stop and start again and now I am bleeding lightly two weeks before my period is even due to arrive. I am so busy with work, courses, etc. that I don't have time to rush to the doctor if I can solve this myself or it is not a problem. Any ideas?
186877 tn?1208613799 The doc saw a heartbeat on Friday and said it is just a wait and see. He put me on prometrium bc my levels were 7-8.
Avatar n tn I began taking it on the 10th of feb, she told me to take it for 12 days and to let her know if i began bleeding while i was taking it. I did not bleed during the doses. However she told me to take on day 2 of my cycle. I was not sure when that was and now i find online that day 2 is the second day of my period which was last thurs.
Avatar n tn So glad I found this thread! I'm 35 and started heavily bleeding 35 days ago. I've always had heavy periods with clots and after my fourth child was born had a tubal 6 years ago. My dr gave me 200 mg of progesterone a day to take and I feel awful!! Yes on the drunken state and slurred speech. I feel tired all the time and fuzzy. Headaches comes and go and I have anxiety related symptoms too.
Avatar n tn i haven't had normal periods for along time so when i found out i was preg i was so surprized. im not bleeding as heavy as i was earlyier and only got slight what i would call period pain that go away with parcetermol. I so worried that i could be losing the baby as any one else had this so early in there preg at all. advice welcomed.. thanks for reading this....
Avatar n tn I personally am 23 years old and had a D and C about two weeks ago. I am a little irritated because I have been bleeding on and off (with spotting in between) for about two weeks now.I have read that anything up to two weeks (AFTER A D AND C) is normal....but after that...don't hear much.If I did it naturally I could expect it for longer. I am going in for a doc check up tommorrow..I hope everything is ok.Other then the bleeding not stopping...I have been feeling temp etc.