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Avatar f tn Alcohol and ANY medications is bad. Alcohol puts stress on all your organs and primarily your liver and kidneys...most medications are cleared through either your liver or your kidneys. Bad mix. You probably need to go to a Detox facility where you can be monitored and given the appropriate meds to help you get off the alcohol.
Avatar m tn Foods that can worsen GERD symptoms include peppermint, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate. Yellow stool can also result from insuffient bile output. Bile salts from the liver gives stool its brownish color. When bile output is diminished, it often first appears as yellow stool. If there is a greater reduction in bile output, stool lose almost all of its color, becoming pale or grey. If the onset is sudden, yellow stool can also be a sign of a bacterial infection in the intestines.
Avatar n tn Hi Head ache is one of the commonly reported side effect of PPIs. Rashes can also occur. Regarding the relief from symptoms, you need certain life style modifications in addition to taking PPI for complete relief. . Life style modifications - 1. Head elevation while sleeping 2. Small frequent meals 3. Going to bed 2- 3 hours after food 4. Avoiding bed time snacks 5. Avoiding smoking and alcohol 6. Avoiding tight fitting clothes 7.
Avatar n tn They did a biopsy and they were not bacterial. I was put on prevacid for two months and feel sooooo much better wondering how this cures them and if it does if they are caused by acid would'nt you need to be medicated for life?? I'm 29 and afraid they will come back once off the meds. any info would be great. thanks. _____ Dear Joe, Most ulcers are related to H. pylori infection. Individuals with ulcers who are H. pylori negative, often took nonsteroidal agents e.g.
Avatar n tn To reduce your chances of another ulcer, you should not smoke, avoid alcohol and not take nonsteroidal agents. If your ulcer should recur and you ae still found to be negative for H. pylori, then you may require long-term acid suppression. This information is presented for educational purposes only. Always ask specific questions to your personal physician. HFHSM.D.-rf *keywords: ulcer 0.
Avatar n tn Hi - Does anyone know whether it is ok to use prevacid (or that type of drug - (proton pump blocker) just for symptom relief of erosive gastritis, rather than as a drug that you take religiously every day. Does not seem to be anything about it in the literature.
Avatar n tn 28 yr old female in generally good health - started having severe acid reflux and heartburn at age 18 - had an upper GI at age 20 showing hietal hernia - put on then prescription Tagamet but could not afford so treated with over the counter antacids - problems have varied in intensity over the years but been manageable - within the past year symptoms have greatly intensified - have gone through 3 individual month long therapies for assumed ulcer using 30 mg Prevacid - during therapy all pain
Avatar n tn Things like raw onion, dairy and alcohol are but some of a long and (as you age) ever growing list. Your body is not static and you have to adjust periodically. You will have to adjust and discover what you can still consume. Tricks & tips: 1. Beano - excellent product. For first bite of beans, broccoli, eggs or any gas causing foods. 2. Lact-Aid (generic available)- for gas, constipation or diarrhea from consuming dairy of any kind. 3.
Avatar n tn He took me off Prevacid and I have been taking 300mg of Rantinidine daily. Although it helps somewhat with the reflux, the buring pain is back and my quality of life has deteriorated. I have not lost any weight, I am very fit, alll bodily functions work as they should... I would think if I was mineral deficient, there would be physical manifestations... Does Prevacid completely stop acid production? Can I be tested for mineral deficiencies?
Avatar m tn Daily alcohol intake also increases the risk of isoniazid-related hepatitis and with your underlying liver issue (fatty liver / elevated ALT), you should be extra cautious about mixing alcohol and isoniazid. You are probably on isoniazid for a short time (9 months), so if you could abstain from alcohol during that time, it would probably be beneficial for you.
Avatar n tn I INSTANTLY retain water and can't pee it out! For years, whenever I drank alcohol I would pee it out all night and even feel lighter the next day. Now, after just a few sips I can feel the water coming on, and I will be a few lbs heavier over the next 2-3 days. It's horrible to not be able to enjoy drinking anymore and I love doing it socially! What can be causing this? Bloodwork shows nothing wrong with my kidneys yet I can't flush it out!
Avatar n tn was just wondering if anyone experiences really bad nausea with Gerd and if so how have you gotton it under control? i am currently on Prevacid for Gerd and have been about a week. This nausea is kicking my butt.....cant even go to work!
Avatar n tn I have read your message and want to tell you more about Fatty infiltration of the liver, menopause and so on. I am at work right now. I will organize my thoughts and write more later. Two questions for you: Does the doctor consider you to be overweight? Does diabetes run in your family?
Avatar f tn My current doctor perscribed medications include Levothyroxin 75 MCG, Amlodipine 10 MG, Benazepril 40MG, Prevacid 30 MG and Hydrochlorothiazide 12 mg. Other meds that my doctor is aware of but not prescribed are Calcium 500 mg with vit D, Centrum multivitamin, vitamin e, Biotin 1000 mcg lose bayer asprin and 1000 of fish oil. Are these medications causing my elevated levels?
Avatar n tn have the dr do a EDR just to rule out Barretts esophagus i just was diagnosed with it with similar symptons but i also had pain in my chest area just between my breasts tender to touch i have high grade dysplasia in my esophagus which is one step below cance im taking prevacid and have to stay away from caffeine chocolate mint alcohol and smokes
Avatar n tn I was having lots of stomach pain on 60 mg or prevacid. I thought it was caused by the prevacid. Does anyone know if 60 mg of prevacid is safe ? Anyway I changed my psychiatric medication and went back on prozac and the stomach pain is gone most of the time. I also drink one cup of green tea a day and try to eat smaller meals. Serotonin from the prozac helps, I think. Prozac is generic now, so its cheaper than the other types of SSRI drugs.
Avatar m tn I was sent to a gastroenterologist and I was found to have severe acid reflux with Barrett's Esophagus. I was put on Prevacid 30 mg and have been on it ever since. That was 12 years ago ( I was 26 at the time). Over that time, I have accidentally forgotten to take the Prevacid twice. Once, I ended up in the ER, and the next ,the doctor's office for heart palps. My doctor agrees there is a definite connection in my case. The esophagus runs right behind the heart so it does make sense.
Avatar n tn 37 year old female with spasms just below breast bone that extend right through to my back between shoulder blades, bloating, some regurgitaion, very sensitive to fatty foods, caffeine and alcohol, burping sometimes provides relief-stomach feels like it is on fire- room temperature water helps a little-feels like I have a lump in my throat or a slight spasm in my throat on right side have tried Zantac, Prevacid, Domperidone, Pepcid and a few others in the past 17 years that I have been dealing
Avatar f tn he had prescribed PPIs, Prevacid first, then omeprazole and most recently, Nexium and told me to lose weight....the last time I saw this doctor, which was in April of last year, he looked down my throat and said it looked December of last year, I was diagnosed with breast cancer (caught very early, thank God), and was forced to stop the Nexium due to its ability to interfere with the effectiveness of the Tamoxifen that I must take daily....
Avatar m tn I have just started reading the connection between these issues and the vegas nerve. All the doctors want to do is heavy dose the prevacid, prilosec, nexium,etc. You name it. I've tried it. The water in the morning (at least a quart)and dropping down hard on my heels, for me really works the best. All i've heard about the surgery is 90% negative. What if i really had a heart attack one day. How could you tell the difference in symptoms? A new revolutionary surgery is desperately needed for us.
Avatar f tn For 2 out of the last 3 months I've been taking different medications for acid reflux (Prilosec, Nexium, and now Prevacid). Also I am currently taking Carafate 4 times a day. Nothing is helping me. I'm having a lot of trouble with my chest aching and sometimes even my back. Since PPIs are supposed to suppress the amount of acid your stomach produces, if I understand correctly, would it also prevent certain nutrients from being absorbed by the body?
Avatar n tn But Prevacid and Ranitidine caused chest pain and racing heart with pvc's, For one who does not use caffeine, sugars, chocolate it was too much. What is your impression of DGL ? I and others have posted about it here ? Gaviscon is one I never tried months ago.
96108 tn?1197694930 I have tried Zelnorm which after taking for 3 weeks bloated me up worse and give me diarreha that I couldn't control. Along with prevacid, antispasmics and other IBS medications. None have helped. I am getting frustrated. I do not know what direction to go into to find a cause for the problem. Is there any intestinal or stomach problem that causes back pain that is worse at night? What do you think that this could be?
Avatar m tn After a few days of this, I went to see a gastro specialist who did a stomach scope, ultrasound and a biopsy. Turns out I was having minor chronic gastritis and duodenal ulcers. I was tested negative for H. Pylori and there are no symptoms of acid reflux. He explained to me that the symptoms I’m having is most likely caused by too much stomach acid. So I was advised to avoid acidic foods and was prescribed with prevacid (a PPI) amongst others to deal with the situation.
1384238 tn?1286032362 doesn't mean WILL. Esophageal cancer is not just limited to heavy alcohol drinkers and/or heavy smokers. Not to scare you; just telling you it is very important this stays controlled.
Avatar n tn also get some neasuea and have go LPR have had adominal cat scan, ultrasound,24 hr reflux test and endescope results mild gastritis no hernias or ulcers gallbladder is congested and scarred, galllstones and not functioning correctly im taking prevacid 2x for LPR which i think is caused from bile and pepsin not acid as test was clear for acid relfux i have also tried domperidone and this with PPI helped me for a couple of months but now the pain is back again, have gone of domperidone as its
Avatar n tn from what i have been told by pharmacists and doctors of prevacid,nexxium and prilosec -it is only good for 24 hours and we have to keep taking it. but i have found that if i keep taking it every day,day after day i may not have enough acid in my stomach to do the job and you all know what job it has to do-digest FOOD,all kinds of food!! thats why some folks drink a soda with their meals,some take cranberry juice to help them raise the stomach acid level in their stomach.
Avatar n tn My reflux problem eased with Prilosec and later Prevacid (also tried Protonix and Acidphex) but these gave some side effects and had to stop them. PVCs also seem to occur with upset stomach and I don't know which causes the other but they are worse at night with upset stomach. However I recently got some advice on this site and started taking Maalox liquid after meals and at bedtime and this has helped. But how long can you be on this?
Avatar n tn I do have a history of stress related illness like GERD and IBS, even though my diet and taking Prevacid 30mp once a day and made that very tolerable. I know I get stressed very easily and have gone to the psychiatrist and we tried everything but nothing worked and the side effects weren't worth it. My question is, is this something I need to worrk about (the 3, now 7 skipped beats and the murmur)? My doc wants me in from an ECHO and then the heart monitor.
Avatar n tn He is still wondering if Zestril or any other of his medications are culprits. He is 59 and is also taking Pravacol, and Prevacid.