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Avatar n tn Is there a difference b/w the prescribed prenatal vitamins vs prenatal vitamins that I could purchase at Target or any drugstore?
Avatar f tn Yeah I don't take prenatals because they make me extremely sick. But I make sure I take folic acid pills every day.
Avatar m tn I just found out I am 5 weeks pregnant. What prenatal vitamins are the best to take?
Avatar f tn Ive been using the Santogen pre-natal vitamins as they also have vitamin D, they are good for after brith and breast feeding, talk to your midwife but the over the counter ones are the same as the pescription ones (and cheaper!
Avatar n tn I took OTC prenatals. I compared the ingredients with my friends' prenatals and they were identical, except for folic acid. Mine had 800 mcg and hers had 1000 mcg. So, I bought a bottle of folic acid and supplemented my OTC prenatals with an additional 200 mcg of folic acid. If the ingredients are the same, then it doesn't matter where you get them. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn More Evidence Prenatal Folic Acid May Lower Autism Risk Deborah Brauser Feb 13, 2013 More evidence suggests that prenatal folic acid supplementation may lower the risk of developing autism. A population-based cohort study of almost 85,000 children in Norway showed that those children whose mothers used supplemental folic acid early in pregnancy had 39% lower odds of having autistic disorder than those whose mothers did not use the supplements. Dr.
Avatar f tn See the pharmacist said there wasn't as much folic acid or something in them. Everything gives me heartburn so that won't be a problem for me. I think I may just buy them and toss the pills. I was taking one the other night and handed the bottle to my boyfriend and I was like here smell these. Poor guy took a huge whiff!
Avatar f tn I take cvs brand gummy vitamins. They habe adequate folic acid and dha. They are almost always buy one get one free. I tried to take dr prescribed ones but they made me sick. My dr looked over the ones i take and said that they were just as good. I take 2 a day as directed on the bottle.
Avatar f tn I am having trouble with the Iron in the Prenatal One A Day Vitamins. I am constipated. The nurse told me to switch to Flintstones Complete. I noticed not all the vitamin levels are where they should be. I'm concerned about this. Has anyone else taken Flintstone Vitamin during their pregnancy? Thank You!
Avatar n tn Mine were Meijer brand and had 800 mcg of folic acid. My friend's Rx vitamins had 1000 mcg of folic acid so I bought a bottle of plain folic acid and added 200 mcg daily to get my 1000 mcg of folic acid. I took my prenatal tablet plus 1/2 tablet of folic acid, because they were 400 mcg tablets.
1094771 tn?1330284476 We later found out that I have MTHFR, which we hope was the reason for the miscarriage and feel very positive about it working this next cycle. I have increased my folic acid intake and of course, take my baby aspirin every day. We will also start Lovenex shots the day of the transfer. We just got the call from our RE that we have 7 embryos, 3 look really good, 3 look ok, and 1 not so great. They want us to do the transfer tomorrow (day 4).
Avatar n tn Do everything you would do if the dr's test was positive. Start taking prenatal vitamins, folic acid and stop drinking. Trust the HPT.....and your body! You know better thatn anyone else how you fell and you are NOT CRAZY! Go back to the Dr's office in a week and test again, when it comes back pos. (which it will) get the blood test to be sure. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Neevo contains the active form of folic acid, what most people's metabolism turns folic acid into prior to use. They test for the problem by measuring the homocysteine levels in a person's blood, because the active form of folic acid changes homocystein into methionine in the folic acid metabolism cycle. If you don't metabolize folic acid, your homocysteine levels rise and you run out of methionine.
Avatar n tn For the purpose of consuming essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3, is it safe to take PrimaCare mineral supplements with my prenatal vitamins. These mineral supplements have 1 mg of folic acid and some iron on top 800 mcg of folic acid and 28g of iron included in the generic OTC prenatals that I use. Is this overdose of folic acid and iron harmful?
Avatar f tn The Womens vitamins when compared to a prenatal vitamin contains all the same vitamins and the same amount of vitamins except for the Iron and Folic acid, which is why I take 2 800mg tablets of the Folic Acid. The only thing it doesn't really contain is Iron. I am hoping a probiotic will help with my GI issues. My sister whom has colitis and chrons takes a probiotic instead of having to take steroids, so I was hoping it would help me too.
Avatar f tn Folic acid helps in the prevention of spina bifida, but it is unlikely to have had anything to do with your baby's renal condition. Furthermore, the standard dose of folic acid in prenatal vitamins has been carefully studied and is therefore sufficient--no need to raise the dose. Shabida, you have not done anything wrong during your pregnancy. This is not your fault. These things happen in nature.
341551 tn?1266984330 It was a multi-centered randomized clinical trial of folic acid alone vs. folic acid plus low dose aspirin on incident pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes in women who have had one or two pregnancy losses. The study proves that a low-dose aspirin (LDA) may impact several areas of reproduction and could potentially improve pregnancy outcomes while having few side effects.
Avatar n tn I am on heparin (blood thinner), baby aspirin, l-methylfolate (which is the broken down form of folic acid). The l-methylfolate (Metanex) is due to our bodies not able to process folic acid. That is why dr's increase the folic acid recommendation to 4 - 5 mg during pregnancy. They also suggest taking b6 and b12. My OB has also suggested staying away from refined sugars (enriched flour, donuts, ect.) he thinks a Mediterranean diet is a good diet to follow.
Avatar f tn If you google it you'll see that it is a very debated thing. Some docs do not test for it b/c they donlt beleve it is a possible issue. I am on 3mg folic acid, prenatal and baby aspirin now. Did you ever do an IUI before? Good for you if you can do that vs IVF. I wanted to go from injectibles back to Clomid because my MCs were conceived with Clomid and injectibles have not resulted in anything!
Avatar f tn I just saw your post on the folic acid. My prenatal has 800mg and I just bought another 400mg supplement this afternoon. I agree, from what I have read and what the GNC guy told me (how reliable is that?) you will pee out the extra.
Avatar n tn i'm scared to death to go to the doctor tomorrow. i'm also fearful of not having been on prenatal vitamins. i know it sounds stupid, but i really didn't know i was pregnant. i have had abolutely no symptoms of being pegnant except an increase in urination i attributed to a UTI. please help!
796506 tn?1370191905 Anyway I took a baby aspirin for a couple of days during O and then after those few days I started taking Omega 3's religiously along with my prenatal vitamins. Good luck. TTC isn't exact science, its more nature at its best, you just have to pay attention to your body's clues.
Avatar f tn You can get enough healthy iron from food, and find a chelated prenatal vitamin without iron. The folic acid and other prenatal vitamins are important during pregnancy. And what-ever you do, completely avoid alcohol. That would be dangerous to both you and the baby. Try not to worry and dwell on the Hep C. I found out I had it when I was pregnant also. Stress isn't good for you or the unborn baby.
121828 tn?1333468091 The best solution in such cases is to improve or supplement the mother’s diet. For other nutrients (including folic acid, iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc) milk levels will be fine even if the mother’s intake is too low. * The nutrients most likely to be of concern for a woman eating an average (unsupplemented) American diet of 2700 calories per day are calcium and zinc.
1041961 tn?1274664514 I am hoping it may at least bring it on or something. I take all these vitamins...B6, folic acid, prenatal, fish oil, calcium, zinc, and now the EPO. Best of luck to all of us!!! I know how it feels to really want DB is completely on board with having a baby and between us we already have 8. 3 are mine and 5 are his...I actually think we may be insane!!!! LOL!! SSBD!!!
465737 tn?1315758522 so went off of it and actually got pregnant all natural- had started asprin, folic acid and B vitamins about 6 weeks ago!!! complete and utter miracle!!!! in total shock! for the first time things look good from the get go (we always have beta issues up front - low and slow beta's) this time ~11dpo beta=21... 13dpo beta=91! now on heparin injections and progesterone (just to be safe!
Avatar n tn I was on bedrest, used the progesterone suppositories, took my prenatal vitamins, folic acid and b-100 for over a month as soon as my pregnancy was confirmed at my Dr.'s office. Ate healthy for weeks during the pregnancy too. Take care everyone. Happy for you that finally had a healthy baby.