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Avatar f tn Standard is to count from the day of your last period but that is because people don't usually know what day they concieved on but they do know when their LMP was. Since you had IUI, I would add two weeks from the date of your IUI. For example, if your IUI was two weeks ago, I would say you are 4 weeks pg. Two weeks from now when it has been 4 weeks since your IUI, I would say you are 6wks pg. If your IUI was on cd14 it should come out to the same as going by your LMP.
Avatar n tn When do you go back for your pregnancy test? Did you have any symptoms from the day of IuI until now? I am on day 6 and I have no symptoms so I am worrying also.
Avatar n tn Hi! My question is how can we differentiate pregnancy and pms symptoms?Every month i have symptoms like breast tenderness,tiredness,digestive problems,bloating and twinges in lower abdomen for about a week prior to my period.All of these symptoms resemble early pregnancy symptoms.Since i have been ttc,it becomes very difficult for me to understand during the two week wait.Kindly share your opinions.
Avatar f tn Also they say a lot of stress and worrying about pregnancy is not good. Thats why so many ppl have unexpected pregnancy they weren't making it a job. It will happen just be patient and have faith. I'm trying to but its so hard and I know. So her lately me and dh have just been doing other things to get out mind off of it!! Also got a ? though... Okay I'm on cd 12 should me and dh bd for the next 3 nights to up my chances?????
Avatar n tn I am looking for more info on pregnancy after an endometrial ablation. I had an ablation in May 2002. January 2003 I was not feeling well and went to the family doctor. She thought it may be an ectopic pregnancy since I was told I was sterile. I had an ultrasound to discover it was an interuterine pregnancy and I was about 9 weeks. I am now 17 weeks and for the past month trying to decide to terminate or continue.
439903 tn?1380141482 According to the due date calculator on this site, i'm due February 12th. Im just waiting for my first u/s (hopefully i will have the date tomorrow) and then i will have an accutrate date.
Avatar n tn So, it is also possible you could be receiving a positive result due to the Ovidrel shot, not due to pregnancy. Wishing you the best of luck.......I am rooting for you!!!
Avatar n tn Im currently 7 weeks pregnant. Good luck to you!! My pregnancy isnt going so well though(not geritol related) but hopefully yours will be better!!
123759 tn?1226934204 I have had several false pregnancy tests. I feel queasy, slight discomfort in my boobs, and menstual type cramps for about 1 1/2 weeks. I have also noticed that I am breaking out on my back like I did when I was pregnant with my son. When I was pregnant before the test showed up postive before I was late. It is not like me to be late. However I am having the cramps that keep sending me to the bathroom thinking that AF has come again.
Avatar n tn some peoples bodies take longer to prodie the pregnancy hormone. how long are your cycles? i do obsess too so i might be able to help. i did not show positive untill 6 weeks with the baby i miscarried. if you know when you ovulated that would help too!
Avatar n tn I am 25 married only for a year and not really mentally prepared for a pregnancy, but my period is a week late and I just did a pregnancy test which can out negative.I have no other symptoms like nausea ets. but dono what to expect!! Its the holiday season and all labs are closed and I dont kwno how to handle this curosity!! Thanks for the usefull comments as they make me feel there are more people out there in my situation.
Avatar n tn I heard that CM increases with pregnancy.....I don't remember getting this with my son in my early pregnancy, but then again that was 10 years ago. I was pregnant in the spring and miscarried, but I am pretty sure I had extra CM at first. Who knows....good luck, maybe this is it for both of us. Let me know your results.
Avatar f tn i transfered 3 embies&suppose there r 3 to freeze in lab but they were growing slower so they said will wait till reach good size then freeze but for my 3 transfered they were good at exact time of transfer,my transfer was last thursday 24/4 &still i'll test pregnancy next thursday,a whole waiting week waits me,u said u'll make 3rd beta test,how many times do we make it?is it quantitative or qualitative?
Avatar n tn I also took a pregnancy test earlier and it was neg. but they say the body doesnt produce the pregnancy hormone until after implantation so I was thinking that's why its neg. Not sure, I will wait till this bleeding is done then test a couple days after that I think. Anyways, tell me what happens with you. Would love to know and I will keep u updated...
Avatar f tn well on Sep 4-6 she went on vacation with her BF and they did the nasty (lol) and usually (5 years of there relationship) they use condoms but that weekend they did not (they used the pull out method) ok so according to her mestrual calculator she's suppose to start Sep 20th... but on Sept 8th she spotted pink (just one day) and her breast are hurting her, she's bloated, gassy (lol) and has heartburn... she said she was cramping a little yesterday when she went on her run...
489000 tn?1364305827 OK, so finally get my BFP after 3 rounds of IUI. My beta was taken at 15dpiui it is at 98.8. The nurse said the number should double by Sunday and increase by 33% by Monday. My HCG should then be around 262.6 (if I did my math right.) I am looking for anyone who started out with a low HCG level but went on to a full term pregnancy. I realize it is the not the actual first number that matters but what the second number and so forth tells me.
Avatar f tn but long story short, I was basically told a little over a year ago that in ordr to get preg I would have to IUI...well, surprise surprise I got a BFP on Sat. I believe I concieved on Jan 7th, so I'm not very far along. Well I called OB and asked them to monitor closely as I've had several miscarriages and 1 eptopic preg in the past. They did a blood HCG level yesterday (20dpo) and my level was that good, bad, soso?????
Avatar n tn 1st IUI took 75 units of follisitim a day (got OHSS with it too) 2nd IUI took 50 units of follistim a day 3rd IUI took 75 units of follistim a day 4th IUI took 125 units of follistim a day (BFP! but I also have OHSS) Sometimes it just takes longer than we expect. Good luck on your next cycle!
Avatar f tn we can only ovulate two weeks after, correct? If I was intimate day 6 or 7 would that result in pregnancy? Or would pregnancy have been conceived from when I was intimate day 13 of my cycle? I know for sure ejaculation had occurred cd 13. Day 6/7 was a blurr (drunk night). He didn't finish in me he says; he did it himself and finished on me. Tmi I know, sorry.
Avatar n tn Week from the Last Mentral Period Amount of HCG in mIU/ml 3 5 -50 4 3 - 426 5 19 - 7,340 6 1,080 - 56,500 7 - 8 7,650 - 229,000 9 - 12 25,700 - 288,000 13 - 16 13,300 - 254,000 17 - 24 4,060 - 165,400 25 - 40 3,640 - 117,000 Because of the wide variation in values, the test is not useful in establishing the gestational age of a pregnancy. Beta hCG levels should double approximately every 2 days for the first four weeks of pregnancy [2].
Avatar n tn I just got pregnant on my third and what I thought was going to be final IUI. Just to let you know, when I had my first IUI everything looked really good. I ovulated 5 follices and I was convinced I was going to get pregnant. Well when I didn't I became really really depressed. Futhermore, I really wanted to get pregnant before I turned 40. That failed in September and I tried again in November that failed in November and I turned 40 as well. It wasn't much of a birthday.
Avatar f tn IUI is also known as artificial insemination, they insert a thin cath into your cervix with washed sperm, before all this hppns they prepare your body with fertility meds and monitor you closely then when your follies are ready they give you a trigger not all women do this procedure with trigger or meds ... in my case i will be doing gonal f (injection) and trigger then insemination.. and then your 2ww ahh that wait is the worst... i hope you get your answers from your dr.
Avatar n tn Beta hCG levels should double approximately every 2 days for the first four weeks of pregnancy [1]. As pregnancy progresses the doubling time increases. By 6 to 7 weeks gestation beta hCG levels may take as long as 3 1/2 days to double [2,3]. You can use the calculator below to calculate the doubling time of two beta hCG samples by entering the date of the blood test and the corresponding beta hCG value for that day.
1499174 tn?1327234794 this is #3 for me and the last one so far not really any symptoms which is surprising because i was so sick with my last pregnancy....
Avatar n tn I am exactly one week late today. I have taken numerous pregnancy tests, actually, more than I want to mention. Some are showing up a faint positive (within 5 minutes) and others are absolutely negative. These tests that I am taking are supposed to be extremely sensitive (supposed to detect levels of 20). I've heard that you really shouldn't test until you are a week late. I called my doc and he said to come in for a blood test if I haven't started in one more week.
1018329 tn?1448983765 Hi everyone, My husband Mike and have been trying for a child for 2.5 years and today we were ecstatic to learn that our latest IUI worked. According to the due date calculator, I would be due August 29th. This is our first child.
164559 tn?1233711618 I'm 36 yrs old and 8w7d pg. The online calculator says my due date is 2 March, but I don't have an official one from the dr yet. We have been ttc for 2yrs and this was our 3rd IUI. I just graduated from my RE, and will have my first ob/gyn appt 8 Aug. Good luck to all!!
Avatar f tn We did 2 rounds of clomid - 1st round I produced 2-3 follies, the 2nd round I produced 1 - + trigger+iui. Both were BFN. The 3rd round we used injectables+trigger+iui and we got a BFP! I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy DS in January. We tried 2 cycles on our own TTC, BFN and then we went back to the RE. This is my 2nd round using injectables+trigger+iui. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. My insurance covers 1 more iui + 3 ivf's (lifetime).
1770074 tn?1330976201 i did iui two days ago. make sure u have sex to day u do your trigger shot. maybe a few hours before. then 36 hours after trigger and then another 24 hours after that. U may can even do it closer then that. I would talk to your re about it. that is how my re has me do it.